Now it’s wrong

I meant to write about the infamous Montana case, but did not get a chance. For those who missed it:

A former Montana high school teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old female student who later committed suicide will face only 30 days of jail time.

Stacey Dean Rambold, 54, had at least three sexual encounters with student Cherice Morales in 2008. In 2010, the student committed suicide a few weeks before her 17th birthday, The Billings Gazette reported.

Yellowstone County Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced Rambold to 15 years prison, with all but only 31 days suspended for sexual intercourse without consent. The judge then gave Rambold credit for one day served, bringing the offender’s total jail time to just 30 days.

Auliea Hanlon, mother to the victim, testified that her daughter’s relationship with Rambold was a large factor in the teen’s suicide. As the sentence was delivered, Hanlon began to scream “You people suck!” before leaving the courtroom.

That is a total embarrassment, particularly given the victim’s suicide. Sentences are supposed to reflect the nature of the crime, and one would think the girl killing herself would demonstrate the affect the abuse had on her.

However, the judge could not leave it at that:

The judge said victim Morales was “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold, according to […] Judge Baugh also said victim Morales was “older than her chronological age.”

That is a very old argument used against rape victims. They knew what they wanted, so it really was not that bad. It is also rather common for people to argue that an abused child is older and more mature than their age. The idea is that if the child acts older than they are, we should ignore whether they have the ability given their age to consent to sex.

Both the sentence and the judge’s comments sparked outrage, leading to protests and a call for the judge to resign. The district attorney wants to overturn the sentence and intends to appeal the sentence to a higher court.

While the sentence and the judge’s comments are outrageous, they pale in comparison to the irony they spawned. Cases like this one happen all the time, except the abuser is typically female and the victims typically male. It takes little effort to find them.

More so, it takes no effort to find cases similar to this one. For example, Julie Diane Green raped a 14-year-boy by getting him drunk. The judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail. Jenny Lee Mitchell also raped a 14-year-old boy, and the judge in her case completely suspended her sentence because Mitchell was abused as a child, and stating that she had “been very much a victim.”

This is not to say that the complaints about the Montana case are unfair. I agree that the sentence is absurd given that Rambold violated his parole, which he was on as a result of a prior sex offense. It makes no sense, regardless of how “mature” the victim was, that this man would receive 30 days despite being a repeat offender.

However, none of the people railing against this Montana case rail about women getting light sentences. The scores of feminists tripping over themselves to blast the judge and seek his removal utter not a peep when the victim is a boy or the rapists a woman. One will more likely hear those feminists rail against the undo media coverage of man-bites-dog offenses, with few of them taking the cases seriously.

The Court of Appeal will likely overturn the sentence in the Montana case. The judge may be removed from the case, and possibly from the bench. Rambold will likely receive a longer sentence. Those will be fine outcomes.

Yet, we also need to see another outcome: people taking all slaps on the wrist seriously, not just those that let men who rape girls walk. There are far more cases of women raping and abusing children receiving light sentences and probation. We should be just as outraged by those cases as we are about this one.

10 thoughts on “Now it’s wrong

  1. Hear, hear! I would love it if these cases could be presented without jurors or judges knowing the sex of the rapist. It won’t ever happen, of course…but it would help to keep Justice blind, rather than able to peek from under her blindfold.

  2. @tarnishedsophia

    “her” blindfold?

    Lady Justice is not the same as Justice, certainly not today. The feminist death-grip on the courts and legal system today is ample proof of that. Feminist justice favors the utilitarian, retaliative and distributive but eschews almost completely the retributive and restorative that are essential for a morally secure justice system. The imbalance is clearly evident in the feminist desire to eliminate the presumption of innocence in rape cases.

    Until the courts are freed from the claws of this abomination, the courts would be better represented by statues of this delightful creature.

  3. Perhaps of interest:

    Ally Fogg has decided to finally look into the prevalence of female perpetrators of sexual violence to see if his initial reaction to the CDC numbers (they must be an anomoli) were wrong. He was surprised at what he found and also discovered something new about an sexual assault/rape attempt on him by a woman:

    Going back to the incident in the bathroom… if it had been a man assaulting me like that and I was unable to free myself by other means, I would not have hesitated to punch him in the face.

    It took me literally 25 years (and about 100 comments on this blog) before it even occurred to me that this was even a possibility with a female assailant. I honestly don’t think I could do that to a woman. I would probably have just relented and let her have sex with me against my will rather than hitting her.

    When one pull at a loose thread things tend to unravel.

    The comment field is pretty bleak with plenty of people who no longer having the ground to claim that the overwhelming majority of victims are female and the overwhelmingly majority of rapists are men have resorted to claims that male victims are inherently less traumatized than female victims.

  4. @Tamen

    I felt the same way about my own abuse, even with the sexes reversed. It was my stepfather…who I’d previously thought of as a parental figure. I was raised to never hit anyone, but *especially* never your elders. Not that at 10 yrs old I could do much against a 41 yr old man, but…

    The fact that male victims are told that they shouldn’t feel able to fight back against their attackers is utter bullshit. If someone, man or woman, is attempting to use you in a way that is bad/wrong/uncomfortable…get physical unless it puts your life at risk. They aren’t respecting your body or mind, you shouldn’t ever feel like you need to respect theirs.

  5. Tamen, I am not surprised by the response. Several studies concerning violence against men have made similar claims. It is difficult to accept that our views about sexual violence are so skewed that we over look nearly half of its victims.

  6. That is an epic thread of Ally’s. Interesting reading. Thanks Tamen for sharing it and commenting in it – thanks also for commenting in it as well, Jacob.

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