Four more years

Well done, Mr. President:

President Barack Obama has won reelection, defeating Republican Mitt Romney by a wide margin in the Electoral College after a savagely negative and historically expensive race fought against a backdrop of near-8 percent unemployment.

Obama is on track to secure a second term by a narrower margin than he won his first national election in 2008. But his numbers held firm across most of the electoral map: Of the states Obama won four years ago, only North Carolina and Indiana switched to Romney.

Let us hope that the Republicans in office will now work with President Obama instead of fighting and obstructing him on every measure. This country needs compromise and needs both sides to get it. Those who are not willing to do it should not be re-elected come 2014. The situation before us is serious, not just for this country but also the global economy.

It is time to stop playing games and actually get something done.


3 thoughts on “Four more years

  1. FL: Agreed, worse for men and children. Joe Biden and his feminist pals will continue to bury Barbara Boxer’s “Violence Against Children Act” in judiciary committees. American women will continue to lead the world in maternal child abuse and murder.

  2. Do you really think the repubs would be better? To me they’ve always seemed real fans of paternalism and that’s the opposite of good for men.

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