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Athens event aims to raise awareness of male childhood sexual abuse — To help spread awareness about childhood sexual abuse suffered by men, The Cottage Sexual Assault and Children’s Advocacy Center will host its inaugural 1BlueString event Friday at Nuci’s Space. During the awareness event, guests will here acoustic sets from local musicians and guitarists who have switched out the low E string on their guitars with a blue string as a show of solidarity with the victims.

Barbara Kay: ‘Rape culture’ fanatics don’t know what a culture is — In today’s edition of the Post, there is a very thoughtful and serious discussion of whether the phenomena of “rape culture” even exists. It will no doubt receive the usual stream of invective — accusations of trivializing rape, denying that sexual assaults occur, implying that women who drank too much deserved to be raped. Hardly real criticisms in any intellectual sense, but they will come.

College Men Aren’t Closet Rapists — I don’t know which talking point from this administration is more insulting: the myth that discrimination keeps women from achieving parity with men, or the claim that male rapists lurk on every campus corner waiting to pounce on innocent, unsuspecting young women. The latter assertion is particularly dangerous. Not only does it lack substance, it serves to broaden the chasm that already exists between women and men.

Fears for male victims of domestic violence as figures show lack of reporting crime — New figures show the disparity in the number of male victims reporting domestic violence compared to women. Sussex Police statistics show the number of recorded domestic violence crimes last year on men was 230 while those on women totalled 883 – nearly four times as many. National statistics show up to 40% of domestic violence victims are male and one victim fears the lower number in Sussex could lead to a lack of services here.

Male sexual abuse victims offered help — A new multi-agency campaign across Hinckley and Bosworth is seeking to encourage male victims of sexual abuse to come forward. The initiative set up by Leicestershire Police and county support organisations hopes to help victims who might otherwise suffer in silence. In the past year 141 offences of rape and sexual assault against men have been reported to Leicestershire Police, but research suggests this is just the tip of the iceberg with most offences going unreported.

Support group for male sexual assault victims resumes meetings at Penn State — A counseling group for male victims of sexual assault and abuse is meeting again at Penn State after a semester’s absence. First offered in fall 2012, the group had difficulty getting started last fall because most of its members graduated the next semester, and it did not have enough new members, said Andrea Falzone, of Penn State’s Counseling and Psychological Services, known as CAPS.

Utah Supreme Court reverses decision about father’s rights in adoption case — The Supreme Court of Utah ruled Tuesday that a district court judge should not have dismissed a biological father’s challenge to the Utah Adoption Act. Christopher Carlton, of Pennsylvania, filed the suit in his quest to find his daughter, now 3 years old, after the baby’s mother told Carlton the child was a boy and had died shortly after birth, according to court documents. The mother, Shalonda Brown, later revealed she had put the baby up for adoption, and Carlton tracked the case to the Adoption Center of Choice in Orem.

Woman gets 40 years in prison for caging, starving young boy — In Brevard County a woman accused of caging and starving a young boy was sentenced to 40 years in prison Friday. Sharon Glass, 50, apologized in court for not reporting the abuse of the boy. “I’ve always tried to help to better the community, the residents. But when I needed to be there most for one I failed. I tried so hard. But, the abuse that I suffered and the fear I went through, stole my courage,” Glass said.

Woman who raped student won’t go to prison — With a dramatically different look, a former Tacoma teacher who pleaded guilty to child rape learned she won’t be heading to prison. A Pierce County judge has sentenced Keshia Shaw to sex offender treatment instead. Shaw could leave jail as soon as this afternoon because of a medical condition that was apparent as soon as she walked into court. She entered court Tuesday morning looking nothing like the Tacoma middle school teacher of 2012.

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