The Survivors Guide Project

Originally posted on October 3, 2013

Survivors Manchester, a UK group dedicated to supporting male survivors of sexual violence, created a self-guide for abused men and boys. From the site:

The Survivors Guide Project aims to produce a unique self-help guide written by male survivors of sexual abuse and rape for male survivors and their supporters to aid understanding of the legacy effects and provide information on healthy coping mechanisms and sources of support. This will be achieved by bringing together adult male survivors to collect their experiences of the impact sexual abuse has on the health and wellbeing of boys and men; and compliment it with the knowledge and expertise gained from a variety of allied health, social care and legal professionals. Using online presence, groups, 1:1 discussion based activities and interviews to gather information, an editorial team will create content and work with a designer to create the print layout.

Information on the legacy of abuse will be gathered using online, peer-support groups, discussion based activities and interviews with professionals. The content will then be created by a voluntary editorial team of 10 members, primarily beneficiaries, with eight sessions supported by a professional writer/journalist to develop copywriting skills. A visual artist will support the teams design decisions in eight other sessions. A local graphic design company will create the visual print design and layout of the guide, with input from the editorial team and visual artist. At three different stages, a full draft will be presented to an ‘Expert Panel’ made up of beneficiaries and professionals, including those from the BME and LGBT community, for agreement and production.

It is an impressive effort. The Survivors Guide includes various stories from men talking about their experiences and the impact they had on their lives. While male survivors have gained more public acknowledgement in recent years, people still do not know just how the abuse affects them. These stories give an impression of that. They show that men from all walks of life can be abused

Take a moment to read the guide, and if you can, donate to Survivors Manchester.

3 thoughts on “The Survivors Guide Project

  1. This is a spectacular undertaking. It fills a need in the sexual abuse and recovery community, one that doesn’t get nearly the press and acknowledgment it warrants. Good on those who helped to create this. Payday is tomorrow…you bet I’ll donate to further the cause of fellow survivors! Thanks so much for the heads up, Soldier.

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