Bulletin Board v217

Amanda Wilson of Belchertown admits rape and abuse of a child, avoids state prison sentence — A Belchertown woman pleaded guilty to charges that in 2011 she raped a boy half her age with whom she was having a “love affair.” However, work she has done in the meantime to rehabilitate herself convinced lawyers to reach a plea agreement avoiding a state prison sentence. Amanda Wilson, 28, of 10 South Main St., Apt. #1, pleaded guilty in Hampshire Superior Court before Judge Mary-Lou Rup to four counts of rape and abuse of a child.

Chinese Netizen Fights Against Sexual Abuse of Boys — “I will protect these children or my whole life will in vain. I will try the best I can. I hope you can understand me,” posted Juan’er, a netizen who exposed a nine-member Weibo chat group of child molesters nearly two weeks ago, on her Weibo account on January 12. Her strong sense of responsibility and firm attitude in protecting children has won her support and an active response from the public.

Domestic violence legislation risks ‘sexism’ according to campaign group – because it doesn’t include male victims — Proposals to introduce a law to combat violence against women and domestic violence have been dubbed “sexist and institutionally abusive” – because they don’t address male victims, a campaign group has claimed. Healing Men, which campaigns to correct perceived injustices suffered by men, said the Welsh Government would violate its own duty for gender equality if they proceeded with plans because it specifies protection for women, rather than gender-neutral proposals.

Gender gap growing in teaching profession — A National Education Association (NEA) report indicates that there are 785,151 male teachers in public elementary and secondary schools across the nation compared to 2.4 million women. While middle school and high school may have brought a few more male teachers into the mix, the truth is, the teaching profession was and really still is, dominated by women.

Mother facing 17 years for torture — An Apple Valley woman is set to be sentenced in March for her role in the torture and sex abuse of her young son — the final of five defendants convicted in what prosecutors called one of the most horrific child abuse cases in county history. Desiree Gonzales, 35, faces 17 years in prison per a plea agreement entered before Judge John Tomberlin at the Victorville courthouse on Friday.

Report: Prison Rape Runs Rampant — The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report indicating that the state of Oklahoma leads all other U.S. prisons, including male prisons, in sexual assault incidents. According to the report, 15.3 percent of inmates at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in McLoud, OK reported inmate-on-inmate sexual assault. This rate doubles the national average and surpasses the leading male facility, Northwest Florida Reception Center in Chipley, FL.

Salem woman pleads guilty to rape of young boy — A Salem woman charged with the sexual abuse of a 12-year-old boy pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of first-degree rape; two counts of second-degree rape and two counts of sodomy. Sarah Beth Hopkins, 35, appeared in court Tuesday morning after two days of settlement hearings to enter a guilty plea on five out of the ten charges against her. Hopkins appeared calm and tearful in court, answering Judge Courtland Geyer in a quiet voice as he asked her how she would plead to each charge.

Torture claim men’s rights ‘not breached’ — A decision by UK courts to block four Britons – including a man from Yorkshire – from suing foreign officials who allegedly tortured them while they were held in Saudi Arabian jails was not a breach of their human rights, 
European judges have ruled. Alexander Mitchell, from Halifax, along with Roland Jones, 
William Sampson and Leslie Walker claim they were subjected to beatings, sleep deprivation and rape as well as being given mind-altering drugs following their arrest in 2000 in Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh.


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