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Centre offers help for abused men — Men who are sexual assault survivors have a tough enough time reaching out for help, and turning to something called the Regina Women’s Community Centre and Sexual Assault Line did nothing to ease their discomfort. That’s when staff realized a new identity was in order. The transformation of the nearly 40-year-old organization was unveiled Wednesday when it became the Regina Sexual Assault Centre, with a logo that incorporates symbols for both men and women.

Full house for ‘Men of Hope’ — A charity poker challenge brought out celebrities and a packed house for the Men of Hope’s fundraiser on Saturday evening at Aldergrove Legion. A final tally on funds raised was not available at press time but it should be considerable. Event co-organizers Andy Bhatti and Lee Ferrill were stoked with enthusiasm and gratitude for the countless contributions that night.

Kalamazoo Township man to get 25 years for sexual abuse, keeping autistic boy in dog cage — A Kalamazoo Township man who subjected a boy with autism to sexual abuse and torture that included locking him in a dog cage and pulling out eyebrow hairs will spend at least 25 years in prison. A jury found David John Bassett, 52, guilty of one count each of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and torture, and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct following a two-day trial last week in front of Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey.

Male rape victims meet in Uganda — Video report by AlJazeera English concerning male victims of war-time rape.

Manchester’s Unsung Heroes: Rape victim who set up male-only support group vows to never turn anyone away — Founder of Survivors Manchester Duncan Craig – who was abused himself as a teenager – was inspired from his own experiences to provide support for boys and men in the north of England. Mr Craig, who was also sexually exploited in his early twenties, said he was forced to travel to the south for help, after being turned away from rape support groups in the area for being male. “People can’t escape now from cases such as Jimmy Savile, it’s everywhere – it’s having a real impact on people,” Mr Craig said.

Man given 12 year sentence for sexual abuse of teenage boy — A MAN who produced and distributed images of his sexual abuse of a teenage boy has been given a 12 year sentence.The 49-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, was caught downloading child pornography when gardai raided his home after receiving a tip off that he was offering to show a live stream on the internet of himself having sex with the boy. Gardaí recovered over 52 images of the boy’s abuse which took place at the man’s house following a period of “grooming.”

Men call for laws to protect them against sexual abuse — A male pressure group, Varume Svinurai/Vhukani Madoda, yesterday said Parliament should consider crafting laws that protect men from sexual abuse given reports that incidents of men falling victim to female rapists were on the rise. National co-ordinator of the group Fred Misi told NewsDay in an interview that in 2011 they approached Parliament to lobby for the inclusion of clauses that specifically protected men from abuse through the Domestic Violence Act, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

Resources lacking for sexually abused men — One in six boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 18, according to the National Center of Domestic and Sexual Violence. But violence against men is virtually unheard of by both faculty and college students. Sexual assault is a silent but deadly phenomena, especially for men whose identities rest on being strong. Resources for male victims on campus are slim, with no pamphlets, counselors or organizations geared toward their gender-specific crisis issues.

Survivor speaks out after Toronto man sexually assaulted, mocked — Critics, including at least one male survivor of sexual assault, are speaking out against crass reactions to the sexual assault allegations recently made by a 19-year-old Toronto man. The victim contacted police last Friday to report four female suspects in their 30s, who he met at a downtown nightclub. He said the women offered to drive him home, but sexually assaulted him instead. Many took the sparse details circulated by police as fodder for jokes, saying that the man wouldn’t have complained if the women weren’t heavyset, or focusing on what the women were wearing instead of what they were doing.

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