Bulletin Board v189

Church must compensate clerical abuse victims — In August 2011, two defrocked priests were sentenced to jail for sexually abusing eleven boys placed in their care at St Joseph’s Home in Santa Venera. The former Father Charles Pulis and Father Godwin Scerri, both members of the Missionary Society of St Paul, had sexually molested the victims, in ways too disgusting to describe here, over a long period until 2003, when the abuse allegations at the St Joseph Home were first brought to public attention.

Conference to help male sexual abuse survivors — A conference taking place in Sudbury on Friday is finding ways for male survivors of sexual abuse to incorporate traditional Aboriginal values into their healing process. The “Healing the Fire Within” conference is being organized by the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre. The executive director of the organization said the sexual abuse of Aboriginal men has roots in a traumatic piece of history. “With the residential school came a number of intergenerational affects of trauma,” Angela Recollet said.

Drug treatment counselor admits he tried to rape boy — A Seattle drug treatment counselor accused of attempting to rape a 10-year-old boy has pleaded guilty. Charged in September 2011, David Allan Scratchley attempted to rape a 10-year-old boy at his Seattle apartment. He pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempted child molestation and is scheduled to be sentenced early next month. A prominent substance abuse counselor at the Matt Talbot Center, Scratchley, 53, told a patient at the center that he planned to have sex with the boy.

Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys’ falling grades, study finds — Has the Sexual Revolution, and the feminist ideology that drives it, pushed men out of universities by undermining boys in school as early as kindergarten? Some writers are beginning to connect the dots between the shift over the last few decades in educational practices from fact-based grading to evaluation based on “non-cognitive” and “emotional skills” and the drop in school performance of boys. In the 1970s, feminist critics regularly complained that the school system favored “male thinking.”

Horrific child abuse case moves Mississippi to toughen the law — A new law in Mississippi is aimed at making those who abuse children accountable for their actions. Monday, Governor Phil Bryant signed into law HB 1259, also known as the Lonnie Smith Act. It’s named in honor of a Jackson County boy who suffered unthinkable abuse from his own mother. Supporters said the new law bridges the gap between the legal and medical definitions of child abuse, and takes a stair-step approach to penalizing those found guilty.

Pedophile US priest ministered despite abuse conviction — Recently released files from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles showed that Reverend John Anthony Salazar was indicted for molesting children from East Los Angles parishes. The abuses occurred during camping trips and at a Piarist residential house, The Associated Press reported. In 1987, Salazar pleaded guilty to sexual abuse crimes against two altar boys in Los Angeles. He served three years in prison for the misconduct before being sent to a residential program in New Mexico that treated pedophile priests in 1990.

Teen kept tortured and abused in 8-by-10 room for 4 years by Michigan couple — A Michigan teen was tortured and abused in an 8-by-10 room made from tarps by his mom and her boyfriend for more than four years, police said. Susan Bardo, 46, and her lover Carl Pellinen are accused of carrying out a sickening campaign of abuse against the 15-year-old boy they kept prisoner at their Escanaba home. Both have been charged with torture, child abuse and criminal sexual conduct. WLUC reports the boy was confined to the makeshift room – created by stapling down tarps to the walls and floor of an attic – with just a space heater for warmth.

‘They are capable of everything,’ says woman attacked by teen girls on bus — When a group of young teenage girls began racially abusing Kate* on a public bus in Sydney, she decided she had to stand up for herself. If it had been teenage boys, Kate says, she probably would have sat back and copped the abuse, however unjust. But what harm could a 13-year-old girl do? Now the 30-year-old has changed her mind, after she was kicked forcefully in the stomach and had her purse taken during a horror ride home to Maroubra on a crowded route 397 bus on Saturday evening.

Understanding the needs of male sexual assault victims — We are survivors, too. Historically, those of us who are male survivors of sexual victimization are often an unrecognized, underserved and unmentioned population when the issue of sexual assault is discussed. Many of us do not even recognize or understand that we may have been victimized. Yet one in five males will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, many of us before the age of 16. The harmful impact of the sexual victimization of males is felt daily by all of us — in our families, communities and workplaces.

Winnipeg Boy Scouts leader molested, photographed teens — A former Winnipeg Scouts leader who sexually abused and exploited three teens under his wing has been sentenced to eight years in prison. “What you did was reprehensible, degrading and disgusting,” Judge Ray Wyant told Stuart Young. “You stole the innocence of these three boys. … They are never going to be the same.” Young, 40, previously pleaded guilty to two counts each of sexual exploitation and sexual assault, a charge of voyeurism as well as making and possessing child pornography. Young’s actions violated the trust of every child and parent who believed in the mission of Scouts Canada, said Wyant, a former Scout.

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