Bulletin Board v216

Anchorage woman accused of fondling 12-year-old pleads guilty to coercion — A 49-year-old woman pleaded guilty in Anchorage Friday to a single count of coercion after a jury couldn’t make a unanimous decision last year as to whether or not she sexually abused a minor, stemming from allegations that she inappropriately touched a 12-year-old boy when she was drunk. Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton will decide Kimberly Ann Mockta’s sentence.

Female MP abused boy in care — She is alleged to have forced a boy in care to perform a “vile” sex act at one of a series of drug-fuelled parties in Westminster in the Eighties where boys and girls as young as 13 were allegedly abused. Last night her alleged victim told the Sunday Express: “I want justice.” Andrew Ash, now 45, said he has given Scotland Yard the name of the former MP. We cannot name her for legal reasons.

Fighting for male victims for sex abuse — I have been working with and supporting male victims of childhood sexual abuse and rape as adults since 1996. Are there male victims of sexual violence in this country? Definitely. How big is the problem? We are not completely sure. There has never been any research done on the sexual victimisation of men and boys in New Zealand. There is also a lack of or no research on female offenders in New Zealand. 

Guarded Optimism…Boys in custody and the women who abuse them — Last week, the Justice Department convened hearings under the Prison Rape Elimination Act to examine the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse in the nation’s prisons and juvenile detention centers. As we’ve reported, the department has found alarming rates of abuse by staff on youngsters in custody. In a 2013 survey of more than 8,700 juveniles housed in 326 facilities across the country, 8 percent said they experienced sex abuse at the hands of the staff supervising them.

Met’s ‘VIP paedophiles’ probe – Female MP abused boy in care — Detectives are investigating the sadistic killing of a young boy as they examine allegations of a paedophile ring linked to politicians and other VIPs. Exaro can reveal how police operations that are looking at historical claims of child sex abuse by political figures have turned into a murder investigation.

Naperville Man Sentenced to 34 Years in Child Pornography, Sexual Abuse Case — A Naperville man has been sentenced to 34 years in prison for sexually abusing and taking lewd photographs of a young male relative, the DuPage County State’s Attorney stated. Prosecutors said Grant Gambiani, 30, showed his victim images of child pornography and took pornographic images of him between March 1, 2008 and June 6, 2008.

Northern Ireland Abuse Inquiry: Boys ‘Battered Stupid’ By Nuns — Nuns used to batter boys stupid during daily abuse at a children’s home in Londonderry, one victim has claimed. John Heaney, 55, was caned on the feet by members of the order of the Sisters of Nazareth at St Joseph’s in Termonbacca and said he suffered sexual abuse from older boys. “Nuns were very good at raising their hands. All the Termonbacca boys have a flat spot on the back of their heads because they were battered stupid,” he said.

Now, a ‘men-ifesto’ for male rights — A forum of men’s rights organisations Saturday urged all political parties to include in their manifestos the formation of a “men’s ministry” and a “men’s rights” panel to address issues concerning Indian males. The National Coalition for Men (NCM) – a forum of 50 organisations fighting for male rights across the country – launched its own manifesto here expressing concern over the steady rate of “innocent men” falling victims to “gender biased” laws.

Silence to Hope project helps survivors of male sexual assault — The male sexual abuse John Hillman suffered as a boy was something he thought would get buried with him when he died. The Chatham man had kept this dark, shameful secret for 40 years until he unexpectedly revealed it in response to some unkind words. “Someone had made a really nasty, off-the-cuff comment and something snapped and triggered me inside,” he said.

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  1. Have you some across any studies that show lifetime numbers for men vs women who have sold sex? I have long known more young boys and men sell sex than young women and girls but I was still under the impression that the lifetime numbers for women was substantially higher. However two studies gave med doubts about that. Here is a comment I left over at Tamens blog about that:

    “This study also referred to an American study done in Saint Louis which found that the lifetime prevalency numbers for prostitution were 4% for men and 2% for women.”

    In this study there were still a lot more men and boys than women even though the study looked at ages up to 25 (and excluded under 16 which would probably have an even higher disproportion of boys to pull up the total):


    One finds a lot higher lifetime numbers for men and the other indicates a strong possibility.

    As far as I understand boys and young men dominate the lower age groups and women the older age groups. This is supposedly in large part explained by homosexual men being much, much more interested in paying for sex with boys younger than about 23 and straight men not showing as strong a youth preference. However, the lifetime numbers might still come out with more men.

    Another aspect is frequency. Often young mens prostitution is framed as being about fewer incidences of sale with fewer costumers and often mixed in with sexual curiosity and exploration. If such cases account for a large percentage of boys prostitution that lowers the impact it has. We know that many women are full time prostitutes that sell sex frequently, often several times a day. So gross numbers of one or more lifetime sales can not necessarily be compared as equally harmful. On the other hand just one incident or s string of a few incidents can be more than enough to damage someone deeply. The fact that the males dominate the younger cohorts makes them especially vulnerable and so more likely to be impacted. Older women are less likely to be harmed than young boys. Older women are also more likely to have thought through all the consequences and made an informed decision. An additional fact to consider is that while it MIGHT be the case that sexual curiosity plays a large role for many boys it does so for older women as well. A study I saw reported something like 40% of female prostitutes claiming sexual adventurism as a partial motive for selling sex. This could reduce harm as it is claimed to do for boys. It also indicates that sexual motives might play a part for young girls selling sex too.

    Any thoughts or relevant studies about any of this is highly welcome. I am working on an article about it

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