More than one thing

This past Sunday I saw a scene on HBO’s Newsroom that struck me as poignant and ironically relevant. The scene is beautifully acted. It begins about 3:20 into the video.

I imagine many liberals and progressives who saw the scene might like it, but I doubt any of them will get the message. They will certainly get the late part where McAvoy notes that Santorum reduces his supporter down to his sexuality, but they likely will not catch that they very often do what McAvoy did. Can you honestly think of any instances in which progressive or liberals side with a group where they do not define a group as only one thing? For that matter, can you think of any left-leaning groups (or right-leaning groups) that do not define themselves primarily by one thing?

It never seems to occur to any of them that they are doing the very thing they rail against.


4 thoughts on “More than one thing

  1. Don’t forget the bullying tactics. Depending on which side you’re on its only okay to bully when its the other side getting bullied.

  2. @Danny

    Wasnt the episode titled, “Bully”. I think they were trying to show something. I got their message loud and clear. Great show by the way. 🙂

  3. I am neither Liberal nor Progressive, but you clearly have a blind spot here. These behaviors show up in all sorts of ways. America will never achieve its promise while we are perpetuating false dichotomies. You have been indoctrinated to see things in this black and white Liberal/Conservative way. It is all bullshit. Feel free to disagree – but you have been warned.

  4. Rick, I think you missed my point. Both sides treat people as one thing in order to make their arguments. It is just more apparent with the left because of how they use identity politics.

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