Bulletin Board v191

Boy Scouts agree to release ‘perversion files’ — The Boy Scouts of America said Thursday it will release to attorneys 10 years of confidential files it uses to keep pedophile suspects from becoming troop leaders or volunteers. The decision comes after the 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio denied an appeal from the BSA to keep the files sealed. “Youth protection is of paramount importance to the Boy Scouts of America,” BSA spokesman Deron Smith said in an email. “We are thankful the court reviewed this matter and will comply with its order.”

Discrimination against men? — Recent Virgin airlines passenger, John McGirr claims Virgin airlines treated him like a sexual predator on a flight to Sydney. He claims a flight attendant asked him to move saying he was not allowed to sit next to children because he was male. According to Mr McGirr the flight attendant walked up the aisle and tried to find a female to swap seats with him. “By that time, people had looked around and it was like I’d done something wrong, (I felt) defenceless.

Ex-Scout leader admits sexual abuse of boys — Henry Calder, 60, who had been in a position of responsibility in the Scout Association for about 40 years, had taken videos between 1982 and 1991 at camps organised by the movement. He had also been an employee in the finance department at East Dunbartonshire Council until his retirement in 2010. Calder, of Kirkintilloch, was arrested in a raid organised under the auspices of Operation Alba, which targeted people who downloaded child pornography on the internet.

Ex-yeshiva teacher admits sex assault of NJ boy — With other accusers stepping forward, a former yeshiva teacher changed pleas Monday in the middle of his trial, admitting he sexually abused a boy he met while working as a camp counselor. Rabbi Yoself Kolko, 36, shifted uncomfortably on the stand as he pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sex assault, sexual assault and child endangerment. The abuse occurred from August 2008 to February 2009. It ranged from fondling to oral sex and stopped when the boy told his father, who confronted Kolko.

High-Ranking British MP Denies Male Rape Charges — A deputy speaker of the British House of Commons, Nigel Evans, has described allegations of rape and sexual assault made against him by two men as “completely false.” In a statement delivered outside his constituency home in Pendleton, Lancashire, Evans, an openly gay Conservative MP, described his “sense of incredulity at these events,” and said he did not understand why the claims have been made.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Rape Statistics — Brown is in the midst of a pandemic. All across America, colleges are cesspools of forcible sex crimes, including rape, which make the college campus one of the most dangerous places for women. According to many activists and politicians, one in every four women will experience rape or attempted rape in their college career. The problem is so severe that the federal government has intervened with the “Safe Campuses for Women” subsection in the Violence Against Women Act of 1993.

Man sues Boy Scouts over alleged abuse from 1970s — A Pennsylvania man on Friday sued the Boy Scouts of America, alleging that the youth organization failed to protect him from sexual abuse by a Scoutmaster nearly 37 ago and then covered it up. Carl Maxwell Jr. was one of five boys, ages 13 and 14, who came forward in July 1976 to accuse Rodger L. Beatty of repeatedly molesting them at the man’s home and on camping trips, according to records in the Scouts’ confidential files on alleged sexual abuse.

Married high school science teacher, 31, ‘raped student and told him “You’re not leaving until I get something from you'” — A married high school science teacher has been accused of raping one of her male students in a classroom. High school science teacher, Jennifer Vigil, 31, was charged with allegedly raping one of her male students Jennifer Vigil is alleged to have locked the doors and told the teen: ‘You’re not leaving until I get something from you.’ The student claimed he refused the 31-year-old’s sexual advances, but later agreed to let her perform oral sex so he could leave.

Mother denies pimping boy, 5 to pedophile — The High Court heard that a mother allowed a pedophile to sexually abuse her five-year-old boy for monetary gain. The 32-year-old woman also fed her son sedatives to lessen his pain, and so that he might not remember what happened to him, the court heard yesterday. The abuse allegedly occurred at the home of the pedophile – identified only as “Ah Cat” – on several occasions between April 2011 and July last year.

Repairman used business to abuse boys — A former repairman has been sentenced to eight years in prison for using his western suburbs business to lure and sexually abuse young male employees in the 80s. The decades-old crimes of Ralph Robert Hughes, 73, from Swanbourne, only came to light in 2011 after one of his victims was being sentenced for his own offences against children. The victim had previously made statements to police alleging abuse at the hands of Hughes when he was 13-years-old, but they went ignored for years, the Perth District Court heard on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v191

  1. The comment field on the Brown article is very promising. I am going to leave some comments there later today when I have time.

  2. Cicero, it’s very promising. You see that kind of pushback everywhere now, although I recognized some of the commenters. But in general people in thise spaces are finally getting wise to this whole scam.

  3. Yes, I am seeing it many places and it makes me more bold and reevaluate what I am willing to send in to newspapers and say to people I know.

    I`m going to email that guy and give him some tips.

    An interesting question is how feminists will adapt. Some will blow up and some will try to appear sweat and well meaning and some will genuinly change their perspective a bit. What I am fearing is that one group of feminism will go to evospych, accept it and try to twist it in all sorts of misandric ways. Some will also come up with more subtle techniques.

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