Too racist to molest a child

Over the years, we have heard sex offenders use a number of excuses to rationalize their actions. We have also heard them use a number of excuses to explain why they should not go to prison. But never have we heard this:

A first-grade teacher at an Humble prep school cited her racial prejudice against black students in denying allegations that she fondled a girl in her classroom last month, according to court records.

Esther Irene Stokes, 61, of Montgomery, was charged with indecency with a child April 10, court records show.

The 7-year-old student told police that Stokes, her teacher at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School, sent all the students out of the classroom and touched her on her “private part” on the outside of her clothes on March 1, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.

Humble police met with Stokes after she failed a polygraph examination. Stokes denied touching the girl “on any part of her body,” prosecutors said.

“The defendant stated that she doesn’t like black students because she was prejudiced,” the complaint states. She told police that “she does not like the complainant” and has “very little to no interaction” with her.

It is possible that Esther did not assault the girl. It is possible that Esther is indeed a racist. However, it appears Esther did not catch what her statement implies: she is a child molester, but simply is not attracted to black children.

Obviously, every one cannot be that quick on their feet, but one would think that if you are innocent you would have the sense not to say anything like “I didn’t molest her because I don’t like black kids.”

The article goes on to state that the school fired Stokes after their own investigation and that she was placed on administrative leave following her arrest. So at least the school is taking the accusation seriously.


One thought on “Too racist to molest a child

  1. >police met with Stokes after she failed a polygraph examination.

    Polygraph examinations are designed to elicit self-incriminating testimony, even when the suspect is entirely innocent.

    Polygraphs are not scientific instruments. They are lower than superstition.

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