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Boy reveals parental abuse via Facebook — “Hi, my name is S. and I am 14. Since I was 8, my parents beat me regularly. Whenever there was a family argument that I was not connected to and I made eye-contact with my father, he would get angry and punch me hard, sometimes with a belt.” This post, published Friday night by a 14-year-old-boy from Haifa on the police’s Facebook page, raised suspicions of harsh abuse and led to a police investigation and the subsequent arrest of the child’s parents.

Experts see increase in male sexual assault awareness — A California man who, as a child, was sexually molested by his mother, said the trauma he endured has stayed with him well into his adult life and affected his ability to comprehend his emotions and be intimate with women. The 50-year-old, who asked to remain anonymous, said he only came to the realization that his mother’s behavior was inappropriate with him as a boy, within the last few years. “I still battle with a voice that says I’m a baby,” he said, adding that coping is a continuous struggle.

Female rapists abuse soldier for 4 days — A 25-YEAR-OLD soldier was allegedly kidnapped and detained for four days by suspected female rapists, who are said to have sexually abused him several times before releasing him early this week. Police in Mutare have confirmed the incident, saying they were hunting for the suspected culprits. Manicaland assistant police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean told NewsDay yesterday that on April 19 around midnight at Birchenough Bridge business centre, the unsuspecting soldier boarded the women’s vehicle on his way to Mutare.

Feminism may be dead: 72 percent of Americans say they’re not ‘feminists’ — It is likely disappointing news for old school bra-burners and Gloria Steinham-inspired activists. “Has feminist become a dirty word?”demands a new Economist/YouGov Poll released Wednesday. “Feminism is a mixed bag in the eyes of most Americans. Overall, 28 percent consider themselves to be feminists, 72 percent do not,” the findings report. Among women, 38 percent consider themselves feminists. And men do not appear to be very liberated these days either: 18 percent “accept the label” for themselves, the poll reports.

Groups highlights need for domestic abuse support for men — Speaking in Dundee, Nick Smithers, national development officer with Abused Men in Scotland (Amis), said there needed to be a better recognition of male victims’ needs. “There aren’t really services for men,” he said. “There are myths that say men won’t seek help but I would say when there’s help targeted at men they will take it up. “The support services are targeted at women but women-to-men abuse does happen too.”

Male victims of domestic abuse continue to suffer in solitude — Last week, on the eve of becoming homeless as his house passed into its new owner’s hands, Earl Silverman of northeast Calgary hanged himself in his garage. Silverman briefly hit the news a month ago, when he closed his Men’s Alternate Safe House (MASH), the only privately funded shelter for male victims of domestic violence in Canada, for lack of funds. For three years, MASH had temporarily housed about 20 men and a few children. As I wrote in a March 27 column, “This story did not light up the switchboards, metaphorically speaking, of the media and government ministries.”

Man who molested boy in Jewish bath house gets five years — and an earful from the victim whose life he ‘ruined’ — A man who sexually assaulted a Brooklyn boy in a Jewish bath house was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday after hearing his unforgiving victim blame him for ruining his life. Meir Dascalowitz, 29, had pleaded guilty to abusing the boy beginning when he was 12 and continuing for about a year. But before his sentencing, he got a chance to hear the impact of his repulsive acts. “I will never forgive to you for the things you did to me,” the now 17-year-old boy wrote in a letter read in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Need knows no gender — When Earl Silverman needed to escape his violent and abusive marriage, he looked for help, support and shelter close to his home in Alberta, Canada. It was not there. He made it his mission to ensure no other man would find himself in a similar situation. He opened a victim’s helpline, began lobbying politicians and campaigning for better services, and eventually succeeded in opening the Men’s Alternative Safe House (MASH*4077), Canada’s only dedicated shelter for male victims of domestic abuse and their children. It was always a struggle.

Police: Boy suffered torturous abuse at hands of his mom — A little boy is dead after police say he was tortured by his mother, but even more people could soon be facing charges. Right now, Mikkia Lewis, 22, and her boyfriend, Joe McCaskell, 32, are facing aggravated child abuse charges after the death of Lewis’ 4-year-old son, Ke’Andre. Local 6 has learned investigators plan to search Lewis’ Facebook page to track down relatives and friends who may have been aware of what authorities call a case of “chronic abuse”.

Wife who got daughter to file false rape charge against dad earns high court wrath — Bombay high court’s Aurangabad bench chided a woman for getting her 12-year-old daughter to file false rape charges against her estranged husband. “It is a shocking event that a teenager was used as a lever against her father. The teenager had put her esteem at stake, but it was instrumentality of her mother which, indeed, proved fatal for smooth family life,” Justice KU Chandiwal observed. “Memories of sexual assault are difficult to control and they disrupt daily life of victim,” the court observed before acquitting the father who was languishing in Aurangabad central jail since 2010.

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  1. To call yourself feminist is to be liberated? Bullshit. Having egalitarian views is liberating, but feminism isn’t the owner of decency.

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