Music that Inspires v.26

A few days ago, I wrote about a film my cousin and I watched. I got the subtitle from Bad Guy, one of Eminem’s new songs. My cousin had been listening it for several days.

Bad Guy is the sequel to Stan. In the new song, Stan’s younger brother Matthew gets revenge on Eminem for causing Stan’s suicide. The lyrics are powerful, but what stands out to me is the second verse:

And to think, I used to think you was the shit, bitch
To think it was you at one time I worshiped, shit
Think you can hurt people and just keep getting away with it
Not this time, you better go and get sewing kit, bitch
Finish this stitch so you can reap what you sow, nitwit
Thought some time had past and I forget it, forget it
You left our family in shambles
You expect me to just get over him, pretend he never existed
Maybe gone, but he’s not forgotten
And don’t think cause he’s been out the pictures so long
That I’ve stopped the plottin’ and still ain’t coming to get ya
You’re wrong and that shit was rotten
And the way you played him, same shit you did to me, go
Have you any idea that shit I’ve gone through
Feelings I harbor, all this pent up resentment I hold on to
Not once you called to ask me how I’m doing
Letters, you don’t respond to ’em
Fuck it, I’m comin’ to see you
And gee who better to talk to than you
The cause of my problems
My life is garbage and I’m ’bout to take it out on you
Poof, then I’m gone

This could have been my cousin writing that to his father. My cousin was closest to my youngest uncle. When my uncle committed suicide, my cousin’s father never spoke with him about it. He has always been cold towards my cousin, and after the suicide it seemed to get worse.

Coincidentally, my cousin is the same age as Matthew, and my uncle committed suicide about thirteen years ago. I never thought about that until I started writing this.

At any rate, the song is well written and well delivered. Eminem may get a lot of hate, yet he is very talented, especially when it comes to storytelling.


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