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43 year old woman, 6 teenagers arrested for confinement, abuse of 15 year old boy — A 43-year-old woman in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture has been arrested, together with six teenagers aged 14-18, for allegedly confining a 15-year-old high school student in her apartment and committing sexually abusive acts on the boy. All of the suspects admitted to the crime and prefectural police are now preparing charges in accordance with the Child Welfare Law.

Calls for more support for male survivors of child sex abuse — Jay was just ten years old when it started. First, it was a stranger who abused him. Then the stranger became a family friend, and others followed. Terrified and wracked with shame, Jay didn’t breathe a word of what happened to anyone for over 25 years. Even today, after years of counselling, he hesitates to say the words. “I was [a victim of] a paedophile network in the 80s and I was offended by at least ten offenders that I can remember,” he says.

Hayward school aide charged with sexually abusing boy — A female after-school program coordinator at a Hayward Catholic school has been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a male student beginning when he was 12, police said Monday. Police said they began their investigation on Nov. 18 after they were informed of a possible incident of child sexual abuse. They said they learned that the victim, who is now 14, has allegedly been in a sexual relationship with the suspect, 29-year-old Mia Cummings of Oakland, since he was 12.

Indictments detail even more abuse endured by boy found with dead chicken around neck — Grand jury indictments against a Union County DSS worker and her boyfriend show the alleged abuse against a boy in their guardianship is worse than initially uncovered. Those indictments now say Wanda Sue Larson, a since-fired Union County DSS Child Protective Services supervisor over investigations, not only handcuffed a boy under her guardianship to a porch with a dead chicken around his neck, but also restrained him to a piece of railroad track, permanently injured the boy’s pinkie finger and failed to get him medical attention for a broken wrist, cut on his face and burn near his eye.

Inside the military’s male sexual assault problem — For more than a decade, a debilitating secret festered inside Mike Scott’s head. He tried to tuck it away into a dark corner of his brain, but it consumed his life, pushing him to drink excessively, smoke heavily and, on three occasions, try to kill himself. “The last time, I was putting pressure on the trigger,” the 42-year-old airline baggage handler said. Clad in jeans and a button-down flannel shirt, the 6-foot-plus Army veteran agreed to meet with “America Tonight” at a forest that borders the Rio Grande.

Lawsuit: Boy Scouts ignored warnings about Washington scoutmaster — A lawsuit filed Tuesday against the Boy Scouts of America charges that the organization failed to take action against a Washington state volunteer despite receiving multiple complaints about him. Brian Malnes, 48, alleges he was abused by a scout leader in 1980. He chose to file suit 30 years later only after he saw his alleged abuser profiled on a news report in 2012. The news story focused on the release of thousands of so-called “perversion files.”

Male on male rape in the U.S. Military a serious problem – DOD orders review — Contained within the pages of the Committee Report 22 of 108 – House Report 113-102 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 2014 are shocking references indicating a serious problem in regard to male on male rape and sexual assault in the U.S. military. So much so that the military has ordered a review to be complete no later than May 30, 2014: “In 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported that approximately 1 in 100 service men indicated that they experienced sexual trauma in the military.

Man shuns anonymity in accusing ex-priest of sex abuse — A 27-year-old Chicago man on Wednesday became the first person to identify himself in a sex abuse allegation against former Roman Catholic priest and convicted sex offender Daniel McCormack. Darryl McArthur, who like all of McCormack’s accusers is African-American, filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court and said he wanted to combat “the culture of secrecy” involving sexual abuse. “I respect the privacy of any individual who wants to put their name (as John Doe) … because it’s a lot to deal with,” McArthur said.

Men sexually assaulted in military speak out — Brian Lewis figures he could have dealt with the rape. It’s the Navy’s response to the attack that still haunts the Baltimore native. Lewis, the son of a Defense Department civilian who commanded his JROTC battalion in high school, sailed through three years in the Navy and three months aboard the submarine tender USS Frank Cable. Then, one night on shore in Guam, he was taken out to dinner by a higher-ranking shipmate, a man who had a wife and children.

The reality of male domestic abuse — Despite Saskatchewan having the highest rate of police-reported domestic abuse in the country, male spousal abuse is often dismissed and ignored. “In the research world, (male spousal abuse) is something that people are just starting to look at,” said Rachel Trann from Partners Family Services in Humboldt. “What they have found is that there’s not a huge gap in percentages, but the types of abuse seem to be different.”

Salem woman who molested relative, photographed abuse, gets 25 years in prison — Michelle Lee Freeman’s instincts led her to kick her husband out of their Salem house after he confessed he had sexually abused a young relative of theirs. But her fundamentalist church pastor lectured her that she had done wrong by her husband and needed to let him come back home, said her lawyer, Nell Brown. And Freeman, a sexual-abuse victim herself whose ability to stand up to her husband had been worn down by nearly 20 years of emotional and verbal abuse, reunited with him, Brown said.

Sex abuse victim angry over Paul Leroux’s 3-year sentence — There was anger, disappointment and tears outside a Battleford courtroom on Thursday over a sentence for a man who sexually abused young boys at a residential school. Leroux has been sentenced to three years in a federal prison on 10 counts of sexual abuse for molesting young boys when he was a dormitory supervisor at Beauval Residential School in the 1960s.

Sex Abuse Victims Face Former Yeshiva Guard in Australian Court — The sex abuse victims of an Orthodox man contracted to a Chabad-Lubavitch school in Melbourne confronted their attacker in court. David Samuel Cyprys, a former security guard at Yeshivah College in Melbourne, appeared in court Monday for a pre-sentencing hearing. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 20 for raping one child and molesting eight others. “I remember the shame,” one of the nine victims, whose name is suppressed, told the court.

Woman raped repeatedly by father receives light sentence for aiding in burglaries — A California woman who as a child was raped repeatedly by her father, and later gave birth to three of his children, was given a light sentence on burglary conviction because of her horrific childhood, officials said. The 33-year-old woman faced more than 12 years in prison for helping gang members burglarize homes in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. But she is expected to leave jail within days after a Los Angeles County judge sentenced her Friday to two years and eight months in custody.

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