Bulletin Board v210

Caseworker blames starved boy’s family for not warning her about abuse — A caseworker for a Toronto boy who starved to death at the hands of his grandparents says other family members should have warned her the couple had a history of abusive behaviour. Margarita Quintana, a frontline children’s aid worker, is testifying for a third day at the coroner’s inquest into the death of Jeffrey Baldwin.

Domestic violence against men at its highest level in Northern Ireland since police began recording statistics — Domestic violence against men in Northern Ireland has increased by more than 40% in nine years – and that’s just reported incidents. PSNI figures reveal that the figure reached a record of 2,525 male victims in 2012/13, up 259 cases on the year before. Police started recording the statistics nine years ago. They also show that in one year alone (2011/12) the level of reported incidents jumped 25% (from 1,833 to 2,266).

GMP: Fathers are not important — The Good Men Project (GMP) recently ran an article by Suzanne Venker about the importance, indeed irreplaceability of fathers in the lives of children. Venker supported her contentions by pointing to the spectrum of psychological and social maladies which are inarguably much more likely to befall fatherless children than those whose nuclear family remains intact. She also conveyed a deep sense of appreciation for her husband and his importance in her life and the life of their son. The tone of the article was upbeat, affirming and positive about the importance of men and masculinity, particularly in the lives of children. Of course, GMP quickly realized their mistake and took the article down.

I Met A Convicted Serial Killer, And He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else In My Life — I read something on the Internet one recent evening that made a brief and tangential reference to a serial killer preying on Marines in Southern California in the 1970s and early ’80s. Having been stationed at Camp Pendleton, I thought, “How come I never heard about this?” I had returned to the East Coast upon my discharge in September 1980, but still. So I searched “serial killer California Marines 80s” and came up with the name Randy Kraft.

Mom who raped son ‘was molested’ — A Free State mother convicted of raping her teenage son was herself sexually molested by family and friends, the Bloemfontein Regional Court heard on Tuesday. The woman’s Dutch Reformed Church minister testified in mitigation of sentencing in front of regional magistrate Jan Greyvenstein in the matter. The minister said he met the woman just before her arrest in March and she was very emotional. “She told me she knew she was wrong and she showed deep remorse.”

Moms can’t be dads, too — I could never raise my son without his father. I’d have to, of course, if my husband died. But it would be very, very hard. When it comes to my son, my husband is simply indispensable. (He’s indispensable to me, too, but that’s a different post!) I wish every boy in America had a father like my son’s. Without strong fathers to guide, instruct and discipline them, boys lack purpose. And that’s what we have far too much of in America today: boys who lack purpose.

My One Hour with the Good Men Project — The Good Men Project needs a new name and mission statement—one that reflects precisely what that site is all about. Until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t make a fair assessment of the GMP. I’ve now had a crash course and thought I’d share what I’ve learned so you can answer the question, “Are WFM and the GMP similar?” Short answer: no.

Reality of male rape needs legal recognition — Recent guidelines on child protection strengthen the punishments for sexual offences against underage girls. In particular, they mandate that sex with girls under 12 years old is an offense of absolute liability, meaning that the perpetuator’s knowledge of the girl’s underage status has no bearing on the charge. But the guidelines regrettably don’t offer equal protection to underage boys. At present, molestation of both sexes is treated equally. But there is no separate charge of “rape” to cover more serious sexual assaults on boys, whereas there is for girls.

Oviedo mom gets 54 years in prison for sexually abusing her children — An Oviedo mother who sexually abused her children and produced pornography of the acts was sentenced to 54 years in federal prison Monday — more than twice as much time she was hoping to receive as part of her plea deal. Prosecutors said Sarah and Jonathan Adleta made having sex with their two children a part of their parenting plan, and even after they divorced, the abuse continued.

Sparta woman sentenced in statutory rape case — A circuit judge suspended the prison sentence of a Christian County woman who pleaded guilty to 14 separate felony sex charges. Kayla D. Stewart, 23, of Sparta pleaded guilty in July to nine counts of felony statutory rape and five counts of felony statutory sodomy. On Oct. 18, Circuit Judge Mark Orr sentenced Stewart to seven years in prison for each of her 14 felony convictions. The sentences would have run concurrently. However, Orr granted Stewart a suspended imposition of sentence.

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