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Abused men ‘forced by partners to live on €30’ — THE hidden agony of men whose abusive partners demand their wages and demean them with an ‘allowance of €20 to €30’ a week is revealed in a new report. They are among thousands of men seeking help for physical, emotional, psychological, financial and even sexual abuse perpetrated by their female partners or wives.

Almost half of male suicide victims construction workers, says Cork coroner — Calls have been made for greater awareness in the workplace after academics also showed a quarter of women who took their lives had been employed in the healthcare sector. The study examined 275 suicides and 32 open verdicts recorded by coroners across Cork city and county between September 2008 and June 2012. It found 80% were men, 57% were single men, and almost half (48.6%) had worked in the construction/production industry.

Dance star tells of sexual abuse ordeal — When Aaron Gilmore told police he had been sexually abused by a woman, the police officer’s first response was: “I’m failing to see a crime here.” “It was like being hit with a sledgehammer,” says the Dancing with the Stars performer, who will tell his story at New Zealand’s first sexual abuse survivors’ “summit” in Auckland tomorrow. Mr Gilmore, now 31, was sexually abused from the age of 12 by a woman 23 years older than him.

DOJ ‘Finally’ Implementing Anti-Prison Rape Policies, 10 Years After Congressional Vote — The Department of Justice is beginning to implement new prison rape regulations ten years after Congress approved the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in 2003. Prisons choosing not to implement the measures, officials said Wednesday, make themselves liable for sky-high civil judgments. “We’re poised now – finally – to take action,” Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mary Lou Leary told attendees of an American Bar Association event in Washington, D.C.

False rape charge lands woman in prison for 4 years — A woman has been sentenced to four years in jail for levelling false allegations of rape against a man, who later committed suicide as he could not bear the stigma of spending 72 days in jail for a crime he did not commit. Last December when the country was witnessing unprecedented protests against Delhi gangrape incident, 35-year-old Chanchal Rathore had accused her 53-year-old landlord, Roopkishore Agrawal, of raping her.

Somerville teen accused in sex assaults freed on bail — A judge ruled Friday that Galileo Mondol, the 17-year-old Somerville High School student accused of raping a male freshman soccer player with a broomstick and assaulting two others, is not a danger to society and allowed him to be released on bail. Pittsfield District Court Judge Fredric Rutberg, after reviewing a graphic 40-page State Police affidavit and hearing arguments, found prosecutors did not make a “clear and convincing” case that Mondol was dangerous to the community and needed to remain jailed while awaiting trial.

Study: Depression equally common among men, women — It’s long been thought that women are more prone to depression then men. But men may be just as likely to suffer from depression, according to research that considered alternative symptoms that are not included in the standard criteria used to diagnose the condition. These symptoms, which are more often seen in men, included anger attacks, aggression, substance abuse, and risk taking.

Teen father breaks silence over abuse — A teenage boy who had sex with his 32-year-old neighbour claims he was taken advantage of and robbed of his childhood – and his mother is calling for tougher penalties for female sex offenders. Cecelia Rona Hale, 32, is due to be sentenced this month after admitting two charges of sexual conduct with a young person under 16 years and one charge of supplying cannabis to a person under 18.

Woman/Boy Relationships in Pop Culture: No Big Deal — Portrayals of relationships between older women and younger men have showed up in pop culture time and again, from The Graduate to American Pie. But it seems like more have been cropping up lately. Alissa Nutting’s novel Tampa, published in July, is about a 26-year-old woman who builds her entire life as a teacher around her attraction to 14-year-old boys. The Lifeguard, which opened in theaters last weekend, stars Kristen Bell as a 29-year-old who returns to her hometown and has an affair with a teenager.

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