Male Abuse Awareness Week

December 1 was the start of Male Abuse Awareness Week. More information about MAAW can be found on and on the MAAW Myspace page.

In keeping with the goal of this week, I would readers to post links to articles or blog posts concerning male victimization on this thread.


3 thoughts on “Male Abuse Awareness Week

  1. I wrote three blog posts this weekend – all related to male victimization.

    On a large UK survey which found similiar lifetime results for male rape (incl made to penetrate) as the NISVS 2010 Report:

    On a couple of large South African studies finding that at least half of the rape victims aged 10-19 are boys:

    On how Salon (and Huffington Post) failed by erasing male victims of rape and sexual abuse when writing an article fittingly titled “America still doesn’t know how to talk about rape”:

  2. On a slightly different note; I haven’t seen the videos on the help4guys site, but I found the female “cop” picture they used jarring. Why use a sexualized picture which most people will think isn’t of a real cop?

    Something like the picture used on this page would be better for a photo of “a policewoman signalling ‘stop'” in my view.

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