37 Year Wait Petition

James Moran currently has a petition on Change.org asking for the release of documents concerning sexual abuse in Ireland. From his petition:

Chapter 20 is the last remaining, censored chapter in Judge Yvonne Murphy’s report into the handling of clerical child sex abuse allegations by the Catholic Church and State.

Chapter 20 has remained censored on foot of a High Court direction that its full publication could damage the trial of a defrocked priest charged with the sexual assault of children in the 1970s and 80s.

Former priest Patrick McCabe was sentenced last month by the Circuit Criminal Court. As a result of his trial, there is now no further need for the blanked-out chapter to remain secret.

My name is James Moran, and I am one of the survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of McCabe. I made a statement to Archbishops House in 1977. I made a statement to the Gardai (Irish Police) in 1987. Both statements were about my sexual abuse by Priests. My statements surfaced in 2003.

The Murphy Report will reveal the truth about why my statements lay undiscovered for several decades. During these years Patrick McCabe was allowed to travel abroad undetected and unmonitored.

I, and the other victims of Patrick McCabe have a right to know what is contained within Chapter 20, in order to put that part of our life’s jigsaw together. The victim’s lives are now in the public domain through the Murphy Report and we have a right, by association, to know the truths contained within.

37 Years is a lifetime of waiting. Enough is enough.

More about Moran’s situation and efforts can be found on his blog. Please sign the petition. It only needs another 500 signatures. And feel free to spread the word around. There is no reason why this information should remain hidden after other parts of the report were released.


8 thoughts on “37 Year Wait Petition

  1. Signed. Being Irish myself….. actually it doesn’t matter what country it’s from, I don’t like this happening anywhere!

  2. After 37 years and you are still having to fight, fair play to you, your bravery will bring justice to so many more

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