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Art teacher sexually abused boy for years, court told — A high school art teacher on Sydney’s northern beaches gave drugs to a teenage student and then performed sex acts on him on multiple occasions, subjecting him to years of abuse, a Sydney court has heard. Peter Wayne Scott, 62, is facing child sex and drug supply charges over a series of incidents at Cromer High School in the mid-1980s with a boy then aged between 14 and 16.

Evangelical church accused of ignoring sexual abuse, “pedophilia ring” — I was not surprised when Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM), the church group I grew up in as a teen and young adult, was served with a lawsuit this past October, alleging clergy cover-ups of sexual abuse. Sadly, I was even less surprised when the suit was amended in January to include Covenant Life Church (CLC), the congregation I had attended for nine years, and to add new charges of physical and sexual abuse by pastors, as well as allegations of abuse on church property.

Exploited boys remain invisible — Yoyo was 14 when he was thrown out of his house. He knew even then he was gay, but coming out to his family left him homeless and broke. He lost one job after another. He thought about suicide. He traveled around, voguing in ballroom dance events and looking for work. Then one of his women friends suggested they try to make money “escorting,” to use the popular euphemism. Soon enough, Yoyo was in “the life.”

Former Boy Scout volunteer convicted of multiple counts of sex abuse — A former Boy Scout volunteer in Collinsville, Illinois was found guilty on 12 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse Thursday. Jon Demers, 54, was an adult volunteer for Troop 520, which operates in the Signal Hill area in Belleville. Demers was also a merit badge counselor. He is also a retired Lt. Colonel, last stationed at Scott Air Force Base. He was most recently employed as a civilian there. Police began investigating Demers after a juvenile victim reported the abuse.

Former political adviser Tom Flanagan says viewing child porn shouldn’t be a crime — Tom Flanagan, the man behind Stephen Harper’s rise to power, the godfather of the rebirth of right-wing Canadian politics, transformed himself into a pariah yesterday. Flanagan set off a firestorm Thursday, condoning the viewing of child pornography by saying it shouldn’t be a crime. “I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters, but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures,” Flanagan said Wednesday night during a small talk at the University of Lethbridge, later posted to YouTube.

Gendered Laws: VAWA, IRCA and the Future of Immigration Reform — The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was reauthorized last week as the House finally passed the bill and sent it to the president’s desk. Since its inception in 1994, VAWA has been key in the battle to stop domestic violence by providing support for victims — helping create a national prevention hotline, funding shelters — and facilitating the prosecution of perpetrators — creating federal statutes and promoting police investigation and interstate cooperation.

Sussex priest Keith Wilkie Denford ‘sexually abused boys’ — Father Keith Wilkie Denford breached the trust of two boys’ parents, jurors at Hove Crown Court were told. The priest, 78, from Shoreham-by-Sea, has pleaded not guilty to four charges of indecently assaulting two boys. Organist Michael Mytton, 68, from East Chiltington, East Sussex, has denied aiding and abetting indecent assault. He also denies five counts of indecent assault against two boys between January 1987 and September 1994.

Why a gender neutral anti-rape law isn’t anti-women — The question on whether or not rape should be made gender neutral has had many activists up in arms, and is also reportedly a source of conflict between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Law Ministry, leading to a delay in the introduction of the anti-rape law in Parliament. Leading women’s rights activist Kavita Krishnan has been one of those who has been against the definition being made gender neutral.

Women: hitting your man is not cute; it’s abuse — The scene will be familiar to anyone who has sat through a Hollywood romcom-by-numbers. A glossy American couple fight over an alleged infidelity, and at one point the hunk involved says something unacceptable in a pique of anger. Our heroine responds with a slap, right across the face, and the argument ends there. We’ve seen Meg Ryan do it, Jennifer Aniston do it, and the most recent example of a whack across the chops I saw was in hipster-com Girls, where friends Elijah (Andrew Rannells) and Marnie (Allison Williams) trade insults over his sexuality before he calls her a bitch and she slaps him, hard.

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