When feminists ask why people think they hate all men, one need only point them to the recent Twitter hashtag #killallmen.

None of the tweets surprise me. Many feminists have a long history of making nasty, hate-filled comments without any prompt. Just ask the red head from the Toronto men’s rights event.

Likewise, I am not surprised by feminists supporting, excusing, and minimizing the hashtag. After all, this is same mentality that prompted scores of feminists to spend hours flaming the #INeedMasculismBecause hashtag.

The hastag simply shows what many people have seen before: plenty of feminists harbor a deep hatred of men, and despite frequent feminist protests to the contrary, it appears many feminists either turn a blind eye to it or tacitly support it.

Certainly all feminists do not think that way, yet after the hashtag trending, I could not find much feminist criticism of it, despite that so many of them supported it.

Here is a thought: if after fifty years in the mainstream people still think your movement hates another group of people, it is time to consider the very real probability that they are right. That is the only way to explain how a hastag like #killallmen could trend for so long and yet no feminists seems to acknowledge it even happened.

12 thoughts on “#killallmen

  1. Hypocrisy sure is interesting. I seriously don’t understand the fetish of being an asshole to try fight sexism….whatever happened to empathy? Why would anyone want to associate with ANYONE that wants to kill or joke so openly about it. If it’s about ending the patriarchy then why not say #Burndownthepatriarchy instead of a very gendered insult that fails to take into account women also contribute huge amounts to the patriarchy…

  2. They forgot to add “andthenstarvetodeathanddieoftheflu” after “killallmen”.

    I really hope you feminists finally do what you’ve been threatening for so long. It’s illegal for me to kill you for your threats and violence towards me,it’s also against my morals to harm you,even though you very much want to harm me,but if you kill all men,all of you will be dead in under six months by your own retarded hand.

    The results of killing all men will mean no fresh water for you,no fresh food for you,( goes without saying) no electricity to spew your bile on the internet,all the nuclear reactors in the country will melt down and contaminate many of the major cities with radiation which will take approximately 10,000 years to dissipate enough that you won’t die just from being within a mile of the contaminated sites,you’ll no longer be able to treat most diseases humans suffer from,pest species will eat any crops you do try to grow,untended forests will burn like dry paper all over the country, and within a single generation there will be no more human beings, no little man-haters to leave your demasculated “paradise” too.

    You will die in agony;starving,crawling with parasites,and diseased,half-mad from un-abating and overwhelming pain .

    So by all means,kill all men. Dead or alive,we’ll have the last laugh,and though we may be dead you’ll all wish you had never been born.

  3. TS:
    I read McKenna’s article.
    He basically says the people using that tag are crazy. He uses the word “misandry”. He urges people not to stoop to their level.
    I don’t see that as ‘excusing’ the tag at all.

    Anyway, your post is spot-on. I simply don’t understand why you used McKenna as one of your examples.

  4. Clarence, I think he excusing it by chalking it up to people being crazy. I do not think these people are crazy. They know exactly what they are saying.

  5. “#Kill all men” has been a popular tumblr hashtag for a long time now. I’ve heard many of the same rationalizations. “Oh, we didn’t really mean it.” And these are the exact same people who complain about anyone making jokes about rape victims. In one case, it’s not okay, even if a joke, in the other case, it’s just “harmless venting”.

    The funny thing is that when “Big Red”, that feminist at the U of T protests a month ago, got death threats, she was martyred. She conveniently neglected to mention the part where she literally sang of her unconcern for male suicide victims, and a few of her supporters hand-waved it away with a breezy claim the video was “edited” and she was “provoked”. Not only is there no possible context in which what she did would be okay, she has expressed no regret for any of her actions, not even an “I’m sorry I lost my temper”.

  6. I particularly like the “This would be bad, except we haven’t reached full equality, thus it’s ok.” excuse.

    By this logic, nothing could ever qualify as misandry. Whatever feminists do, it can -always- be excused by that argument, and thus there’s absolutely no reason to get into the specifics of what they’re doing, they’ve got a universal and unlimited “get-out-of-jail-free” card, and as a consequence, critique generally does not apply to them, not even if they do something bad.

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