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2 women abused boy with drugs, alcohol, Tabasco sauce, police say — Two women have been arrested for alleged ongoing abuse against a teenage boy after police say they duct taped him, forced drugs on him and poured Tabasco sauce in his eyes. Krista Jean Miller, 33, and Robin Willette Rumsey, 38, were each arrested for investigation of numerous allegations, including intentional child abuse, four counts each of endangerment of a child, and two counts each of dealing in harmful materials to a minor.

Adoptive dad gets prison for life for raping 3 boys — A judge sentenced an adoptive father yesterday to 50 years to life in prison, the second lengthy sentence for the 40-year-old western Ohio man who admitted raping three boys in his care. The sentence will run at the same time with one of 60 years to life in another case, virtually ensuring that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. In both cases, he pleaded guilty after reaching plea agreements with prosecutors.

Ex-LDS official sentenced to jail instead of prison for child sex abuse — A former employee of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was sentenced to jail instead of prison on Friday on charges of child sex abuse. Timothy Bothell, 43, of Centerville, pleaded guilty in December to one count of attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony; and one count of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor. He was originally charged with two first-degree felony counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and four counts of Class A misdemeanor charges of lewdness involving a child.

Florida boy, 10, found naked and drunk in the street after caretaker allegedly gives him alcohol — A 10-year-old Florida boy bombed on brandy was found wandering his neighborhood naked and drunk — and police say his caretaker was the one who plied him with booze. Nedra Byrd, 31, was arrested and charged with one count of child abuse after the boy under her care was seen around 7:30 p.m. Thursday on the streets of Spring Hill, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. A sheriff’s office spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm Tuesday the exact relationship between Byrd and the boy, although at least one neighbor said he referred to her as his mother. 

Former Boy Scouts seeking $15 million in sex abuse case — Three men are seeking $15 million in damages from the regional council of the Boy Scouts of America, alleging that the organization failed to investigate a longtime troop leader who sexually abused them as children — even after a parent reported his behavior. Martin E. Turner, the volunteer who abused the victims, and his wife, Elizabeth Turner, also are defendants in the civil trial, which began this week in Travis County district court and is expected to last through next week.

Former priest abused 13-year-old Kildare boy 35 years ago — A former priest told gardai that he abused a 13-year-old boy in Kildare 35 years ago because the child met the “requirements” of his “fetish”. Patrick McCabe (77) of Alameda, California was extradited here in 2011 to face charges of abusing schoolboys thirty years ago. Today, Friday, March 1, he pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to indecent assault at a Co Kildare school between January and April 1977.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will step into the ‘rape is rape’ bill fray and push it ahead as legislators grapple with reclassification of forced anal and oral sex — Gov. Cuomo will use his political clout in a bid to resolve a legislative dispute that has stalled and vastly complicated efforts to expand the state’s legal definition of rape.Cuomo will dispatch top staff to broker a compromise between a proposed measure that has come to be known in Albany as the “rape is rape” bill and alternative legislation that attempts to address concerns of prosecutors, a senior administration official told the Daily News.

More Cry Sex Abuse in Case of Convicted Boy Scout Leader — Additional lawsuits were filed Wednesday against a currently incarcerated sex abuse convict who served as an Scout leader, schoolteacher and park district executive. Thomas Hacker, now 76, is serving a sentence on multiple convictions of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of young boys. The victims’ reports date back to the 1980s and four others came forward this week, leading to even more charges filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Two Men Charged With Abuse of Vt. Boy — For about a dozen years, beginning when he was 12, a Windsor County boy was treated as a sex “slave” by a Connecticut fire captain and a former firefighter, Vermont police said. Court documents used to arrest the men included explicit details from the accuser. He told police how, as a adolescent, he was subtly lured into a sexual relationship with one of the men and how it progressed from a single sex act to a long-term arrangement that included bondage, another man and, eventually, other young people.

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