Second woman accuses former educator of abuse

Yesterday, I wrote about a woman who recorded herself confronting the woman she claims abused her and posted the video on Youtube. I figured this would happen next:

A second woman has come forward to claim that a California educator sexually abused her, saying she decided to speak out after watching a YouTube video by a woman who made similar accusations.

Police in Riverside are investigating the allegations from both women, who say former middle school teacher and administrator Andrea Cardosa abused them while they were students in Riverside County.

The second woman’s attorney said Thursday he filed claims, a precursor to lawsuits, against two school districts where Cardosa worked.

The new woman, Brianna, claims that Cardosa began to abuse her in 2010:

She then “groomed” Brianna by giving her movie tickets, candy bars and lunch trips and calling her special, then made several sexual advances, inappropriately touching her and abusing her, according to a copy of the claim filed against Val Verde Unified.

If this accusation proves true, this demonstrates a clear pattern of abuse by Cardosa. According to the article, the former educator passed a background check. Chance are that no one reported her before or that any reports went ignored. The obvious reason for the latter is Cardosa’s sex.

If Cardosa is a serial child rapist, she will be one of the first the nation has seen target young girls. The psychologists will come and claim that women like Cardosa are rare and not a genuine threat. They will claim that women like her are stuck in childhood and do not really have any interest in children. They will claim that women like her are victims of abuse themselves.

While some of that may be true, I want to see how many more women come forward. Cases like this rarely involve one or two victims. If there are more victims, I think the professionals will need to rethink how they view female sex offenders.


3 thoughts on “Second woman accuses former educator of abuse

  1. Thank you, as always, for posting these articles as well as for your insight. As you note, its easier for folks to view the female perpetrator as “also a victim” rather than deal with the reality that women, like men, have deviant sexual interests and exploit positions of power.

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