Music that Inspires v.25

Everything I’m craving
all the things I wanna do
And I don’t know what to do
I’m not done yet

I heard my 13-year-old godson singing this last night. I assumed he wrote it because it sounds like something he would write, but it turned out it was from VAMPS. They managed to sneak out an EP on me. It came out earlier this month. My godson found out about it before I did because he and his band have spent the summer teaching themselves to play every song from Asian Kung Fu Generation’s last album. He goes onto various Japanese sites to find the lyrics and stumbled onto the new VAMPS EP last night. He spent several minutes laughing at me as I hunted down a reasonably priced copy of the CD instead of… acquiring it as he suggested (I like owning physical copies of albums, movies, and books). The cool part about the EP is that it also has the instrumentals on it.

VAMPS has two videos out for their single release AHEAD/REPLAY. The lyrics above are from AHEAD. REPLAY is the theme song to Dark Labyrinth. I also found out that they are releasing a best of album featuring their English songs and I think two new tracks sometime in October. I know it is due out in Europe, but we will have to see if it comes to the States.

4 thoughts on “Music that Inspires v.25

  1. Thank you! I have heard of the EP but I didn’t know the name of the song to search. I’m gonna have to have a listen soon.

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  3. Here’s a thought for good music you might like on the list, TS. One that inspires me at the moment: Linkin Park, Pushing Me Away.

  4. James, that is one of my favorite songs from Hybrid Theory. I have a post coming up about the Linkin Park’s music soon.

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