Music That Inspires v.22

I meant to write about Linkin Park’s latest album Living Things back in June, but I forgot to. I like it. It is certainly better than their previous album, but not quite like their original material. A friend of mine made a good point: the album sounds like something someone who grew up listening to Linkin Park would make. It is very modern, with touches of the early nu metal sound Linkin Park is known for. I think many of the songs sound like something that Chester would have written for his side band Dead by Sunrise.

Overall it is a solid album. I listen to every track, not that it makes a difference since the album barely clocks in at 40 minutes. I suppose that is my biggest complaint. Linkin Park’s albums are very short, as are their songs. It is almost like getting a taste of their music instead of getting a full meal.

Below are the songs I like the most from the album:


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