The Earl Silverman Center

In light of Earl Silverman’s suicide, I thought it was important to make sure some good comes out of it. Kristina Hansen has started the Earl Silverman Center. The goal is to provide support for male victims of domestic violence. The Center is accepting donations:

Men make up almost 50% of all domestic violence victims yet there is not one domestic violence shelter for men in Canada.

Earl Silverman was the first to open a mens shelter for men who had been domestically abused in Calgary, Alberta. The Men’s Alternative Safe house, otherwise known as MASH4077, had never been granted any government funding, even after numerous attempts by Earl to file for funding, because the government refused to recognize that there was a need for such a shelter.

Earl decided to fund MASH4077 by himself with his own finances, as well as meager private donations. He worked on the MASH4077 project from 2003 and ran the shelter for 3 years out of his own home with private rooms and beds which accommodated the men who sought refuge from domestic violence.


Our first goal is to raise $5000.00 which we will use in order to file for non-profit status, set up a temporary head office, printing materials and other promotional items, and for locating an appropriate property for the center.

We need your help to make Earls dream a reality and to honor his memory. Men need your help so that they can finally get the help they so desperately need.

Please donate if you have the extra money. Also, please spread the word about the Earl Silverman Center.


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