Speak To Me

Regular commenter Eagle34 created a serial play addressing sexual violence against males. Here is the synopsis:

Kevin Holtz is a twenty-nine year old Tattoo Artist’s Apprentice working at Polo Tattoo Parlor.  Loyal, conscientious, but also moody with occasional lapses into surly states, he prefers the mundane routine of job and home.  Until he gets a call from his mom, Lara Holtz, inviting him to a Family Reunion Barbeque.  And after reluctantly attending, he runs into his Aunt Laureen, whom had seriously harmed him when he was thirteen along with his father.  That encounter starts a series of events, trials and tribulations, eventually leading to him reignited his true talent as a comic book artist.  But the road is hard and fraught with peril.  Being a survivor of sexual abuse, especially as a male from a female perpetrator, isn’t easy and Kevin will experience hardships along with triumphs along the way to developing himself as the individual he once was before the rape incident.

The play is available online, split into different episodes:

Episode One – Past Demons
Episode Two – Tragic Irony
Episode Three – Unearthed
Episode Four – Reaction
Episode Five – Reflection
Episode Six – Purpose
Episode Seven – Closure

2 thoughts on “Speak To Me

  1. I just want to leave a few notes, as creator of this play, for the listener:

    1) Please be patient with the length and pacing of these episodes, particularly Episode One. “Past Demons” is more an introduction to Kevin Holtz and his world so of course it’s going to be laden with exposition and the main plot doesn’t get going until he receives the call from his mom. That was my intention. Plus, there was no way I could tell this story without it being uncut and uncensored.

    2) Unlike most Radio Dramas, this is strictly an amateur production with basic technology employed (phone and internet connection). Try to tolerate any mistakes made, freezes in the timing, long pauses, etc. There will also be moments in certain episodes where the dialogue will cut out while the background music plays. This was something beyond our control, connected to the limitations of said technology.

    3) Finally, when you go to the episode links, there is the option to download them on to your computer so you can listen via I-pod or I-Phone. A second option available is to play the episode in your computer’s designated media player instead.

    Above all, please let everyone know about this production. I have spent two years of my life working on the original synopsis as a one-man show and additional time translating it into Radio format.

    Finally, let me say, without hyperbole, that this kind of story has never been attempted before in any media format. So don’t let it fade into obscurity. If any of you know a male survivor, please direct them to these links. And pass them on to others as well.

    Thank you and enjoy the show.

    Writer, Producer, Director – “Speak To Me Serial Play”

  2. Oh, I should also add that if you want a compelling story, then this is the play for you as well.


    Writer, Producer, Director – “Speak To Me Serial Play”

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