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Nothing says “I don’t give a fuck about you” better than yelling “Fuck you!” at people who dared to talk about their problems. Jezebel announced its Fuck You week, its new “first annual week of desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging.” (We will set aside the grammatical quirk of saying something is the “first annual”–it cannot be annual if you have only done it once.) In other words, Jezebel will have a week of people venting on groups they dislike for whatever reason. Kate Harding decided to vent on men’s rights activists in her Fuck You, Men’s Rights Activists article:

Fuck you, first of all, for making it nearly impossible for decent men struggling with abusive partners or unfair custody arrangements to get the help they need and deserve. You have forever tainted those issues with your rage-filled, obsessively anti-woman horseshit, to the point where it’s become difficult for any rational, compassionate person to trust a man who claims he’s been screwed over in family court or abused by a female partner, even if he has.

No, that was feminists. Men’s rights activists have little political power and even less media coverage. The vast majority of people do not know who they are. The reason is it nearly impossible for male survivors or fathers to get the help they need and deserve is because feminists taint those issues with their rage-filled, obsessively anti-man horseshit to the point where it becomes difficult for any rational, compassionate person to trust a man who claims he was screwed over in family court or abused by a woman because feminists have told them that just cannot happen.

When one looks at feminists’ track record, acknowledging men’s issues is not part of it. Feminists are far more likely to claim men do not get raped, that sexual violence against men does not count as rape, that boys abused by women are actually rapists, that people lie about the prevalence of sexual violence against males, that the family court is biased against women, not men, that only abusive men receive custody of children, that no women turn their children against their fathers, and that any man or boy claiming any of the above is a raving misogynist who wants to oppress women.

That is the reality, Harding.

She goes on to state:

That’s right—I fully understand that those things happen. I fully believe that men in those situations deserve help, and I know they’re generally less likely to ask for it than women are, not to mention less likely to find help there for them when they do go looking. I get how our society’s ridiculously rigid ideas about masculinity mean that men are brought up to believe needing help will make them look weak, especially if it’s a woman who’s terrorizing them. I know those same suffocating standards also encourage men to stifle strong feelings and any nurturing tendencies, which deprives them of the right to experience the full range of human emotions without shame.

Of course you do… And what do you think about it?

That completely fucking sucks! You know how I know all that, and why I think it sucks?


No, you think it sucks for the same reason Jerry Sandusky thinks raping boys is bad: because it is the “right” thing to say. If you actually thought those things were bad, then you would have said it before Jezebel’s “Fuck You Week”. You would have written about it countless times, reached out to male survivors and their advocates, and actually understand why many men’s rights activists are so critical of feminists. You certainly would not need to childishly and pathetically vent on a political movement that has had little impact on society or people’s understanding of men’s issues.

However, I would agree that you think it sucks that some men and fathers’ rights activists and male survivor advocates have been successful in limited cases of raising awareness about men’s issues. And I would agree that you would think that because you are feminist, and as such you might not like someone else taking charge of a gender-based issue.That is only way to explain this spin:

By and large, American feminists are really into equality, involved fathers, justice for all, dismantling bullshit gender roles, and helping folks leave dangerous relationships. We would be the natural allies of MRAs, if MRAs were sincerely committed to the causes with which they claim to be chiefly concerned. But no, today’s MRAs—unlike the 1970s movement that earnestly sought to free men, alongside women, from the constraints of gender stereotypes, or the 1980s branch that involved a lot of drum circles and crap poetry—are chiefly concerned with one thing, and one thing only: Putting feminists in their place. Which is in the kitchen at best and in the ground at worst, if you ask these unapologetically misogynistic bags of rot.

That is right. Feminists have spent the last 50 years advocating on behalf of fathers and male survivors of abuse. That is why most domestic violence and rape centers reach out to men and boys and there is no gender bias in the family court system. Likewise, men like Glenn Sacks and Warren Farrell are only concerned with putting feminists in kitchens and killing them. That is why scores of men’s rights activists have killed hundreds of thousands of women and why feminists have to talk about women’s issues in code words and hushed voices.

Except that is not the case. What is the case is that a handful of men’s rights activists vent their rage feminists in comments, on twitter, and in emails. The vast majority of men’s rights activists simply voice their anger, frustration, and disgust with feminist theories and rhetoric. Feminists dislike the critique, and so label any criticism as misogyny. Coincidentally, when a handful feminists decide to vent on men and men’s rights advocates, their rage and hate receives a “first annual” week with scores of applause in the comments from feminists who have no problem mocking and vilifying men who speak about men’s issues. What kind of “bags of rot” would that make them?

Harding goes on to list a series of “fuck yous” that peddle the typical feminist myths that men’s rights activists are abusers, rapists, pedophiles, and rape apologists who want to silence women and feminists, threaten their lives, and control their bodies while lying about men being victims of rape, domestic violence, and false accusations, as well as making up the whole “theory” of misandry in society and in the feminist movement.

While I am not a men’s rights activist, I will accept the “fuck yous”, Harding. Indeed, as a male survivor of sexual violence at the hands of a feminist I thank you for telling me that every time I speak publicly about my abuse or advocate for other male survivors it makes me an “unapologetically misogynistic bag of rot.” I thank you because that is exactly the kind of thing my abuser would say, and it is the same thing I hear from most feminist I encounter. Now when some feminist claims no feminist associates any advocacy for men’s issues with misogyny, I can just lead them to your article.

I also accept the “fuck yous” for another basic reason: I have already had a feminist sexually violate me, so one more threatening to do in a pathetic, hate-filled rant will not make a difference.

However, speaking as that same male survivor who was abused by feminist who peddled the same sexist trite that you do: from the heart, fuck you.

Fuck you for every time a man or boy gets hung up on by a feminist-run rape center.

Fuck you for every cop, medical care provider, and victim’s advocate who believes the feminist myth that rape is something only men do to only women.

Fuck you for every feminist who calls male survivors potential rapists and pedophiles.

Fuck you for every feminist who whines about “too much coverage” of women raping boys.

Fuck you for every time feminists turn a serious case of rape against boys into a “discussion” about how women in positions of power would have prevented it.

Fuck you for every male survivor who thinks what happened to him does not matter and does not count.

Fuck you for every male survivor who thinks his abuse makes him too dangerous to be around children.

Fuck you for every male survivor who buys into the feminist doctrine of “patriarchy” and believes it is his own fault that he was abused and that he deserves it.

Fuck you for every abused man and boy who, like my uncle and my friend, take their lives because feminist-run organizations will not help them.

And fuck you and every feminist who would rather support a sexist, misandrous ideology over advocating for male survivors of abuse.

From the heart, fuck you.

22 thoughts on “You’re not helping v10

  1. I’m used to seeing language and psychology used to twist realities, re-frame realities and define realities. It’s what happens when you deal with both damaged people and those who damage. It’s not possible to say which is the frame which Jezebel and or Harding are trapped within – but evidently it can only be hoped that the “week of desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging” is of help. After that it would be best to admit, stop relying upon amateur psychobable and access professional help.

    There is disturbed and disturbing … and then Barking Bonkers whilst winning meddles for Psychic gymnastics and multiple back-flips in the hope no-one will notice! It’s actually disturbing that they think so little of their readers that they think such shoddy gerrymandering of reality would not get noticed. Contempt like that is so “unhinged”.

  2. Mediahound:
    I don’t think this stuff is an example of people who are psychotically ill venting. I think it is a deliberate rhetorical strategy to try and claim all MRA’s are victimizers, and feminists are the egalitarian compassionate people ready to help men if only those evil MRA’s wouldn’t get in the way.

    Toysoldier: That was heartfelt and if “Fuck you” can ever be beautiful, it is in the essay because your “Fuck you’s ” come from a place of empathy and sympathy for both male and female survivors of abuse and hers come from a hateful place that wants to use male survivors as a weapon even as feminism as a whole has been like a neglectful mother to them.

  3. Is this the same feminists who said they were the egalitarian movement and who told me it’s up to MEN and not feminists to make domestic violence shelters, fix the men’s issues?

    Since when do MRA’s want to control women’s bodies, is Dr Keith Ablow some MRA spokesperson or something? Every MRA I’ve seen wants financial abortion and abortion to be legal?

    It saddens me that feminists and MRA’s fight so much, especially when both of them have so many people who think alike.

    I see so many comments of feminism covers men’s rights, yet where are the major campaigns? Why do I still have feminists telling men to do the work and that feminists aren’t meant to do the work? Why would male issues exist to the level they do today if feminism truly was helping men? I realize there are feminist actions which help men indirectly, such as advocating for ending rape and various domestic violence measures that cater to both genders but how many of them are genderless? What I hear is meant to happen, and what I see are 2 very different things. I’ve tried to ask where the help is before but silence overwhelmed. Maybe I suck at finding this stuff but where is all this activism by feminists on behalf of men??? I don’t recall seeing any feminists hold up signs asking for financial abortion to be legalized?

    Feminists reading this, please link me all the activism done on behalf of men because I hear you care, I just can’t find it. I also ask this, why would the MRM exist if feminism really was an egalitarian movement to end sexism n discrimination against men? Do feminists mean that feminism has the framework ready for men to use to end this stuff or are the existing feminists the ones who will fix up men’s issues? I am at a complete loss to understand why what is said does not appear to be happening?

    (Not an MRA, not a feminist, just an egalitarian trying to make sense of both movements who doesn’t feel he belongs n either)

  4. honestly, where DO these people get the idea that MRA’s all want to put women in the kitchen? I don’t agree completely with MRA’s either, but I’ve never seen an MRA say anything like that. most are for women being independant from men – it frees men too. I think these people don’t really bother to distinguish between MRAs and straight-up misogynists. a lot of misogynists I notice get labelled as “MRAs” when they aren’t or even are anti-mra.

  5. Powerful stuff. There are time when “Fuck you” is the right answer and TS, you nailed it here.
    There might be feminists who are genuinely interested in helping men but all too often the reaction tends to be “Not our problem” at best, “You’re male. You probably deserved it.” at worst.

  6. “to the point where it’s become difficult for any rational, compassionate person to trust a man who claims he’s been screwed over in family court or abused by a female partner, even if he has.”

    The most ironic part of the whole thing: “I have trouble trusting victims of abuse if they happen to be male”. We have a word for people who have that problem. Sexist. The opposite of feminist.

  7. Speaking about Warren Farrell: could you do a post about his (supposed) “incest comments”? It’s like the number one tactic on their book to disparage anything Warren Farrell has to say.

  8. My guess is they read internet trolls n assume they are all MRA’s? Were the ones calling for rape n abuse even MRA’s?

  9. Yes, them feminists should really stop pushing the idea that being raped by a woman is a great thing to happen to a boy.

    Oh wait… WAIT! Bizarro Earth!

  10. We Will Gaslight You, And You Will Feel Better? – Do As We Say, Not As We Do? Do The Jezebels Read What They Write?

    Clarence – I did say “It’s what happens when you deal with both damaged people and those who damage.

    Maybe my subtlety passed some by. You get the same appearance of behaviour from Abusers and Survivors.

    It gets better as you look – Now the Jezebels are wanting to link “Fuck You Week” (Announced Dec 13, 2012 11:40 AM) and their week of “desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging” to The Connecticut Elementary School Shootings (15 December) with “Fuck You Guns”. The Jezebels are now attempting to imply that Gun and School Massacre = MRA. They don’t need reality, they just create it on their own image, and also they have to create enemies to bolster and support the fantasies.

    Not only is the logic bad, but it’s an open insult to Jezebel reader’s intelligence and personal integrity. The playing with Language over reason and emotion is typical in an abuse dynamic.

    Jezebel do not love their readers, they only seek to control them.

    Creating total fictional enemies means the Lie gets caught out quickly. Taking a small truth and using it to weave a large fiction is normal as the person relying upon the fiction repeatedly demands 100% proof that the fiction is false.

    They will repeatedly pull out a single fact that supports their fiction to justify it’s existence. It is a well known issue of Psychological fraud for the self and control of others. It is possible to show that 99.9999 recurring % of the reality being peddled is false, but because that have a “fact” that they have built the castle in the air upon they will keep pointing to it and demanding the fact be debunked and proved 100% false before their Fictional reality can vanish in a puff of logic or reality!

    It works beautifully with Monolithic views – One MRA said X therefore all MRA are bad.

    It’s also inverted for defence and excuse – One feminist did bad, but 99.99999 recurring % are good so you bad if you focus on one fact!

    Double Grandstands and false logo are self evident but the prosper caught in this dynamic are not controlled by logic but by manipulation of their emotions – and that goes into the realms of emotional abuse, both self inflicted and emotional control by and even of others.

    The behaviour is childlike and less than juvenile. The behaviour is often observed in children which have been exposed to Domestically Abusive environments before age 8 and is linked to patterns of Dissociation as a psychological protection mechanism. The pattern is also very common if not a certainty in abusers who use specific environments (Domestic, on-line communities, etc) to practice or propagate their control and manipulation of others.

    It’s like the child taking the fact “This is Parent” and using it to excuse “All Abuse”. It can become an ingrained pattern of cognition and behaviour which manifest in adults. because the conduct is internally normalised they can not and even will not see it. Professional long term support is the only option should the subject be willing to co-operate – which of course they are unlikely to do. It is the foundation of many personality disorders. Treatment and cure is not normally possible due to resistance, so long term managment and close observation with intervention to stop the most aberrant of abuses is the only rational option.

    Interestingly, when males who have been abused come forward such behaviour is not excused or accepted, It is articulated with a view to recovery. Within the practices of DV refuge – women’s aide there is an ongoing issue with paradigm which promote the view that aberrant psychological states are caused by men and the responsibility of men and so they are excused and even encouraged. The behaviour is normalized and even concretised in support of the Ideological view and against the survivors best interests.

    Even odder, if the abuser is female the same views are promoted to female survivors.

    I am aware that the highlighting and challenging of this imbalanced view and paradigm has lead to much anger and resistance. Some are even using the logic of we can’t have damaged or left woemn damaged for decades therefore reality can’t be reality. Self evidence is then used “I have not been damaged in this way (Says the Dysfunctional DV survivor) therefore no woman or DV survivor can have been damaged.”. The cult of DV and Survival kicks in and behaviourally there is likely to be a mass abuse response which at best will be verbal, but also can become highly physical. The inculcated response that any criticism is proof of abuser nature is self referential and self fulfilling meme protection mechanism at it’s best.

    “(Fuck you, people who say, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Sorry, assholes, this isn’t the time for semantics.” Link Katie J.M. Baker.

    In other words Shut Up Do as I say … and don’t question how I say it!

    I wonder where people who write about abuse and abuse dynamics learned that trick from?

    “Even if what I say is wrong, you know what I mean, and If you don’t believe I mean what I mean, you will not question it – don’t play semantics with me!”. There should be trigger warnings all over for Domestic Abuse survivors! It’s quite disturbing that the Jezebels have not recognised their own issues with language and the the worrying Psychological Leakage as to intent, cognition and conduct !

    Most worrying is this:

    “Fuck you, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, for saying that “today is not that day” to discuss gun control. The only acceptable explanation for that statement is that you got cut off from saying, “because yesterday was.”.

    Sorry, but when people are in a state of grief and shock you don’t monopolise THEIR experience to push a PERSONAL agenda. Only creeps and abusers do that as a way of expressing and increasing power over others.

    That shows a massive lack of basic empathy – but also does show an understanding Of Emotional Intelligence and how to manipulate a certain group who will follow. The deliberate contrast of Power bases (White House and President Vs Self and Jezebel) shows a level of self grandiosity and willingness to show opportunism and entrepreneurial versatility as to be Clinically Significant. I would refer any readers to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist–Revised: 2nd Edition, concerning Personalities which may be disordered. (a href=””>Source 1, Source 2.

    The criticism of the White House/president is couched in terms and ideas that to to present Jezebel and it’s writers as a more balanced, nuanced and positive source of news and support in America life than The White House? The number of psychological back flips required to achieve that position is quite bizzare – and indicating that readers should all run to the Bizzare place and views is indicative of control and abuse issues. Come to us little children we know the right road = Pied Piper.

    I have read the Jezebel stuff again and the growing comments. It is fascinating. It all looks to me as a ploy by certain folks, who “”are”” abusers, to control a dwindling group of those who can be manipulated. It’s that, or there is a master domestic abuser in the middle of Jezebel who is acting as if it’s a polyamerouse relationship – it often looks like a cult from the outside. You get the same pattern in forced labour cases where there is psychological and physical abuse and threat. People ask people why the didn’t walk away – the response “Because I didn’t know/believe I could”.

    Falsifying reality in the way that has been done by Jezebel is not about eduction or information, it’s about reinforcing control over a certain highly impressionable group of followers who act as Shock Troops and are easily motivated and directed by the abuser. It’s like the classic spousal abuser checking to see that the abused spouse and children will defend upon command – when prompted.

    It’s what you see Cults and Domestic abuse when a threat is perceived or realised. The pattern is clear, so I wonder what is the threat that Jezebel and it’s writers see or know to be coming towards them?

    Cult Control revolves around manipulation of Behaviour, Information, Thinking, Emotions.

    Here there is such blatant falsification of Information it has to be about increasing or regaining control over Thinking – Emotions – Behaviour. The evident aim here is to rouse and control emotions to bind the impressionable to Jezebel.

    The most important one there is Emotional control – emotional control by false reality is by definition Gaslighting. It’s very odd to look at and wonder why Jezebel believe it is necessary to employ so many Abuse Techniques in just one post and then claim it’s about “a week of desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging”, indicating it will make people feel better. We Will Gaslight You, And You Will Feel Better?

    Most amazingly – gas-lighting as a pattern of psychological manipulation and control most often appears in a relationship when a person or persons being controlled/manipulated/abused start to question the abusers conduct or not react in a way that shows the control is on place and 100% effective. As an abuse technique it often arises and escalates as a relationship decays, disintegrates and comes to an end. There is increased danger to the abuse victim as an abuse dynamic decays and collapses – but the good people at Jezebel with all their knowledge of IPV – DV – should and in fact would know all that.

    As with so many abuse situations, people on the outside can see the patterns and issues, but those trapped inside are just fighting for their lives and can’t get out and away without having reality highlighted to them.

    Is it an abuse survivor (Kate Harding) writing, who has become an abuser and feels the need for power? There is a long and very public history of rant and abuse related to body image. Is it that Kate Harding is using her bloggista status to be the mean girl and gather her lunch room buddies?

    Or if it’s not Harding, it shows that this pattern of control and abuse – gas-lighting readers – has been agreed upon by the group – well that means they are all abusers, or that there is a central abuser who is manipulating others. Agreement means Conspiracy to abuse and gas-light.

    I have to wonder, what is the threat that is making this well known reaction pattern in abuse dynamics surface? Is it one person who is to be exposed? Is it an expose of the back room at Jezebel? Is there a book coming out which will make Jezebels look bad in some way, so they are all working like mad to build defences in advance? It could be a book that is critical Of feminism or which highlights abuse and patterns of abusers.

    I also wonder at the timing, being 1 year on from the whole explosion around a certain male, feminist, lecturist, bloggerist, naracacsist, rapist, attempting murderist and the ongoing #fail that is still rolling out across the net. Odd how some were so unwilling to say “Fuck You Hugo” when it was the right time to use the words. Now a year on It’s Fuck You, but the targets lack clarity and even conviction.

    I suspect this whole bizzare one week purge has nothing do with men – MRA – but it does have to do with Women, Jezebel, Power and Control. The focus upon MRAs and men in general is a ruse to get some psychologically illiterate types looking else where. Kate Harding may have known issues around bullying and abuse, but it’s a mistake to take abuse dynamics like this of face value and assume it’s her with issues when it’s so easy for a less obvious puppet master to use her as a front man and figure head.

    The reference to the first annual is funny, as it does not read as an announcement, just desperation – it’s a claim to be planning for the future – a statement that in months and tie frames longer the site will still be about. Is there a back room battle for hearts, minds and control of the servers and domains?

    The desperate first annual announcement is even a statement that in a years time Jezebel will still be doing and saying the same thing, so if in a year they are still about and yet again have a Fuck You Week, someone will say “ we did last year” as a ruse to claim that a position or views stated 12 Months earlier have not changed. … and that way of thinking show Premeditated and long term gas-lighting – they know they have to re-invent and shift focus, but have to do it carefully or the followers will smell a rat and cry fowl.

    Last year it should have been “Fuck You Hugo” so now the Fuck You is anything possible to cover up how they stayed in bed with a rapist and covered for him. No wonder there is need for “desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging”. Better late than never?

    It is also interesting to peer into the archives of Jezebel – see the creative ways they vault from one reality to another, and just how many archiving services are blocked so that when content gets changed and a new reality is magically created, it is hard for people to go back and check the reality and verify truths. That is of course pure cult and reality manipulation which abusers use to gas-light.

    Reality is what we state it is – Reality is under our control – do as we say, not as we do.

    So is Kate Harding facing the chop and like a dog in a territory contest peeing about the yard to stake out territory? On the other hand It could well be that the whole structure is unstable. Is Jezebel in it’s death throws and desperately attempting to manipulate support and web traffic by employing mind control and abuse tactics?

    That makes me wonder at the financial state, and having been sitting back and watching the shifting sands of blogland, I do see that a number of bloggers have had to migrate to more sane and centrist views in the last months to survive in a competitive market.

    Even those fixated on rape loving scum have had to retune their pianos and play a different tune. The fall out from Slutwalk – Schwyzergate – and the realities of Rape Culture being covered up have eaten away at the credibility of so many. Interestingly all those places and groups that divorced themselves from Schwyzergate promptly, held up hands and said “Mea Culpa”/”Nostra Culpa” we got it wrong, sorry lets move on, those people/blogs have gone from strength to strength.

    Those which did not act have been damaged, and of course the Schwyzer was rolling along at Jezebel until he just petered out of his own accord and faded away. Who was in control there – cos it does not look like it was the owners of brand, franchise and servers. If others had protected and defended an abuser they would be called many nasty names – so what should be said about a group that is so dysfunctional?

    The Schwyzer has even been reinvented as a writer of Jewish Erotica – Oy vey! What makes him an expert in that field is questionable as he only had the snip so shortly ago?

    And now a year too late Jezebel is reinventing itself (AGAIN) to be the home of the Fuck You Feminists?

    Pushing bad stats and factoids only has value for so long. People can check, find out reality and leave the cult of the Great Icon and not be controlled automatically by the #FatSparrowCult and the Berserker mentality it engenders. That supposed financing jig is up – pushing traffic is not the same as making a profit for the advertiser.

    It’s interesting if you look at the web analytics for the domain – there has been a month on month decline in average traffic over a number of years and in the last months they have started to spike on features – it’s a traffic pattern knows as the Net Death Rattle, and the spiking and attempts to drive traffic by being outrageous, provocative and even dangerous are a well known pattern. Any half descent net manger/content manager/Editor knows it’s to be avoided – it even drives advertisers away.

    Looking at all the facts to me it looks like a site in trouble with a nutcase abuser(s) in the centre demanding that reality be made to be what they require – and by any means. The gas-lighting of readers is an act of desperation, as well as piece of Art chatty truly should be framed.

    The Bizzare and public use of such poor quality gas-lighting whilst a cause for concern, also indicates that, whoever the Central gas-lighter is, they lack imagination, deviousness and the ability to hide their behaviour effectively. Abusers are all too often are so self belief driven that they believe no-one can see what they are doing.

    The poor quality gas-lighting (It’s Dickensian given the time of year) is a source of some relief and hope that people subjected to such patterns will be able to recover equilibrium promptly and extract themselves from such an abuser.

    But to reiterate points known to the Jezebels, when domestic abuse and cult dynamics collapse danger goes up – so please take care and be aware of the situation.

    Any of the Jezebels who need help dealing with such dynamics and extracting themselves know how to contact me – they may also find the following useful:

    Avoiding acceptance of responsibility – denial, counterattack and feigning victimhood

    The serial bully – How to spot signs and symptoms of serial bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths including the sociopathic behaviour of the industrial psychopath and the corporate psychopath

    Combatting Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults

    I would also strongly recommend the following as basic reading about the subtleties of abuse and mind control.

    5 Creepy Forms of Mind Control You’re Exposed to Daily

    It deals with such issues as 1) The Colour Placebo, 2) Priming, 3) Playing with Word order to get you to agree with things you don’t 4) Groups and how to get them marching in Locke-step, 5) How we look at faces, create them when they don’t exist – and what a face you link to says about you.

    I would advise anyone linking to the Jezebel page and saying it’s great to consider –

    1) the dominant colour of the page is red which is about expressing personal power. It appeals to those who are lack agency and require leadership as well as those who seek to control others.
    2) The “Fuck You” motif and meme is about being rebellions and even naughty. It’s quite childish and about infantalizing the reader and their thinking.
    3) The deliberate mixing of factoid and unreality is about confusing the reader and getting them to agree in general but not knowing specifically why or with what exactly. “Fuck you … Sorry, assholes, this isn’t the time for semantics.” … it says if you question and do not act you are an asshole – people don’t like being assholes so they will act and not think.
    4) Locke-step and group identification – How odd – assholes are unthinking actors, but Jezebel writers like their readers to identify as Not Asshole whilst being encouraged to act as Asshole . The progression is – Read – Don’t Think – Act in accordance with our views and ideas. Calling everyone Assholes whilst acting as an Asshole is not an adult reaction but that of a child – or an adult with child ideation.
    5) People identify faces which reflect their view of the world and how the world see’s them – and the Fuck You announcement has a face which is highly evocative. It is of great interest that the mouth is extended to indicate that loud noise and outburst is to be encouraged, and yet the eyes are not visible and can’t be studied. This is very odd as when people identify a face in say a cloud or even a collection of refuse sacks it is eyes that are created first. Here there are no eyes, which is most odd and indicates again that this piece is about noise and lack of clear view, and it also indicates that the Jezebels do not want people looking them in the eye and seeing past any noise. There is a reason that the eyes are called the window of the soul.

    All in al.l the page and the progression of continent at Jezebel, is most disturbing and from content to presentation reads as Control of The Impressionable by known abuse and Psychological manipulation technique and memes. It does also raose worrying issues about past unmanaged abuse survival which would probably benefit greatly from independent professional oversight.

    However the most amazing thing is the public use of gas-lighting in an attempt to control many readers. That smacks of desperation and also signals danger. It keeps being highlighted that socipathic brains do not suffer from gender bias (the distribution is equal in male and female), and so many are un-aware of how they manifest in real world situations. In social and other settings people with certain traits congregate and support one another. I fear that there are issues here that relate to the work of Prof Dutton – Cambridge University – The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success.

    Maybe some have been reading and recognised themselves – and as often happens in such situations they can do one of 2 things. 1) address the lack of boundaries and stay within accepted social behaviours 2) Think how wonderful and be liberated to do anything which is self serving and brings them their own peculiar sense of joy and happiness. I do know from experience that the statistical frequency of 2 is far greater than 1 as far to many just need an excuse to be bad and abuse as it is their nature … and as they say “One Good Excuse Can Last A Lifetime”. I will be watching Ms Harding’s writing with interest from now on – as well as how the oddities of psychology manifest at the Jezebel site.

    So sorry Clarence, if I was not clear enough for you. I do hope my views and observations are clearer now.

  11. “Yes, them feminists should really stop pushing the idea that being raped by a woman is a great thing to happen to a boy.

    Oh wait… WAIT! Bizarro Earth!”
    That part was warranted, the rest though seems more like the straw-mra arguments. I’ve seen plenty of feminists crack the shits when the same style of argument is used against them, it’s this silly mra vs feminist war of stupidity quite frankly.

  12. This week of Purging and cleansing is most odd – they even seem to be cleaning up their act with stats and purging past false dogmas:

    …according to RAINN, 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Fuck You, Rape Culture

    I’m wondering again about the The end of the universe and the Mayan Calendar! Incredible unusual and astounding events that have never been seen before – Jezebel being remotely honest with stats?

    As we say on this side of the Pond “Fuck Me!!!!!!!!”

  13. Yes, them feminists should really stop pushing the idea that being raped by a woman is a great thing to happen to a boy.

    Oh wait… WAIT! Bizarro Earth!

    No, just a tired strawman that feminists whip out when someone points out their misandry and rape apologism.

    But thanks for laughing at male survivors’ concerns. That shows just how much feminists care about us.

  14. I have a couple of Fuck Yous to these “Feminists” as well. Hopefully you’ll allow it.

    Fuck you, “Feminists”, for invalidating my experiences of having been seriously harmed by girls and women. The mental gymnastics you undertook would garner 10s from judges. Me, I’m giving you a great big middle finger.

    Fuck you, “Feminists” for believing I don’t deserve equal support because of my Priveledged, White, Heterosexual make-up. That it negates any harms done to me since, to you, I benefit from sexism. Funny, I always thought that EVERYONE deserves support and a place for their voice regardless of their race, orientation, gender, background, or culture. You made me believe so with the “Feminism is equality for both genders”. Unfortunatly, I found out it’s equality to those who you believe deserve it. Some animals are more equal than others, as the saying goes.

    There, that felt better.

  15. YEARS passed. The seasons came and went, the short animal lives fled by. A time came when there was no one who remembered the old days before the Rebellion, except Clover, Benjamin, Moses the raven, and a number of the pigs. ….

    ….Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

    1984 has nothing on Animal Farm … but then again 84 does have room 101, and it seems all too often some Bloggers are thinking they are Richard Burton with Winston and a face mask modelled on themselves.

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  17. Great excerpt, mediahoundongmp, but I was mentioning 1984’s “Hour of Hate” against Emmanuel Goldstein (which, once a year, becomes the “Week of Hate”). This “Fuck You” thing is starkingly similar and serves the same purposes.

    P.S.: If you’ve been here, Mr. Futrelle, or one of your cheerleading crue (or that nice lady, Holly Pervocracy), please do mention this. (Or not.)

  18. This “Fuck You” thing is starkingly similar and serves the same purposes.

    It’s just a desperate “Thought-terminating Cliché” dragged out as a band-aid to cover some as yet unclear, evidently festering wounds and blood letting.

    I’m still digging. I’m wearing full HazMat to manage the hostile environment ! Do look it’s very fetching, and I haven’t needed it since Fukushima!

    I’ve been mapping out the most extreme knee jerkers, or even knee berserkers, in the pack, and it’s odd. The only correlation I have been able to find so far is that they all foolishly did not distance themselves from a certain male feminist, who presented as a being of light and inflated majesty, and then took a bit of down turn in the web link stakes. There is concern too, as it has been spotted that there is a new school of Idolatry growing around this fallen angel.

    The most fascinating thing is to watch an attempted return from the dead, and how some will change spots, stripes, skin and even their friends for personal blogging convenience. The new angle of lighting on the resurgent angel is creating a rather hi Vis contrast which people just can’t miss. It also does make those who believed and followed the demi-blogger look rather odd in the new light.

    I do wonder at the past concerns around infantalisation of followers, and how present manifestations have the new brood actually calling the angelic blogging one “Daddy” and “Father”!

    Each time I look at the details I have flash backs to Orthanc and The Uruk-Hai

    One Blog to rule them all, One Blog to find them,
    One Blog to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Blogger where the Shadows lie.

    I wonder sometimes how some blogs and individuals have failed to have entries in the Encyclopædia Dramatica – it would at least provide some light relief to the sewerage that keeps being pumped out. (And if you don’t get the irony of the last one – don’t don’t go exploring it).

  19. I agree with Clarence, you’ve turned the most vulgar word in the language into poetry, maa shaa Allah.
    It seems these feminists have won the war they took up arms for, then forgotten to put the weapons away.

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