Male survivor agency struggles for government funding

Despite more men and boys coming forward and revealing the abuse they suffered, the British government still offers little support for them:

[Brighton-based Mankind] is one of only a handful of organisations helping male victims of sexual violence in Britain but it has been snubbed by the Government for support.

Minister Helen Grant announced £4 million in funding to open four new rape crisis centres and secure 65 existing centres.

But Martyn Sullivan, the chief executive of Mankind Counselling in Brighton, said: “We welcome any funding that supports victims of rape and sexual abuse but it saddens us that yet again little thought has been given to adult male survivors of sexual crimes.

“The Government’s own figures estimates that 1 in 9 males have suffered childhood sexual abuse and 1 in 29 have experienced rape in adulthood. With this decision, they have chosen to ignore the 3.8 million actual men and boys that these figures represent.

“Male specific agencies were excluded from the Rape Support Fund last year and it looks like the same thing has happened again.

“There has been a rise in cases being reported in light of the Jimmy Savile scandal and we are expecting even more cases.”

This continues to be a contentious issue and, as readers may know, whenever someone mentions this kind of overt sexism against male survivors, there are plenty of people who will deny it ever occurs. To my knowledge, the UK government has done little outreach to male survivors beyond the “Real Men Get Raped” ad campaign last year. (Coincidentally, the ad campaign was created by SurvivorsUK, an split-off organization that supposedly assists male survivors. However, if one looks at their site, one finds that they only provide limited support for a few hours a day three days a week.)

This kind of misandry creates a ripple effect. Not only do organizations that actually help male survivors struggle for funding, but also male survivors do not come forward because they have no one to turn to. The result is the impression that there are no male survivors, which is likely the logic the British government uses to justify not providing funding to male survivor services.


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