A Dose of (Anrgy Feminist) Stupid v87

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

MRAs and feminists arguing at University of Toronto men’s rights event

The video is a wonder to watch. I have dealt with my fair share of angry, shouting feminists, although this is the first time I have ever seen one actually bring a printout to make her argument. If the items from the list sound familiar, that is because the feminist is reading from Lindy West’s snarky rant that she posted on Jezebel.

Here is a friendly note for feminists: if you want men to listen to you, do not start by telling them to “shut the fuck up”. That usually does not get people to listen to you. That only makes them think you are a sexist bigot or what you may know as “an asshole”. If you want men to listen to you, treat them with the respect you expect them to give you. Even if they do not return that favor, at least you will look like the better person rather than the raving hot head (who clearly did not see the irony of dying her hair bright red before going out and shouting at people) that appears in the video.

Do these feminists represent all feminists? No. Do they represent many feminists who take issue with any discussion of men’s issues? Yes. They are not hard to find. Like those feminists, the ones in the video refuse to listen to anything the men’s rights activists say. The red head in particularly simply cusses at them, calls them names, and shouts that feminists have been helping men. She provides no evidence to support it, although she does an excellent impression of a Bible-thumper as she waves her printout in people’s faces.

What is truly amazing is watching these feminist argue about consent. One men’s rights activist asks a group of feminists whether someone who has consensual sex and later regrets it is rape. The young man to his left shouts at him “Then it’s rape!” The other feminists chime in with the same argument, completely missing the point of the scenario: at the time the sex occurred, both parties consented. It was only later that one person decided that they did not like the sex and felt violated. But during the sex, this person consented or allowed the other person to believe they consented to sex.

Logically, regretted sex is not rape. If you consent, there is no rape. Yet these feminists are so wrapped up in their ideology that they cannot see that. Instead, they claim the man they are shouting at has a different definition of consent than they do.

Also worth noting, none of the men’s rights activists shout at or verbally attack the feminists in the video. They are all calm, polite, and civil as this angry gaggle verbally assaults and insults them. It is an interesting counterpoint to the typical feminist trope about “angry MRAs”. These men have the chance to get loud and rowdy, and perhaps should given the responses from the feminists, yet they do not.

Granted, those men do not represent all men’s rights activists. However, most of the public interactions I have seen between men’s rights activists and feminists play out this way. The feminists, usually women, are loud, rowdy, rude, and physically threatening while the men’s rights activists sit or stand there trying to share their points as calmly as possible.

Here is my last friendly note for feminists: that video is what you sound like to most people. Whether that is your intention or not, that is how you come across. You come across as so wrapped up in the ideology that when people say thing you actually agree with, you shout them down. Your theories come across as so nutty that you can only defend them by being hostile and snarky. You come across as resorting to insults and profanity when you cannot convince someone of your arguments. And you come across was being unwilling and possibly incapable of listening to other views.

If you want men to listen to you and not think that feminism is about blaming, shaming, and hating men, you need to not do things like that. I am not saying that to help you improve your movement’s imagine. I could not care less about that. I am saying that because eventually you will act that way with the wrong person and you will not like what happens.

18 thoughts on “A Dose of (Anrgy Feminist) Stupid v87

  1. It’s amazing, though not surprising, how ones dark colors are truly revealed when commited to an ideology and then confronted on its tennants.

    Insofar as the “Angry MRAs” stereotype, there are extremists within each group. However, I have yet to see a Men’s Rights Advocate behave like the women in this video. Even the most misoganistic Men’s Rights Advocate, their venom is piffle compared to the amount spat out by these feminists in this video.

    If they mention “Paul Elam”, sorry but that is still NOTHING compared to these women on the video.

  2. I also want to address a comment on that page you linked because this should deserve a “A Dos Of Stupid” article as well.

    The comment, and I paraphrase, “What MRA’s have troubles with, feminists are working on.”

    Once again forgive for this rant:

    Listen, chum, you and your ideology have been saying “We’re working on it”, “We’re examining it” for decades. And what has that produced? NADA! ZIP! ZERO!

    Men have been playing the waiting game while you were still in diapers. Yet, all they’ve encountered are empty promises and, at worst, “What About The Menz”.

    To this day, they are second class citizens in the Domestic Violence Industry, Family Court System, Divorce, Sexual Abuse, etc. Now, they’re sick and tired of it.

    I’m sick and tired of it, too. I had to get off my ass and advocate about what happened to me in the past. What did your idelogy do? Label my problems as an anomoly or nothing compared to what women go through. Your ideology even deemed I benefit from oppressive systems as a “Priveledged White, Heterosexual Male” regardless of the many layers and complexities I’m made up of. No, you saw “Privledged White Male” and refused to take your binders off.

    So screw you and your “We’re working on it” excuse. I’ve heard it too many times to count while watching you practically drool all over women in distress. Quit selling your ideology as “Inclusive” when you’re lethargic at best and ambivlent at worst towards issues like my own.

    Now, I will preface that not all feminists are like that. However, those feminists don’t count as such in your world.

    End of rant.

  3. “… the raving hot head (who clearly did not see the irony of dying her hair bright red before going out and shouting at people) that appears in the video.”

    The only thing more ironic would be if she was wearing one of those “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts.

  4. All I know, is I keep hearing that “feminists don’t want men to lose custody of their children…” but all I ever *see* is feminists standing directly in the way of that happening.

    “But those aren’t *real* feminists!” Fine. then where are the “real” feminists and why aren’t they doing what they claim to be doing?

    Dear feminists: If men’s issues “aren’t your problem” fine. That’s cool, we can do it… but either lead follow or get the hell out of the way.

  5. The only thing more ironic would be if she was wearing one of those “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts.

    That made me laugh out loud.

  6. I’m glad this is out in the open and not a case of passive aggression.which is what I have mostly experienced within my own situation. There can be nothing worse then asking for help and after sharing your story and situation – have someone calmly and sincerely tell you that they don’t believe you as only men abuse women – or that they want you to do a anger management program after telling them your missus at the time was threatening you with knives, punching, biting, throwing, verbal abusive…

  7. Snark n anger seem very popular in some feminist (hell probably all activism) circles, whatever happened to cool n rational debate?

  8. If you want men to listen to you, dress so that we can see your tits, and keep your mouth shut since you won’t be saying anything useful anyway. If you weigh more than 15 lbs over your ideal weight or have a BMI of higher than 20 we also don’t want to see your blubber so just stay home… That kind of feminist sock-puppeting is not going to work on this blog. Do not waste my time with it again. – TS

  9. @Doc…

    I believe nobody has been discussing the physical appearance of anybody, including that of any feminist/s.

  10. @doc, wtf?! Why does clothing make a difference of who you listen to? As a man I listen to people regardless of whether they are clothed, naked, conservative clothing or the most erotic outfits imaginable. Hell I’ll listen to someone in a clown outfit.

  11. Haha, yeah feminists are working on men’s problems, sure. Because the things that hurt men are caused by some mythical “patriarchy” so when feminists stick a finger in its eye they are helping men too. So the next time you see a feminist prancing up and down the street with SLUT painted on her chest, thank her for making it possible to regain visitation rights to your children.

  12. Good post. I actually had a sneaking admiration for the red-haired woman because her mastery of STFU was impressive, all told. I only really started to think – oh, you’re just a repellant human being – when she did the “Cry Me a River” stuff when prompted about stories of suicide. If I ever acted like that, I hope people would disown me pretty damn sharpish.

    The thing that bothers me about the way AVFM is all over this like a rash is that it all seems rather trivial and trivialising, perhaps even dishonest. I’ve just searched feministe, feministing, the f word, jezebel, Alas!, Shakesville, and Vagenda for recent comments or articles using the word ‘Toronto’, and I literally found no hits. Mainstream internet feminists just don’t seem to be remotely interested in the events at Toronto University. Could it be that these protesters are just a bunch of student politicksy nobodies indulging in a bit of ‘let’s protest because it’s fun’? They certainly didn’t seem to have any real understanding of the topics, resorting to things like reading an article off Jezebel, which suggests student ‘activism’ is the more likely scenario. Aren’t AVFM sledgehammering a walnut here?

  13. femdelusion, I suggest the Toronto students are the same cut of “politicksy nobodies” as their Women’s Studies professors.

    I was thinking of making a video montage called “Feminists Gone Wild.” Does anyone know of any other videos online such as this one? There’s the other Toronto “protests,” the disruption of a men’s domestic violence conference and of course slut walks, Has anyone seen a video of Christina Hoff Sommers being shouted down at Fordham University? Not sure if one even exists, but any others similar to this one would be very helpful.

  14. They are all being obnoxious. As a stranger rape survivor, I wish all of these people would shut the fuck up about rape if it doesn’t directly effect them. Feminists and MRAs both should be ashamed of themselves. I really don’t get why people who haven’t been raped, and people who aren’t rapists are screaming at each other about rape.

    It seems to me that some feminists think everything is rape (it’s not), and some MRA’s seem like they just want to rape someone and get away with it. I have heard more “it’s not rape if…”, “people cry rape all the time…” “women just have sex and then regret it and call it rape…” from MRAs than I care to relate. Really? If someone says you raped them, you better get a fucking lawyer – don’t go cry about it on some MRA forum. I hate feminists, but this MRA “people cry rape all the time” waaaa waaaa is fucking bullshit. I know men who have been sexually assaulted who would agree.

    So, next time you want to have a petty bitch fight on the internet about rape ask yourself: Have I been raped? Has someone I know IN REAL LIFE been raped? Have I or someone I know IN REAL LIFE been falsely accused of rape? If not, you really have no business arguing about how sexual assault cases go down IN REAL LIFE, because you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Same goes for feminists – just because I am a survivor doesn’t mean I am interested in worshiping at the altar of perpetual feminist victimhood, or kissing your asses because you pretend they are the only people in the world who care about rape. Seriously. I hate that you claim that you speak for all rape survivors, and use us to further your anti-male agenda.

    Feminists and MRAs – Fuck you both, you add nothing of value to the dialog about sexual assault of men and women, and you both seem more than happy to denigrate raped people so you can win points in petty internet battles. Pathetic.

  15. Whilst false accusations are far less common, they’re still worthy of discussion and I say a big fuck you to anyone that disagrees. I am not ready to throw innocent people in jail OR harm their reputation because someone “cried” rape, if they are truly guilty then have at them but until proven guilty they should NOT have their names in the media, should NOT be talked about…it’s for the justice system to work out, not a kangaroo court (which is far worse in the online era). A false accuser should get the same sentence because they fuck it up for real rape surivivors. Some feminists should be less angry at those who talk about false accusations, and MORE angry at those who falsely accuse others of the crime. Some MRA’s need to quit acting like it happens as much as “real rape”.

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