Bulletin Board v219

Archdiocese seeks to block depositions — The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has asked a judge to prevent attorneys for an alleged sexual abuse victim from taking depositions from top church officials. A former teenage altar boy identified as John Doe 1 filed suit last May against the archdiocese, the Diocese of Winona and former priest Thomas Adamson, alleging sexual abuse by Adamson between 1976 and 1977 when he was assigned to St. Thomas Aquinas church in St. Paul Park.

Boy ‘didn’t know what mammy meant’ — The son of an unmarried mother said he became a zombie – introverted and fearing the next beating, lying soaked in urine at night in an attempt to dissuade sexual abusers from “dropping the hand.” He lived at St Joseph’s in Termonbacca, Londonderry, run by the Sisters of Nazareth order of Catholic nuns, in the 1950s after being born in abject poverty and abandoned by his parents.

Church ‘in denial’ over sex abuse — An organisation representing male survivors of sexual abuse including some abused by priests, says the Catholic Church in New Zealand, like other countries, is still in denial. In a scathing report on the Vatican’s policies, the United Nations’ watchdog for children’s rights says Church officials imposed a code of silence on clerics and moved abusers from parish to parish in an attempt to cover up such crimes.

Civil complaint: Redlands’ boy’s life ‘forever altered’ because of Laura Whitehurst’s sexual abuse — Redlands Unified School District officials “turned a blind eye” to a year-long sexual relationship between Laura Whitehurst, a former English teacher at Citrus Valley High School, and a then-16-year-old student that resulted in the birth of a child, attorneys for the young man said Thursday. “Children in California, children in Redlands should not be sexual toys for teachers,” said John Manly, an attorney representing the young man at a news conference outside of Riverside Superior Court.

Gay and bisexual boys are more likely to abuse steroids — Gay and bisexual boys are almost six times as likely as their heterosexual peers to misuse steroids, according to a new study. “What was most surprising to us was the magnitude of the disparities that emerged between sexual minority and heterosexual boys,” Aaron J. Blashill from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston told Reuters Health in an email.

Inquiry into how pedophile was granted bail, allowing him to abuse more kids — Darryl James Osborne, a father of three, was handed extra jail time by a Perth judge last week, after being convicted of abusing a six-year-old school friend of his son, and two brothers aged 11 and 12 at a public pool in a small wheatbelt town in 2011 and 2012. All but one of the new offences were committed while he was on bail for the earlier crimes.

Male sex abuse reporting soars — The number of men claiming to have been sexually assaulted is rising steeply as victims increasingly find the confidence to speak up. And organisations working with male survivors say that while women make up the vast majority of sexual violence victims, many assaults on men still go unreported. Police estimate that during the past five years the number of male victims of sex assault has jumped from about 480 to 710. The number of female victims has also increased, but by about one-third, compared with an increase of about 50 per cent for men.

Men Don’t Cry – Investigation Into Male Rape — “‘Take your clothes off,’ he demanded. I found myself doing everything he told me to do. Demand after demand followed… The tears rolled down my face as I cried silently in the dark and did as he said.’” The victims name is Leon and he was 14 years old when this happened. Now 38, his book Leon: A Lost Childhood, is one of the few publicised instances of sexual abuse against men and a small step towards lifting the lid on male rape: One of Britain’s few remaining taboos.

NSW police ‘ignored’ boys’ abuse claims — NSW police beat boys who ran away from a Salvation Army home where they were being abused, a hearing in Sydney has been told. Mark Stiles told the royal commission into child sexual abuse that he was 12 when he was sexually abused at the Gill Memorial Home in Goulburn, NSW, by Captain Russell Walker, who would create circumstances to be alone with him. Mr Stiles said he would be woken up at 3am and be taken to the bathroom by Mr Walker and be sexually abused by him.

Salem woman sentenced to 12 years in prison for rape of 12-year-old boy — The Salem woman convicted of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy was sentenced in court Wednesday morning to 12 years in prison. Sarah Beth Hopkins, 36, pleaded guilty on Jan. 15 to one count of first-degree rape, two counts of second-degree rape and two counts of sodomy. On Wednesday, Judge Thomas Hart sentenced Hopkins to 144 months in prison and post-prison supervision for life in addition to requiring her to register as a sex offender.

Salvation Army abuse: Boys ‘punched and locked in cages’ at homes, royal commission told — The royal commission into child sexual abuse has heard harrowing details of small boys being dragged from their beds and raped within children’s homes operated by the Salvation Army. On Tuesday the commission began its fifth inquiry, this time examining cases of abuse at four boys’ homes operated by the prominent charity. Some of the evidence presented today shocked even some survivors and their advocates, including the caging of children, punishment parades, and appalling Dickensian conditions.

Tulsa Woman Convicted Of Child Abuse Freed 10 Months Into 12-Year Prison Term — A woman sentenced to 12 years in prison for abusing two different children is out after serving only 10 months. The judge told Meredith Howard she could do the rest of her time on probation as long as she spent the next two years at a ranch type setting out of state. The families of the victims are outraged. They don’t believe 10 months is long enough to punish Howard for what she did since she broke the thigh bone of a little boy and hurt a little girl so badly, she needed three surgeries.

Video: Man who suffered years of sexual abuse backs campaign which urges victims to seek help — A campaign has been launched to urge Leicestershire’s hidden male victims of rape and sexual assault to break their silence. A total of 141 men or boys told Leicestershire Police last year that they had been sexually abused. However, police and welfare workers believe the scale of abuse is far higher. Today, the force and a number of charities and support groups teamed up to urge victims to come forward, whether the offences were committed against them recently or in the distant past.

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  1. |And organizations working with male survivors say that while women make up the vast majority of sexual violence victims”

    Why must they insist on pointing this out every time male survivors are mentioned? I swear it’s like some nasty habit, a reflex reaction.

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