Bulletin Board v199

Boys Wear Skirts To School To Protest Dress Code — When Whitchurch High School in Cardiff, Wales, banned male students from wearing shorts despite sweltering summer temperatures, a group of teenage boys took matters into their own wardrobes and, rather than staging a sit-in, they did one better: A skirt-on. According to The Mirror, a group of 17 Year-10 students donned the typically feminine outfits in protest of the school’s draconian dress code. “Girls can wear skirts, so I don’t see why we can’t wear shorts.

Fake guardian jailed for sexual abuse of boy he convinced to change schools and come live with him — A man who sexually abused a Penticton teenager and told the school district he was the boy’s guardian has been sentenced to 37 months in prison and three years’ probation. Fifty-six-year-old Rene Burke pleaded guilty last December to touching a young person for sexual purposes while the victim lived with him between August and September 2011. The Crown was seeking a four-year prison sentence for Burke, who met the boy when he was 16, supplied him and his pals with alcohol and drugs, invited the teen to live with him and convinced the youth to transfer to a school near his home.

Male survivors of sexual assault break silence, combat stigma — Gabe Wright stood rooted in one spot near a North Carolina lake wondering what to do. Earlier that night, he had been fishing when three guys he didn’t know chatted him up about racing and their girlfriends. Then, he says, they raped him at gunpoint. He thought about telling someone, but he feared the questions. What were you doing fishing late at night? Were you drinking? Did you try to fight them off? “Would they believe me?” he wondered.

Sexual deviant blames abuse on ‘wicked curse’ — A Waikato man who abused vulnerable young girls and boys, including his own daughter and nephew, blamed his sexual deviancy on a ”wicked curse”. Yesterday two of his five victims stood in the Hamilton District Court and detailed their suffering at the hands of the once-trusted 46 year-old.” He told me he would be the best thing to happen to me,” one victim said. ”I now realise he was the worst.”

Whistleblower claims asylum seekers in Manus Island centre have been raped and abused with full knowledge of staff — The allegations come after the Government announced all asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat will be processed in PNG and resettled there if found to be refugees. SBS’s Dateline program has spoken to Rod St George, a former senior manager with the security firm G4S. Mr St George has described repeated instances of sexual abuse between asylum seekers in the single male compound.

Wirral paedophile had largest number of child sex abuse images ever uncovered in Britain — A 33-year-old paedophile who stockpiled more than 3.5 million indecent images of children – believed to be the largest amount ever uncovered in this country – was put behind bars for seven years today. Thomas Owen had also paid a family in the Phillipines almost £1,000 for their seven-year-old son to be abused and filmed for his personal sexual gratification and distributed other images with fellow perverts. Liverpool Crown Court heard that Owen had a preference for images of young boys and had meticulously filed photographs and movies by category and genres on hard drives and a laptop computer.

Woman, 36, rapes 14 year old boy for a whole night in Nyahururu — Shock has gripped Kinamba village in Nyahururu district after a 36 year old woman was found defiling a 14 year old boy. The woman had wooed the minor to his house and sexually molested him for the whole of Wednesday night before neighbors raised alarm. The woman is said to have cheated the boy who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE examination last year that if he had sex with her, he would not feel pain when he goes for circumcision.

Woman Rapes 14-Year-Old Boy After Getting Him High On Cannabis — Natalie Williams, of Darlington, was told by a judge yesterday she had preyed upon the teenager and failed to appreciate why what she had done was so wrong. The 22-year-old used a bank card he had stolen from his family to pay for the overnight hotel stay and drugs, and regularly withdrew money on it. Teesside Crown Court heard that after she was arrested, she deliberately got pregnant with a new boyfriend – thought to be an attempt to stay out of prison.

Zim males suffer sexual abuse in silence — The study, entitled “ Zimbabwe’s Macho Men- Politically Motivated Sexualised Violence against Men by Men”, done in collaboration with PADARE – Men‟s Forum on Gender 11 and the Tree of Life 12 revealed that men are not at liberty to speak out about their sexual violence experiences making it difficult to accurately assess its scope and make possible interventions. Political violence has been a spectre that has haunted the political landscape in Zimbabwe for decades and the violence takes many forms including torture, beatings, arson and murder.

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