Stop the Abuse: Together We Heal

Often times people want to help others but do not know how. This cannot be any truer than when it comes to helping abused men and boys. The resources sometimes are not apparent and are often difficult to find. Sometimes the resources are hidden or even barred by other groups who wish to polarize the issue. The intent here is to provide those who wish to help male victims with the opportunity to do so. Every month I will post a new link to an organization that provides services for male victims. As the list grows, I will create a page where all the links can be found.

Please remember that you do no have to empty your wallets to help. Even a small donation can go a long way. And for those on the other side of the issue, it would go a long way to demonstrating real concern for all victims if you donated as well.


Together We Heal

Together We Heal is for those who have suffered the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. It exists to give aid and counseling to those in need, educate any who seek information on how to best protect our children and to expose the predators and their methods. Together we can do all of these things and begin the process of healing.

We are available to any who want to be educated on how best to protect their children from these dangerous sexual predators. Since 90-95% of CSA occurs at the hands of someone that is known, trusted and often loved, it is essential to be educated on what signs or red flags to be looking for.

We work with Schools, Religious groups, Civic organizations or in a home full of concerned parents. We are here to help prevent further damage and to help those who have already been assaulted begin the process of healing.

It’s not too late to reach out and get help.

Please donate and help make a difference.


One thought on “Stop the Abuse: Together We Heal

  1. Thank you for doing this. As I’ve said numerous times on my own blog, every survivor of sexual abuse needs to feel like their story matters. Too often are male victims pushed aside, or accused of taking the conversation away from female survivors. This is a ridiculous and self-serving way of thinking…Acknowledging that men and boys are raped/abused is just as necessary, if not more so, since there are fewer programs for them. As long as there are children being abused, our work is not complete.

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