Bulletin Board v192

Boy Scouts End Longtime Ban on Openly Gay Youths — The Boy Scouts of America on Thursday ended its longstanding policy of forbidding openly gay youths to participate in its activities, a step its chief executive called “compassionate, caring and kind.” The decision, which came after years of resistance and wrenching internal debate, was widely seen as a milestone for the Boy Scouts, a symbol of traditional America. More than 1,400 volunteer leaders from across the country voted, with more than 60 percent approving a measure that said no youth may be denied membership “on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.”

Former Church of England priest, 74, abused girls and boys at Barnardo’s home then savagely beat victims who tried to speak out — A retired Church of England priest found guilty of a catalogue of historic sex attacks on young children at a Barnardo’s home has been jailed for 10 years. Canon Gordon Rideout, 74, abused more than a dozen girls and boys at the now closed home at Ifield Hall in Crawley, West Sussex, over a four-year period. The former Anglican clergyman from Polegate, East Sussex, also indecently assaulted two girls at an army site in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said.

Gym coach tried to ‘hypnotise boy for sex’ — A GYM instructor tried to hypnotise a teenage boy so he could abuse him, a court has heard. Paul Schofield, who was a head coach at Bolton Metro Olympic Gymnastics Club in Farnworth, is accused of abusing the boy in the mid 1990s at his former home, when he was aged 14 or 15. The complainant alleges Schofield, aged 47, of Railway View, Hednesford, Staffordshire, tried to hypnotise him to engage in sexual activity. During a police interview Schofield admitted he learned to hypnotise people after buying a book and said he used it as a “party trick”, but only when there were witnesses around.

Juvenile Inmates Found to Be at No Greater Risk for Prison Rape — Youth advocates have long argued that juveniles incarcerated in adult prisons and jails are at heightened risk for rape and other forms of sexual abuse because of their age. But a government survey released on Thursday found that juveniles did not report significantly more sexual victimization than adult inmates. The survey, which also examined sexual victimization among adult inmates, offers the first national estimates of the prevalence of sexual abuse among juveniles housed in adult facilities.

Man exonerated after 15 years in prison for crime he didn’t commit — He could admit that he sexually abused his own children and continue with his probation, or he could profess his innocence and serve out a 15-year prison term. Such was the dilemma facing Kevin Peterson, a Utah man whose exoneration story continues to reverberate around the legal community. It started in the late 1980s for Peterson, when a custody battle erupted with his ex-wife over their two children.

Man-Hating Feminism More Than Just a Myth — Do you believe that all human beings are equal? Then you’re a feminist! Well, such was my naïve belief, until now. While disagreements between supporters of any movement or system of beliefs are unavoidable, I thought that at least human equality was one area in which feminists would unite. I saw the notion of a feminist as being anti-men as merely one of many unjustified stereotypes, such as being ugly, or unwomanly. Recently, however, I realised that man-hating feminism was all too real.

Men shun charity work — Men are so fearful of being wrongly accused of child abuse that they are choosing not to do community work with children, who then miss out on important help from male role models, a national children’s cancer charity has warned. Camp Quality, a charity that provides one-on-one support for children affected by cancer, said a “hostile and mistrusting environment of men in roles with kids” was causing a dire shortage of male volunteers to do its work.

Men’s Project launches 1 in 6 Canada for male survivors of sexual abuse — A men’s counselling agency in Ottawa has launched an initiative to promote knowledge of male sexual trauma and recovery in Canada and abroad. Inspired by the statistic that one in six men will be sexually abused by age 18, The Men’s Project launched 1 in 6 Canada in March to help social workers and service providers in Canada, the United States and Australia better serve male survivors of sexual abuse. The statistic stems from Dr Jim Hooper’s findings that most sexual abuse against males goes unreported.

The other gender divide: where men are losing out — It’s difficult to deny that women suffer more than men as a result of their gender, and highlighting the myriad ways in which this happens is one of the cornerstones of modern feminism – which is currently enjoying a revival in the UK and elsewhere. But justice isn’t a relative concept. If it were, we could suggest we should care less about racism against black people just because Asian people in this country are more likely to be victims of racially-motivated hate crime.

4 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v192

  1. The Huffington and Guardian stories seems to be even more evidence that things are stirring and the 1 in 6 campaign is great news.

    I sent a few studies about rape of men and Typhon Blues analysis of US rape numbers to a researcher in criminology and I felt her response was quite positive in terms of seeing rape of men as underreported in general. She is starting a big research project on spousal murder and works from an evopsych perspective and she said she would most certainly look into men as victims as well. I am going to send her some stuff relating to that including the article about husband murdering syndicates on the unknown history of misandry site and a summary of Warren Farrells chapter on wires who kill and the (absurd) reasons they are not convicted or get slaps on the wrist. Are you aware of any other material good relating to that issue? Or do you have any thoughts on how the statistics might get skewed by the women getting of on such defenses or other ways those who gather data twists things. There is so much misrepresentation of studies and data counting problems with rape and domestic violence my guess would be these numbers are far of as well. If you or anyone else write something she will read it and it might influence how she examines the data.

  2. Cicero, I read a paper many years ago about spousal murders, but I cannot recall the magazine I read it in. I would assume that most of the information about wives killing their husbands would probably be under domestic violence analyses likely in favor of the women. I do not think this has been a heavily researched topic, so there may not be much to find. I will have to look into it.

  3. Great! Warren Farrell points to some relevant studies in his chapter on wives who kill.

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