Mother rapes 2-year-old son with sex toy

This is a fairly horrific case of child rape and abuse. But in keeping with the need to talk about female sex offenders, I think it is important to mention this case:

A 21-year-old mother from Phoenix, Arizona has been charged with sexually abusing her two-year-old son with a vibrator.

Rickesha Burns is accused of assaulting the toddler by forcing the sex toy into his anus. The object had to be surgically removed.

According to court documents obtained by the Phoenix New Times, police said they responded to a 911 call from Burns’ home on March 24.  On their arrival they found the boy crying and bleeding from his rectum.

The child was rushed to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where doctors discovered a foreign object lodged in his body. They noted that he was also suffering from other rectal injuries as well as a “hanger-type” bruise on his hip and another bruise on his neck.

That the sex toy had to be surgically removed tells you how violently Burns’ attacked this child. Of course, Burns is not charged with child rape. She is charged with child abuse and sexual misconduct with a minor.

When asked how this happened, Burns claimed that a boy in a park assaulted her son when she turned away for a moment. How that boy got hold of Burns’ vibrator and managed to pull down her son’s pants, shove it into him, and run away without the toddler saying a word or Burns’ noticing was not explained. Of all the lies I have read and heard, that is easily one of the worst.

According to the article, child services investigated Burns’ for child abuse in 2011, however, nothing came of it. They returned the boy to her, and charges were never filed. The article does not state why the police were called in that previous case or whether child services kept tabs on Burns.

The thing to note is that this was not the first time this woman raped her son. The article states the boy had other rectal injuries. The only reason the police found out about this one was because Burns’ could not deal with it herself. Like many abusers, she went too far and had no way of covering it up. She had no choice but to take the boy to the hospital.

Her mistake, if you can call it that, was concocting an improbable story. Had she blamed a neighbor’s son or some man she hung around chances are she would have gotten away with it. That is something people should note. Women who abuse will sometimes blame boys and men for the abuse knowing that the police will assume the accusation is true and investigate that. The younger the child, the harder it will be for the accused to refute the claim. After all, who will the police believe: some man or boy accused of child rape or an angry mother protecting her child?

This does not mean that every case that mothers report are lies, only that some of them are, and it is very difficult to catch unless the woman comes up with a bad story.

8 thoughts on “Mother rapes 2-year-old son with sex toy

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  3. Children are helpless. If we don’t raise against this, then against what?

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