Stop the Abuse: Raising Awareness the Right Way

Many organizations create ad campaigns to address sexual violence. Often those campaigns include no mention of male victims, when they do, it is typically a tired add-on that feels out of place with the rest of the campaign.

Living Well found a way to include male victims the right way:

In 2011, in order to raise awareness and increase support for men who have been sexually abused in childhood, we created 2 new posters. In creating these resources, we were confronted by the problem that they were only available in English: they did not speak to people from different cultures who speak different languages. Since then we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have come forward and volunteered to translate the posters into many different languages.

24 languages and counting…

To date, volunteers have assisted us in translating the posters into Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, German, French Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Czech, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Arabic, Dari (Afghanistan), Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Vietnamese, Fillipino, Fijian. We have also been encouraged to create two new posters that confront the additional challenges faced by people with learning difficulties and physical disabilities.

[…] At Living Well, we welcome opportunities to collaborate with community members and organisations to produce further multilingual resources that raise awareness and increase support for people who have experienced sexual abuse. We are particularly interested in partnering and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities to produce culturally appropriate resources and support.

It is a wonderful effort that can actually do some good in terms of reaching out to male victims and educating the public. Here is an example of one of the English posters:

This is the kind of campaign we need to see more of.

3 thoughts on “Stop the Abuse: Raising Awareness the Right Way

  1. The 1billionrising campaign is being advocated all over the place now it seems. I just discovered it was started by the woman who wrote the vagina monolougues and that that play includes a rape of a 13 year old girl by a 24 year old woman that is portrayed as a healing experience and a “good rape” that saves the girl from male sexuality by showing her she don`t need it. Have you looked at the way they use statistics in their campaing? Are they acurate or twisted?

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