Bulletin Board v181

Abuse led to killing of neo-Nazi father, judge says — The judge who found a 12-year-old Riverside boy criminally responsible for murdering his neo-Nazi father said Monday that years of abuse and neglect clearly had damaged the child’s thought process, but that she could not ignore evidence that showed he plotted the attack and knew that killing was wrong. Riverside County Superior Court Judge Jean P. Leonard found the boy guilty of second-degree murder and for using a gun while committing a felony.

Boys too are victims of sexual abuse — Last October Anjana Prakash, principal of Hansraj School in Andheri, was informed by a teacher about a Class 7 boy who had stopped concentrating in class and always looked troubled. She was later told by his parents that the boy had been sexually abused and sodomised by some boys in his neighbourhood. In the midst of the demand for safety for women and girls, experts feel young boys are just as vulnerable to sexual harassment in schools as well as in homes.

Father sentenced 80 years in death of son who was kept in cage — A judge in Indiana sentenced former Gary resident Riley Choate to 80 years in prison on Friday for neglect in the death of his son, a 13-year-old who had been regularly beaten, confined to a dog cage for two years, and fed a starvation diet. The boy, Christian Choate, weighed less than 50 pounds when he died on April 4, 2009, of blunt force trauma to the head, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Female teacher who was jailed for having sex and making suicide pact with a student is on the run…and parole officials fear she has ANOTHER young victim — A former teacher from upstate New York who spent three years in prison for having an affair with a 14-year-old student skipped out on her parole and is now on the run from police, who fear that she may be involved without another child. Buffalo police say convicted sex offender Cara Dickey, 34, removed her electronic ankle bracelet in violation of her parole condition and vanished Wednesday. ‘We know that the electronic bracelet has been detached. She has not responded to attempts to reach her,’ said Peter K. Cutler, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Former Altar Boy Speaks of Abuse — The Archdiocese of San Antonio settles a lawsuit with a former altar boy, but now there’s another alleged victim who says he’s being ignored. Both accusers say they were molested by the same priest. But as Robert Price explains, one of the men is still looking for justice. It was inside Sacred Heart Catholic Church for a year in the mid-1970’s that a Floresville man says he was molested as a 12-year-old altar boy.

Glenburn woman sentenced to 23 years for sex abuse of boy — A Glenburn woman whose 17-year plea deal on sex charges was rejected last month by a District Court judge was sentenced Friday to 23 years in prison, followed by 15 years of supervised release on charges in connection with the sexual abuse of a now 9-year-old boy. Katie Dube, 27, who originally pleaded guilty in October, pleaded guilty again on Friday just before being sentenced on five counts of gross sexual assault and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Luke Harwood trial: Harold Hill teen ‘murdered over rape claim’ — Four alleged killers carried out the “extraordinarily callous, violent and brutal” murder of a Harold Hill teenager stamped after he was accused of rape, a court heard on Tuesday. Luke Harwood, 18, was punched and kicked to death by the gang, from Romford, after a woman they knew claimed he had raped her, the jury heard. His body was left in Broadmead Road, near the Orchard Estate, in Woodford Green, on May 28.

“Men’s issues” groups test limit of free speech on campus — Senior administrators at the University of Toronto and the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) continue to debate the acceptable limits of free speech on campus in the aftermath of a lecture delivered in late November by Dr. Warren Farrell. The lecture was marked by a sizable protest and heavy police presence, during which a group of protestors blocked the entrance to the lecture hall where Farrell was scheduled to speak.

Military Suicides Reached Record High In 2012 — Suicides in the U.S. military surged to a record 349 last year, far exceeding American combat deaths in Afghanistan, and some private experts are predicting the dark trend will grow worse this year. The Pentagon has struggled to deal with the suicides, which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and others have called an epidemic. The problem reflects severe strains on military personnel burdened with more than a decade of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq, complicated by anxiety over the prospect of being forced out of a shrinking force.

Mom convicted of exploitation in graphic NH trial — The allegations were almost too heinous and far-fetched to be believed. A New Hampshire lawyer who graduated at the top of her class and credited her success to Christianity was accused of using her 14-year-old daughter as a sexual pawn, at one point even engaging in a sexual act with the girl on camera. But believe them a jury did, convicting the woman Thursday of eight counts of exploiting the teenager, who is now in foster care.

Parents sue over alleged bashing and sexual abuse of their son at school — The Advertiser has learnt the parents allege their five-year-old was sexually assaulted at an eastern suburbs school by a girl, 7, in April 2011. The parents further claim the girl’s younger brother, a four-year-old visiting the school, bashed their son. Although the incident was reported to Families SA, the Education Department allegedly told the boy’s parents it would not provide assistance unless they launched private legal proceedings.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v181

  1. The experts don’t need to “feel” anything. A report on child abuse published in 2007 by the Department of Women and Children Development in India found that boys were more at risk for child sexual abuse than girls, boys were also more at risk for rape (sexual assault) than girls.
    This finding were not reported in the executive summary (titled Major Findings) which reported that 53% of children have been sexually abused in India. One has to wonder since the preceding paragraph about physical abuse do list the gender ratio of victims (60-something% boys) while the paragraph on sexual abuse did not.

    Taken into account the horrific rape/murder in New Delhi and the following uproar and it’s focus on girls and women it is particularily distressing to read that almost twice as many boys as girls (65% vs 45%) have been sexualy abused in the Indian state Delhi. Boys which are almost completely absent from the discourse on sexual violence in India. The article you linked to gives some hope that they are not completely forgotten.

    Source: http://wcd.nic.in/childabuse.pdf

  2. Errata: The gender ratio for victims of child sexual abuse should be: male- 65% vs. female 35%.

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