There’s A Place For Us

I meant to post this much earlier, but forgot about it.

Back on New Year’s Eve, one of the foster kids I live with had trouble dealing with the crowd. My former foster parents have a large family and many friends, so the house was packed. The boy, who I will call Adam, is 9-years-old. He had only been with us a few months, and still did not feel comfortable.

I saw him sitting in on the stairs near the foyer. Everyone else was either in the living room, kitchen, or outside smoking. I asked Adam if something was wrong and he shrugged me off. I asked if he was bored. He just shrugged.

We sat there in silence for a while when he finally said that he did not feel like he belonged. This was not his family, he said. They were nice, but he felt left out. I told him it was normal to feel like that when you first get into foster care. Everyone is a stranger, and it seems like you are just plopped into their lives as if nothing is different, but it gets better over time, especially with good people like my former foster parents. Besides, I told him, our dogs already liked him.

That got a smile, but not much more. So I told him I could sing for him if he wanted. He had heard me sing before for my godson. Adam said okay, and the first song that came to my mind was the theme song from a movie I had watched a few nights before:

The song seemed to cheer him up, although I think it was mostly that I was singing to him. I meant to sing softly, but I found out later that my voice carried through the entire first floor all the way to kitchen and even outside. I got into the song, and my back was to the rest of the house, so I had no idea that most of the people inside and a few outside were listening to me until I finished the song and they clapped. I found it quite embarrassing, and I guess it was on my face because Adam started chuckling. I do not know why I thought only he could hear me, but I honestly was shocked that people applauded.

This led to my godson asking me to sing more songs, this time with the actual music. Other people joined in, and it turned into a very weird, multi-genre, pseudo-karaoke session, with people suddenly shutting up when I joined in. We went through dozens of songs, and I ended up losing my voice for a few days (I blame the Prince songs).

Since then, Adam has fit in quite well. He is very close to my godson, even though they are about three years parts. From the looks of it, he will be moving back to his family soon, which is good. No one should be stuck in the system, especially not here in Illinois. I will miss him when he leaves. He is a great person, and did not deserve to be treated the way he was by his parents.

I am just glad that I could cheer him up for a moment.


3 thoughts on “There’s A Place For Us

  1. Great story. Im sure that will be a highlight for that young boy. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the uplifting story, Jacob.

    In this world of harshness and hopelessness, sometimes it takes small moments like this to wash away the grime if only for a momentary reprieve.

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