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Abuse Arrests in Ohio Made Due to Child Victim’s Email for Help — An abused child decided to take a chance and send an email asking for help to her teacher, who then called 911. The child, along with her sister and brother, were rescued from a horrible situation and are now enjoying proper care and just being children again. “I’m sure like most kids she trusted in her teacher that she would get her help,” Scioto County Sheriff’s Capt. David Hall told the Associated Press.

Abuse perceptions alienating male teachers — Male teachers are being alienated from working in the country’s primary schools, largely by the societal stigma that portrays them as paedophiles, according to new research. Nadine Petersen, a professor at the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) department of childhood education, found in her research that there was an “assumption that male teachers are inherently not to be trusted around young girls and that they must have an ulterior motive in wanting to become foundation-phase teachers”.

Boy Scout sex abuse lawsuit in California survives challenge, can proceed to trial — A sex-abuse lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America survived a legal challenge Friday and is set for trial later this year in California. Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Donna Geck rejected allegations of negligence against the Scouts at a hearing Friday, but she said a 13-year-old former Scout could nonetheless pursue the organization in court for failure to properly educate Scouters about the dangers of sexual abuse, the Santa Barbara News-Press reported.

Break the Silence on male sexual abuse — For some reason, when boys and men are victims of sexual assault, they rarely talk about it. They are more likely to to turn to drugs, alcohol or suicide as a way to cope with the pain, and cope with the shame. But men like Ray Auclair and Ray Lariviere, both of Timmins, are urging victims to “break the silence” and talk about what they have endured.

The Military Has a Rape Problem—and It’s Not Just Women Who Suffer — On the morning Brian Lewis finally felt vindicated, he and his partner were up before dawn making sure his suit was perfectly wrinkle-free, his pins affixed at mirror spots on each lapel. One declared him a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, the other a Freemason who is also a U.S. Navy veteran. They were hardly the jumble of multicolor insignia seen on the chests of most of the military, active and retired, who usually make appearances such as the one he was about to, but many would argue Lewis’ were equally hard-won.

Namibia: Some Men Suffer in Silence — Deputy Police Commissioner William Peter says despite the recent spate of acts of violence against women, some women also abuse their men who continue to suffer in silence. “Men are afraid of stepping forward, because they feel it is unheard of and very embarrassing, no one would take an abused man seriously. Men need to change, we need to change the way we treat our women and children,” said Peter.

New lawsuit, abuse claims against teen youth ranch — The New Mexico youth ranch at the center of a child abuse investigation is now facing a new court battle as the family of a boy who died in a car crash at the Tierra Blanca Ranch is suing and claiming he was abused and that his death was the result of carelessness. Bruce Staeger, 18, is the focus of the lawsuit. Staeger died in a car wreck on the ranch last year. But before his death, the lawsuit claims Staeger was also beaten, restrained and severely punished.

The (Silent) War On Men — According to a recent study in the journal Crime & Delinquency nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males in the U.S. are arrested by age 23. As the study indicates, these arrests can “hurt their ability to find work, go to school and participate fully in their communities.” “The study is an analysis of national survey data from 1997 to 2008 of teenagers and young adults, ages 18-23, and their arrest histories, which run the gamut from truancy and underage drinking to more serious and violent offenses,” according to the press release.

Third abuse claim surfaces in Omaree Varela case — Target 7 learned there was a third investigation of abuse in the Omaree Varela case before the 9-year-old was killed last December. The child’s mother, Synthia Varela Casaus, is behind bars and charged with his death. She is in jail on a $100,000 cash-only bond. Last week multiple sources told Target 7 there was a third incident involving Omaree where police were called to investigate. It is at least the third case before his death.

UK launches £500,000 fund to help male victims of rape and sexual abuse — A £500,000 fund to provide help, including counselling and advice, to male victims of rape and sexual violence is to be launched on Thursday. The creation of the fund comes as the latest set of crime figures showed there were 2,164 rapes and sexual assaults against men and boys aged 13 or over recorded by the police in the 12 months to last November.

5 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v220

  1. “For some reason, when boys and men are victims of sexual assault, they rarely talk about it.”

    Uh huh….

    Hint: this bloody nose has something to do with it….

  2. “For some reason, when boys and men are victims of sexual assault, they rarely talk about it.”

    Too bad they’re chickenshit to examine those reasons outside the typical “Machismo culture and Male Pride” arguments of which I grow exasperatedly tired of hearing them use every single time.

  3. Sorry, it should be “Society” is too chickenshit to examine those reasons outside the typical “Machismo Culture and Male Pride” arguments.

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