Zimbabwe Police Concerned About Rape Against Males

Recently, two women and one man allegedly kidnapped and raped a 25-year-old soldier. They reportedly held him for four days, sexually assaulting him multiple times:

Assistant police spokesman Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean told the NewsDay news organisation that at around midnight on April 1, the soldier willingly accepted a lift into Mutare in a Mercedes Benz vehicle from the Birchenough Bridge business centre. […] The soldier was allegedly threatened with a knife by the driver when he asked to be dropped off instead of travelling for food, and one of the female passengers blindfolded him shortly afterwards. Assistant Inspector Clean said the soldier was then taken to a house in an unknown location, where he was stripped naked and robbed of his mobile phone and $35. he solider claims he was sexually abused by the women on numerous occasions at the house, before the group drove him into the remote Dangamvura Mountains.

Afterward, the group stoned him, resulting in an injury to his foot. The soldier eventually made his way to the police and reported the incident. According to another article, there have been five other incidents like this in that region. The police suspect that this is a group of serial female rapists, and warned men to stay alert.

However, Zimbabwe does not recognize sexual violence against males as rape, so it is unclear what the women would be charged with if found and arrested. Most likely, the women would face some lower indecency charge rather than an actual sexual violence charge.

The police also suspect that there are more victims who have not come forward. Given the culture, it is unlikely that they will come forward. Besides the sordid law, the culture itself is hostile towards male victims, and they would face many stigmas and public scorn should they seek assistance.

That allows these women to come to abuse without any fear of arrest. Even if they are arrested, they face little risk of serious jail time, if any at all.


One thought on “Zimbabwe Police Concerned About Rape Against Males

  1. This is a rising evil in the world. All it will take to awaken the beast in all women everywhere is to make the male birth control pill available and affordable to all men. The Feminine Imperative has a number.

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