Bulletin Board v176

A priest notorious in school for ‘tampering with boys’ — In March 2009, Spiritan/Holy Ghost priest Fr Henry Maloney pleaded guilty in the Circuit Criminal Court to abusing Mark Vincent Healy and the late Paul Daly when both were pupils at St Marys College in Dublins Rathmines between 1969 and 1973. He was given a suspended sentence due to ill health and as he was already under strict supervision at Kimmage Manor in Dublin, where he has been since.

Boy Scout files show nearly 20 sex-abuse cases with New Orleans connections — More than 70 Louisiana cases are listed among the “perversion files” — a vast, long-secret collection of documents chronicling men cast out of the Boy Scouts of America over the past six decades because, in many cases, they were suspected of being child molesters. Nearly 20 of the cases have a connection to New Orleans — a city particularly salient in the history of the Scouts as the site of the organization’s first well-known sex-abuse scandal 36 years ago.

Boy Scouts of America: Safety net for youths still has flaws — A Boy Scout meeting at an elementary school in Bloomington, Ill., came to an unexpected end for one adult volunteer: Police arrested the uniformed assistant scoutmaster, acting on a tip about a convicted sex offender in a school zone. Brian Liska was surprised by his arrest in October 2011 — just as he’d been surprised months earlier when he learned that the Boy Scouts of America’s national office had approved him as a volunteer in the first place. “It kind of puzzled me,” Liska, 38, said in a recent phone interview. 

The Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion’ Files Detail Abuses, Convictions—and a Shocking Cover-Up — The Boy Scouts of America’s so-called “perversion files” paint a disturbing portrait, both of an institution’s widespread cover-up of abuse spanning decades and of an era in which efforts to protect the innocent were often misguided. The files, some 14,500 pages of which were released Thursday, comprise records of former Scout leaders or volunteers who were banned from the group for either alleged sexual misconduct or prior convictions. The files were kept confidential, a record of people who weren’t to be allowed back into the fold.

First male-only refuge opened in East Berkshire — A male-only refuge has opened its doors to help the rising number of men being abused by their wives or partners. The Berkshire East and South Bucks Women’s Aid launched the facility last week, at a secret address in East Berkshire. It is the first for men in the area. Slough-based Alan Gibson, domestic abuse advocate for the charity, said there was a growing need for the facility while awareness that men can also be abuse victims is still low.

Ex-Scoutmaster admits abusing boys — Former Scoutmaster Thomas J. Menghi Jr. says he was usually drunk when he molested numerous Boy Scouts during the early 1970s. He was in his late 20s, living in a Fayetteville motel and working as a Tupperware deliveryman. He invited boys from Troop 786 as young as 11 to ride with him along his route, requesting that they spend the night in his room so they could get an early start. “Yes, I abused kids,” Menghi, now 69, said in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press.

Little Rock Shelter Provides Room for Single Dads — There are several places open across Arkansas that are waiting to help homeless women and children, but more and more single dads are finding themselves homeless and with virtually no where to turn for help. But one Little Rock shelter is doing what it can to be the solution to an ever-increasing problem. Every weekday around 4:30, Aiden Willits gleefully greets his father, Sean. “You know, I just love him more than I’ve ever loved anything,” Sean says.

New hearings give voice to 100 inmates allegedly tortured by Chicago police — One hundred alleged victims of abuse at the hands of Chicago police officers, have been granted hearings to describe the torture they faced. For decades, minority inmates were beaten, shocked and suffocated into confessing their crimes. The Chicago police officers were said to be racially motivated in their actions, abusing African American men arrested on the south and west sides of Chicago for four decades, the Courthouse News reports.

Penn State panel urges openness about sex abuse — Survivors of child sexual abuse said Sunday night the problem cannot be combated unless people are willing to talk about it openly. At a two-hour panel discussion at Penn State University, two-time Olympic swimmer Margaret Hoelzer, state Rep. Louise Williams Bishop (D., Phila.), and Christopher Anderson, executive director of MaleSurvivor, shared personal stories of being abused as children with an audience of about 150 people.

Release of Boy Scouts files stirs memories of sexual abuse — Joshua Solomon kept his Boy Scouts uniform in his closet for 30 years, a cotton and nylon reminder of the sexual abuse he said he endured — but never reported — as a 12-year-old in Berkeley’s Troop 22. “I’ve been refusing to let this piece of history die,” he said. Last week, he took the uniform out of the closet. His memories of Scouting — and everything the uniform represents — flooded back with the public release of hundreds of previously confidential files on suspected molesters kept by the youth organization.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v176

  1. And to think that for every boy raper protected by BSA, there are a thousand protected by churchgoers.
    Take a bite out of child abuse: Bannish ALL organized religion. ty

  2. Just remember, pleading guilty to a crime does not mean the person is actually guilty of the crime, it only means they took a “better” option for themselves.

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