Bulletin Board v194

Adult Male Victims of Sexual Assault Seek 5 or More Medical Treatments — Stigmas around sexual assault victims often prevent them from seeking much needed treatment to move on with their lives. Though statistics show that women are more likely to be victims of rape or sexual assault, men who become victims themselves may be even less likely to look for help due to stereotypes surrounding masculinity. And for those that do, the services available are still often geared towards the opposite gender.

Barbara Kay: Calling all male bashers — In alarmed response to emerging “men’s rights awareness” groups (MRA) on a number of Canadian campuses, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a union body representing some 500,000 students, seeks to amend its “Sexual Assault and Violence Against Women on Campus” policy. The CFS rejects any need of formal fellowship around specifically male issues, alleging MRA groups’ real purpose is to promote “misogynist, hateful views” and to “justify sexual assault.”

Huffington Post: Stay-at-Home Fathers Don’t Care for Children — If we’re reading an article about heroic working moms “doing it all” both at work and at home, but still losing custody to fathers who apparently do nothing all day long, then it’s a good bet we’re reading the Huffington Post. And sure enough, we are here (Huffington Post, 6/1/13). This time it’s family attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer whose piece utterly misrepresents the known facts about child custody, who gets it and why.

Men Face Higher Risk of Infections Related to Health Care — Women are less likely to develop infections related to receiving health care than men, according to a large new study. After examining thousands of cases involving hospitalized patients, researchers found that women were at much lower risk for bloodstream infection and surgical-site infection than men. The study authors suggested that their findings could help health care providers reduce men’s risk of these infections.

Resource aims to help the one in six men who suffered childhood sexual abuse — Some of the psychological baggage is similar, to be sure, for women and men who survive sexual abuse in childhood. But there are special issues that can plague the men — as many as one in six men, research suggests — who suffered sexual abuse as children. An Ottawa program that has been helping men in the National Capital Region come to grips with this trauma is now offering badly needed assistance for men across Canada.

Survey aims to find best ways to support male survivors of abuse — The centre is conducting a research project to determine the best ways to support the needs of male survivors in P.E.I. An online survey was recently conducted of service providers who work with male survivors. Now, male survivors are being asked to have their say. Rolfe urges males who are over the age of 16 who have experienced sexual abuse or assault to take part in the survey that will run online until mid-June.

Utah adoption law provision discriminates against men, attorney claims — An attorney for an unmarried father asked the Utah Supreme Court on Monday to find unconstitutional a provision in the state’s adoption law that requires unwed biological fathers to file a sworn affidavit in addition to initiating a court paternity action and registering a paternity notice with the state. Scott B. Wiser, attorney for William E. Bolden, said the affidavit is duplicative, redundant and unnecessary, and discriminates against unmarried fathers since unmarried mothers are not required to provide similar assurances about how they will care for and support a child.

Young: Women aren’t the only victims of hate speech — Last week, after a brief campaign by feminist activists, Facebook announced a new commitment to better policing of anti-woman hate speech on its pages. Ironically, this quick victory undercuts a standard feminist claim: that American society tolerates pervasive virulent misogyny. Perhaps a new look at sexism and double standards is in order.

Youngsters easiest prey for sexual assaults — According to Richard Felson, professor of criminology and sociology, the most frequent victims of those assaults are 15 years old, regardless of gender, or the age of the offender. Older people and women rarely commit the crime, but when they do, their most frequent victims are still 15 years old. “People tend to look at sexual assault almost exclusively as a crime against women, but this study shows that there is a different way of looking at the crime,” Felson said.

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  1. When the response from person A to person B arguing that male rape victims and female perpetrators should be acknowledged and exemplifies that with gender-reversing a situation where the original situation is acknowledged by A as a case of male-on-female rape is that person A accuses person B of trying to justify sexual assault on women one has to wonder who’s got the most fucked-up view of what sexual assault is? Person A in that case is basically arguing that the gender-reversed situation isn’t rape.

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