Barnardo’s study finds increase of sexually abusive girls

Originally posted on March 3, 2013

A recent study conducted by Barnardo’s found a growing rate of sexual violence committed by girls:

Barnardo’s service says 11% of the 128 young people it helped last year after they committed sex assaults were young or adolescent girls.

It hopes its research will lead to improved treatment for those involved.

A psychologist who led Home Office sex offender research said girls’ problems had never previously been studied.

Over the last few decades, research has focused on adult male sex offenders and has been followed up with studies into adolescent boys and adult women.

But Barnardos’ Taith – a specialist service which helps children and young people aged between eight and 21 who commit sex assaults – said little was known about girls who abuse other children.

According to the article, Barnardo’s will release the results to the Welsh government and other UK agencies. However, the article does note some of the findings, such as some of the girls being more physically violent than expected.

I am interested to see what the actual results show. My knowledge and experience with female perpetrated sexual violence is limited to women. While much of the available research claims that women are less violent and more “loving” when they abuse, my personal experiences and the stories other men have shared with me suggest otherwise. Women can often be far more abusive than men, and many are aware and will sometimes mention that as women they can get away it.

Yet current research shows that many abusive adults first show that behavior as children. Physically and sexually violent girls can hide not only behind the shield of childhood, but also girlhood. People simply do not expect girls to commit such acts, and they may be more likely to make excuses for girls who do.

That leads to a major problem with this research: the sample size. Fourteen girls is hardly a large enough sample group to draw any meaningful conclusions from. Granted, the researchers do not have much to work with considering that so few people report female abusers, and those who do get reported often walk out of court (assuming they went to trial) without much punishment.

This leads me to suspect that the girls who Barnardo’s treated may be the worst of the worst, the cases that no one could turn a blind eye to. If so, that would make their findings even more problematic. Most people who offend do not do so in the extreme. If the researchers have an over-representation of the worst of the worst, then they will not be able to give a clear analysis of what type of abuse girls actually commit.

However, I do not want to jump to any conclusions until more results are released. That said, I think it is great that someone is finally looking into girls’ violent behavior. Let us hope that the researchers do not make excuses for it by painting the girls are the victims.

18 thoughts on “Barnardo’s study finds increase of sexually abusive girls

  1. “”A psychologist who led Home Office sex offender research said girls’ problems had never previously been studied.””

    Political Mealy Mouths again. They may not have been studied – BUT THEY HAVE BEEN DOCUMENTED AND KNOWN ABOUT FOR DECADES! “Recorded” – “Known About” and “Study” are not synonyms.

    It’s pure abuse to miss out such news reports as “Friday, 2 March 2007 – BBC –
    The taboo of child-on-child abuse The number of children who commit sex crimes is on the rise.

    So it’s all been known about for 6 plus years, and they have only got round to seeking the funding for the studies now? Hell – Charities and those who supposedly care for child welfare Just aint what they used to be! Why the delay – it’s negligence which could face investigation under the Childrens’ Act – allowing children to be abused!

    One has to wonder why there has been such a delay in finding funding to help these little darlings get the innervations they have so desperately needed for so long – to stop sexually abusing and raping other children? (Other stats show the victim profile as Gender Neutral – so locking up your daughters is advisable, as well as your sons… so it’s disingenuous to not be reporting all the truths)

    Now – this is when to will get really interesting cos if some of those who claim to be of the “Femisnist” persuasion wish to own their shit, there is a clear issue here for them to grab onto and hold tight. Under funding and sexual discrimination of female sexual abusers as children. How dare so many ignore and failed to address the needs of female children to stop sexually abusing other children! It’s an outrage and pure proof of the Patriarchy – of how women and children are second class and don’t have their needs met! I am amazed that the issue is not Hot Potatoe No 1!

    I can’t wait to see then claiming and owning the issue – and I can’t wait to see the actual long term research published and the actual percentages of juvenile female sexual offenders in the community …. and the FULL Victim Profiling!

    Baby sitting and Baby Sitters can be so dicey!

    Reminds me of those Child Line Figures showing how many children were being sexually abused and assaulted by Adult Females … and just how that Pile of Shit has as yet to be owned by the F group!

    Richard Beckett, a consultant clinical forensic psychologist, – “absolutely nothing” had been done on the issue of girls anywhere else in the world. … and am I surprised? It’s hard to stomach all that sugar and spice! Some will be shocked at the emergence of the Pubescent Female Sexual Psychopath after so many centuries of her being hidden from public view. Of course, in the UK it is illegal to label any child male or female as psychopath, even if all of the evidence and research shows that such behaviour first manifest at the onset of puberty!

    The Big F crowd really are in a cleft stick having to claim not just their constituents who sexually abuse other children – but also those who are Psychopathic and need long term understanding and management – and which the whole of society need education about and protection from. The Funding and money land grab opportunities are endless – It’s a Gold Rush …. and the Possibilities of telling female children and female psychopaths to just not rape other people will be a fascinating social experiment to have documented in full!

    Only Female Juvenile Rapists & Sexual Offenders can stop Rape and Sexual Assault. I just have to wonder at the ethics of trying the experiment – leaving the little darling loose and getting them to be honest when they F### some other kid!

    Any One At an Ontario University seeking a long term study on gender and rape that is a 100% “Must Fund That” opportunity? It’s a career maker.

  2. As a side curiosity I do wonder something. How much of this increase in the number of sexually abusive girls is really an increase and how much of it is a matter of the reality of sexually abusive girls coming to light? The thing is though finding that out would depend on some reliable info on sexually abusive women (which could possibly speak to sexually abusive girls in the past).

  3. Danny as a chap in the UK and overly familiar with the figures – politics – charity games and the bigger picture, “Increase” is political speak and euphemism for acknowledging a well known and long standing fact! It’s not new or emerging – just no longer being covered up.

    In fact – I have seen figures that go back to 1998 (15 years) that are presently held by a national child protection charity. This is not an emerging issue – just one that is now no longer subject to cover up! I’m digging to find out why the cover up is no longer needed, or who has been blowing some whistles … and why!

  4. The worst of the worst I’d say are the only ones truly being found out? Could it be that less severe cases are dismissed as less damaging n not worthy, aka “he enjoyed it” and the idea of men being invulnerable to women type mentality?

    As for my experience with sexual abuse? As an overweight male I have manboobs, I’ve had both males and females in high-school grope them and was told by the police this constitutes sexual assault, was even asked if I wanted to press charges by the teacher. I dunno what to call it myself but the girls were just as aggressive in touching them but added the comments of it feeling like theirs. Then there were the experiences of 2 female friends, 1 grabs the others arms behind her back and pushes her literally breast-first into me and others. To me I definitely call that sexual assault of her, and myself n others since it’s uncalled for, disturbing, add to that my worry that I somehow did something wrong because I had touched someones breasts without permission (into my arm and chest) because they were thrown into me yet I shouldn’t have felt guilty for an action I did not perform.

    “Silly” (It was viewed as silly by most people I think, though really it’s abusive) shit like that seemed fairly common at school, a lot of bullying, harassment, assault happens even amongst friends. Pushing someone else onto another person’s lap also happened at times too, both genders partake in harassment….women are not a morally superior being, they are human and just like men some of them abuse yet some people seem in denial about it.

  5. The worst of the worst I’d say are the only ones truly being found out? Could it be that less severe cases are dismissed as less damaging n not worthy, aka “he enjoyed it” and the idea of men being invulnerable to women type mentality?

    Archy, it is more likely that the cases would not even be reported. This is one of the problems with drawing conclusions based on reported cases. It may be that certain types of crimes are more likely to be reported. For example, is it really the case that serial abusers cannot stop themselves or is it that only the ones who cannot control themselves get caught?

  6. You see this kind of comment from some professionals all the time (saying there is no or little research) but the fact is there has been research and there is ongoing research on female perpetrated sexual abuse. There are over 600+ studies listed on our bibliography page now on this subject.

  7. Rhiannon, I know there is a lot of research that has been done, yet compared to the research on male offenders the research is little and far between. To my knowledge, no major study similar to what Lisak and Miller did has happened with women. Most of the research is with very small groups of convicted offenders.

  8. And Jakob – don’t forget that Lisak and Miller was published 2002, so the lack of anyone apparently looking at the same issue from a female point of view – or even a plain old fashioned and best practice gender neutral point of view – it is a bit odd. Is there such a lack of critical academic curiosity out there in Academia, or is it that some are obfuscating and obstructing because of political views and ideologies about the ability of women to be criminal?

    It’s a pity that there is isn’t even a decent meta analysis of the extant research, becasue all of the pointers are to a very large reservoir of female sex offenders unknown in the community. It’s frustrating that in the UK due to legal protections of kids you can’t get sufficient raw data from the Home office – Local Safeguarding Boards – or Police. Childline of course have shown a very significant issue from their data repositories of anonymised contact instigated by Children.

    I also remain perplexed as to why findings are just ignored, such as those from India – Study on Child abuse: India 2007 – where the offender profiles show a very high proportion of women and parity of victims. If some Feminists wish to maintain that all humans are equal and that even race is just a patriarchal construct, then even the India findings should be igniting a massive fire in the USA – and if they reject the figures on grounds of racial difference then they have just blown their patriarchy concept out of the water and resorted to bigotry and racism as a defence and the feminist house of cards comes tumbling down.

    I remain so bemused about the abilities of some to defend their own ignorance and unwillingness to deal with reality. It is so inhuman, I often wonder if I am an alien from another planet crash landed and suffering amnesia. Sometimes that is the more rational of the possible explanations.

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  10. Sexual Abuse By Teen Girls Likely Underreported

    Teenage girls who admit to sexually abusing others are more likely to indulge in victim-blaming and to be preoccupied by sex than their peers who aren’t sexual offenders, a new study finds.

    The findings are similar to what is seen in men, researchers report in the December issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine

    Female sex offenders are less common than male sex offenders, but women who sexually abuse are under-studied, said lead researcher Cecilia Kjellgren of the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Lund University.

  11. i can say (from my experience in the Military) that the majority of SA cases perpetrated by females largely goes unreported.

    to me, that’s the real crime.

    even in sexual assualt awareness training (that is MANDATORY btw), SA against men is BARELY mentioned.

  12. Teenage volunteer at Red Caboose Day Care faced multiple sexual assault charges

    A 13-year-old girl whose actions contributed to the state revoking the license of the Red Caboose Day Care Center in Madison was charged in Dane County Juvenile Court in May with five counts of sexual assault and ultimately pleaded no contest to two of the counts, newly released court documents show.

    The charges span two cases and two victims.

    Only one of the child victims is alleged to have been assaulted by the teenage girl on the premises of Red Caboose, where the girl was a volunteer.

    Read more:

  13. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
    Expert testimony to inform NICE guideline development
    Institution/Organisation: Barnardo’s
    Guideline Committee: Public Health Advisory Committee F
    Guideline title: Harmful Sexual Behaviour

    Subject of expert testimony: Harmful Sexual Behaviour – the development of standardised assessment tools and intervention resources for girls who have engaged in harmful sexual

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