Anonymous survey of domestic abuse victims in NSW

The Australian organization One in Three Campaign posted a link to an open survey happening in the country:

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) is conducting a survey of domestic abuse victims in NSW to find out why many do not report their abuse to police and/or do not seek the assistance of services for victims of domestic abuse. The senior research officer conducting the research is Dr Emma Birdsey.

BOCSAR is seeking your assistance in carrying out the survey, participation in which is both voluntary and anonymous. No identifying information will be published. Everyone participating in the survey will receive a $25 Woolworths gift voucher for their help and time.

If you or your agency is willing to assist us in our research, we request that you:

1) Display the attached posters in your centre

2) Pass to your clients the attached leaflets

3) Send Emma an email with the first name and phone number of each client who expresses a willingness to participate in the survey.

Surveying will commence on 15 November 2012 and conclude on 30 April 2013. You will be provided with a copy of the research report when it is complete. All participant contact details will be destroyed immediately on completion of the research.

Please don’t hesitate to direct any questions you may have about this project to Emma, or 02 9231 9158.

I think this is only open to people who are from Australia. For those readers who are or know people who live in the country, if you have an experience you want to share, please follow the links to participate.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous survey of domestic abuse victims in NSW

  1. Will be participating, although I’m under no illusion that a single anonymous study will counter the current cultural perception that women are mainly victims of violence and men are mainly perpetrators. More importantly, it’s unlikely to remove the cultural blindness to the suffering of men that exists because of this biased perception. However, it will be very interesting to gauge the effects of rising anti-feminist sentiment and whether this has encouraged abused men to speak out. We shall see.

  2. Would like to participate, as I am a survivor and now work as a counsellor for victims of sexual abuse and other “mother”

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