Bulletin Board v193

2010 study found problems with state sex predator program — An outside 2010 evaluation of the Tennessee Department of Correction’s program to prevent inmates from getting raped by other inmates or staff members found the program was ineffective. That’s the same program that a 34-year-old rapist was enrolled in as an inmate classified as a high-risk sexual predator. A year after his release, he raped a teen and killed his wife on a single day. “One of my biggest of criticisms of the program was it was just an educational program.

Abuse victim angered by Pell’s claim — A MAN who was sexually abused as a boy by Catholic brothers says it is “beyond belief” that Cardinal George Pell was unaware of abuse by clergy over many years. Cardinal Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, admitted to Victoria’s child sex abuse inquiry that a fear of scandal had led to cover-ups of child sex abuse in the church. He was “absolutely sorry” for what had happened, but he had never personally covered up clergy abuse, he told the inquiry in Melbourne on Monday.

Dartmouth man tells trial about childhood sex abuse — A Dartmouth man says he was molested as a child about 30 years ago by a man he knew through a volunteer agency. Gerald Gates Smith, 60, is on trial in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax on charges of indecent assault on a male, committing an act of gross indecency and sexual assault. The offences are alleged to have been committed in Dartmouth in the early 1980s, while Smith volunteered with an agency that provides mentors for children.

Julie Hermann, Rutgers Athletic Director, Accused Of Abuse — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to speak with Rutgers officials about a report that the athletic director hired to clean up the school’s scandal-scarred program quit as Tennessee’s women’s volleyball coach 16 years ago after her players complained she ruled through humiliation, fear and emotional abuse. Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak says the governor is aware of the report about Julie Hermann in The Star-Ledger of Newark, but wants to get more details before commenting.

Rape Behind Bars — A new federal report shows that the nation’s prisons and jails have a long way to go before they comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. That 2003 law requires institutions receiving federal money to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on rape and to embrace rigorous prevention measures like those outlined last year by the Justice Department. The report, released this month by the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, makes clear that prisons and other correctional institutions are falling well short of the law’s requirement to address this kind of abuse.

Women using rape laws for vengeance, Delhi high court says — For the third time in less than a week, the Delhi high court has decried that rape laws are often misused by women. Flagging the issue in a judgment on Saturday, Justice Kailash Gambhir said rape cases are being used as “a weapon for vengeance and vendetta” to harass and even force a boy to marry. While granting anticipatory bail to a man facing rape charges from a woman claiming to be his wife, HC added that in many cases woman first has consensual sex but later files rape case against her boyfriend when the relationship breaks up in order to force him to get married, making not only “mockery” of the marriage but also inflating the statistics of rape cases.


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