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4,300 men report abuse by women — More than 4,300 men sought support last year from a national charity established for men suffering abuse at the hands of female partners. Amen Support Services Ltd today published its third annual report, which revealed some 4,303 contacts with the service in 2011. The Navan, Co Meath-based organisation said the men who contacted it spoke of incidents involving physical, emotional, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse.

Abuse victim of Jerry Sandusky sues Penn State — A young man who testified against Jerry Sandusky sued Penn State on Friday for its “deliberate and shameful” handling of complaints that the former assistant football coach behaved inappropriately and sexually toward boys. The suit filed by the person known as Victim 1 at Sandusky’s trial said university officials made deliberate decisions not to report Sandusky to authorities.

A Boy in a Man’s Jail — Most people in TJ Parsell’s position do not live to tell the tale. Some of the many thousands of victims of prison rape may still be breathing. But few emerge like Parsell who, after years of therapy, went to NYU film school with the specific goal of relating a truth to a world that does not want to hear it. Parsell wrote a book, called “Fish,” which was published in 2006. But he decided that film was the way to reach the widest audience, to really change hearts and minds.

Boy rescued from abuse – again — He was five years old when he was rescued from his home after being allegedly abused by his mother. Now, three years later, authorities went to the same house and rescued him again from suspected abuse. This time, the complaint was against his stepfather who was accused of cutting his finger with a pair of scissors. The boy, now eight, made headlines in The Star in May 2009 after he was rescued from his home after being allegedly abused by his mother, a single parent. 

Boys forgotten in child abuse — From 18 months until he was eight years old David Passell, now 57, was sexually tortured. A woman trusted by his mother, who was busy with five children, exploited her access to David. […] “The last of this stuff happened when I was eight and I first spoke about it when I was 36,” Passell told the Sunday Star-Times. He is a part of a hidden group of New Zealand men who were sexually abused in adolescence.

Coach wanted after mom views YouTube sex abuse allegations — Authorities Tuesday night were looking for a Rosemead wrestling coach who allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy whose mother was alerted by a YouTube video in which another person said he was victimized by the coach. Herbert Daniel Ortiz, 29, has been employed as a coach at the Bad News Panthers children’s wrestling club in Rosemead since 2010, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

DA: Abusive priest terrorized boy — The onetime leader of a Catholic order known as the Salesians of Don Bosco, who also ran a summer camp in Ipswich, was arraigned in Salem District Court yesterday for terrorizing a 9-year-old boy at the camp in the early 1980s, forcing the youngster to hide under his brother’s bed at night to escape the cleric’s advances, prosecutors said. Richard McCormick, 68, of New Rochelle, N.Y., pleaded not guilty to five counts of rape of a child and was released on $1,000 bail.

Men often victims of sexual assaults in military — Rape is not just a nightmare for military women. Of the estimated 19,000 reported sexual assaults and rapes in the armed forces last year, the majority were actually committed against men. Men are assaulted at a lower rate — 1% of servicemen reported being attacked by a comrade last year versus 4.4% of women — but that still translates to more than 10,000 cases compared with 9,000 attacks on female recruits and officers.

More male victims of sexual abuse seeking support — A support agency for male sex abuse victims is expanding its service because of the growing number of victims under 16. And it says international research shows that 40 per cent of offenders are women. Mike Holloway established the Waikato branch of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust five years ago. For him it’s more than a job, as he is a sex abuse survivor.

Mother who sexually abused 6-month-old son and shared it online arrested — Myriah Moreland, 20, of Montesano, Washington, was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing her six-month-old son and sharing images and videos of it on the Internet. Moreland has been accused of sharing child pornography with Christopher Dupea, also 20, over social networking sites and through text messages. According to investigators, the pair initially began exchanging sexually explicit photos over the social networking site Skout.

No Jail Time for Arlington Teacher Charged With Raping Students — There will be no jail time for an Arlington teacher who admitted having sex with two of her students. That has people wondering if the punishment fits the crime. A judge ordered Stacy Hopkins to have no contact with the two students with whom she had sex when she was a teacher at Arlington High School. Not only can she not teach here anymore, she cannot have a job with anyone under the age of eighteen. A judge gave Hopkins four years of probation after she plead guilty to two counts of aggravated statutory rape, but she escaped jail time.

Penn State faculty group disputes NCAA sanctions — Former Penn State faculty leaders blasted the NCAA and former FBI director Louis Freeh on Tuesday over their handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, saying Freeh’s report – prepared for the university – and the NCAA’s $60 million in fines unfairly punish the entire university community. The scholars said Freeh used ”scant evidence” to support conclusions that the NCAA then relied upon and embellished to set sanctions that harmed not just the athletic department but Penn State’s academics well-being and financial health.

Texas judge orders Boy Scouts to produce files — A San Antonio judge has ordered the Boy Scouts of America to produce as part of a civil lawsuit the secret files the organization keeps to prevent accused pedophiles from becoming employees of or volunteers for the organization. District Judge Martha Tanner issued the order Tuesday for the Boy Scouts to turn over its “ineligible volunteer” files created between 1985 and 2011. The suit was filed by a former scout who was sexually assaulted by an assistant scoutmaster in 2004 and 2005.

Trial to open in notorious archdiocesan abuse case — Even among the horrors cataloged in the Philadelphia grand jury report on child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, the story of “Billy Doe” stands out. He was the 10-year-old altar boy and fifth grader at St. Jerome’s parish in the Northeast allegedly serially molested and raped by two priests and a teacher who, prosecutors said, passed him from one abuser to the next.

Woman arrested after giving birth — A Queen woman is in Blair County Prison a week after she gave birth to a baby, its father allegedly a 14-year-old boy. Brittany Lenay Weyandt, 20, of 154 Appletree Lane faces four felony charges for allegedly having sex with the teen. The case makes Weyandt the fifth Claysburg-area adult to be charged in child sex-abuse cases in just over a month. Weyandt had sex with the boy repeatedly from December to March, meeting with him at a mutual acquaintance’s house on Hilltop Road, Claysburg, police said in an affidavit.

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