Former Cheerleader Gets Probation

I wrote about former NFL cheerleader Elizabeth Garner in March. Garner got a 12-year-old boy drunk and attempted to perform oral sex on him. Her punishment:

A former NFL cheerleader who allegedly tried to perform oral sex on a 12-year-old boy took a plea deal that will spare her jail time. […] Garner was arrested on March 14 on charges of aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a child. Those charges were later reduced to a single felony count of reckless endangerment. According to the terms of the plea deal, Garner must attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings two times a week, undergo regular drug testing and have no contact with the alleged victim or his family. If Garner stays out of trouble for 18 months, the reckless endangerment charge will likely be expunged from her record, the court clerk said.

Not only does Garner receive no prison time, but she will also have the assault wiped from her record. It is difficult to imagine a man receiving similar treatment, particularly after getting a child drunk.

I am curious as to why the prosecutor accepted such a toothless plea deal. It is possible that the victim wanted nothing more to do with the case. It is also possible that the prosecutor had little evidence to work with. However, the dropping of the sex offense charges smacks of trying to get the case done and over with.

2 thoughts on “Former Cheerleader Gets Probation

  1. Or I’ve heard the prosecutors simply recognize that no jury would convict for some serious sex charge when the offender is an attractive female, and perhaps, the victim is now older and male. They risk acquittal and nothing verses at least something on the record. I remember one in a new story at least seemingly unhappy about that estimation of juries.

  2. “she will also have the assault wiped from her record” How many times does this happen when a woman commits any crime. It simply lowers the crime rate for women so that feminist can continue promoting their female chauvinist crap that women are the ‘fair sex’.
    Also, I read on one website (New York Times? I cant remember) that the 12 yo boy ran out of the bathroom when they were done and told his mother what happened – either immediately or within an hour of the incident.
    Lastly she is married, thus making her a backstabbing wife that sexually assaults minors. This kid is 12. He’s just a boy.

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