Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious

Yes, I know the title is upsetting. Calm down. Watch the video.

29 thoughts on “Why Rape Is Seriously Hilarious

  1. Wish I could… 😦
    Each time I click on it, it just spins for a few seconds then shows other “recommended” video options. I tried looking it up using my actual YouTube app, but can’t find it. Do you have a link to follow instead, Soldier?

    P.S. I’m on my smartphone since I don’t own a computer or have internet for my home. Don’t know if this is what’s causing the issue.

  2. Tarnished: I clicked on the title and went to the Toy Soldier site. That had a regular YouTube frame and worked fine. Not funny but seriously good. Shared it with GirlWritesWhat and Typhon Blue. We need to flood the net with this one. Excellent find TS. Thanks for posting it.

  3. @revspinnaker

    Tried it again, doesn’t play on my phone. Guess I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow morning when I have an actual computer. Bad luck for me…

    If it’s anything like you say, I have some mra friends who would be interested in it though.

  4. Well done TS. I popped in here to post this very thing.

    This man has achieved in two minutes what I’ve struggled to achieve for nearly two decades.

  5. @Greg Allan

    Thanks. That still gave me the same problem, but a commenter of mine emailed me the direct link to YouTube.

    I just watched it.
    Only a few times in my life have I ever felt the need to go beyond my issues with human contact and hold someone because it was evident they just wanted another person to be there for them. This was one of those times. Gods above…watching this is painful.

  6. @ TS: “Yes, I know the title is upsetting. Calm down.”

    Actually the title is perfect. Feminists who watch just to get angry and cry misogynist will be in for a rude awakening.

  7. Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:
    A powerful, moving video clip is on Toysoldier’s blog today. Every one of my subscribers should take the 2 minutes out of their day to go watch it.

    Warning: It has to do with rape. Female perpetrator on male survivor rape.

    Yes, women can rape boys and men.
    No, having an erection doesn’t mean he “wanted it”.
    No, boys are not “lucky” to have their sexuality used against them by an adult they trusted.
    No, male rape survivors are not “definitely” going to perpetuate acts of sexual violence or coercion against others.

    Yes, male rape survivors need our help, understanding, love, and acceptance just as much as any female survivor. To deny this is to be sexist, in the worst possible way.

    Support male survivors here:


  8. This is incredibly heartbreaking, and incredibly powerful. Thank you so much for speaking out about this in a way that shows what’s really behind the false bravado of “what’s expected”. I am so sorry you have to work through this, but I am so glad that you are showing other boys and men that it’s not OK . That someone ‘knows’.

  9. GirlWritesWhat posted the video. Share it with as many people as possible. It’s had 128,245 views so far. Let’s make it go viral. Send it to women’s shelters, politicians and feminists. Many thanks to VenerableB.

  10. @revspinnaker

    Girlwriteswhat has it up.
    It’s well on it’s way to going viral on YouTube, even without comments.
    Typhonblue will hopefully post it.
    I’ve reblogged it, and am praying that at least 2 of my red-pill-type subscribers pick it up too.

    It can only get bigger from here on out.

  11. Too bad the comments are blocked. There’d be thousands. And it’s only been up a day Everybody send it over to the Good Men’s Project. Show Schwyzer and his pals what a good man really looks like. And manboobz too. Let’s see them try to mock this one.

  12. I posted the video link in the MensRights section of Reddit, starting it’s own thread and hope to get people discussing it.

    The video itself: My god, this should be an actual ad for awareness of Male Victims! What power and thought-provoking craft!

  13. I didn’t even give a disclaimer on my facebook. Fuck it, hopefully people will click it thinking I’m being an asshole. Also, the shock value after will make it hit them harder.

  14. (Got here via Tarn’s blog.)

    A very human video, the deep pain is clear. Such stories are reported in the press as if it’s no big deal – as he said.

    Anyone not reached by that video needs to turn in their humanity and just stick to cats. It disgusts me to say that we all know that such people exist.

    I’ve got time for that guy (and those like him) any time he needs it. My best wishes to such men.

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  16. Well guys, it looks like I’m getting attacked for putting up a Trigger Warning in my post at the MensRights sub-reddit..

    Here’s the worst comment that hasn’t been downvoted yet:

    “Seriously, Fuck OP and his fucking trigger warning.”

    Fuck ME? All for a trigger warning?


    Here’s my comment on the whole thing:

    “I don’t know what to think of this sub anymore, honestly guys.

    I share a video about male rape survivors at the behest of one from another blog out of passion for the subject due to my own experiences (even though I was never sexually abused myself) in order to start a discussion on it.

    And instead you attack for me for putting up a trigger warning with one of you saying:

    “Seriously, fuck OP and his stupid fucking trigger warning.”

    Fuck ME? For simply providing a warning to those out there who might get triggered? You’re acting as if I’m one of your ex’s who took you to the cleaners, a predator who molested/sexually abused you as a child or adult or whatever, or a bitter former girlfriend falsely accusing you of rape.

    Well in that case if you keep this up I’m simply not going to post anything in this reddit sub ever again. In fact, if anyone ever so much as accuses you of extremism and bitterness then I’ll be gladly looking the other way because you are no better than the bitter feminist hate machine you fight against (of which I’m not crazy about either).

    Look, I’m sorry if I offended you guys. But if you’re going to treat a supporter with the kind of belligerent attitude displayed here, then it’s only going to drive people like me further away.”

    We’ll see how it goes from here. I offered an apology. But if I get more attacks from these people instead of comments on the video itself then I’m just going to delete the thread.

    Never thought I’d see the day where I’m under the cross-hairs from a group that purports to be about unconditional support for men everywhere.

  17. I must admit…when i saw the title I was like NO. But it brings up very valid points. I thought it was moving.

  18. @Eagle35

    “Never thought I’d see the day where I’m under the cross-hairs from a group that purports to be about unconditional support for men everywhere.”

    Unfortunately, it happens more and more. At first, I thought the weird comments I moderated over at my blog were just trolls, as they were (almost incoherently) railing against the fact that I run my place as a safe space for men/women and don’t allow through any shaming tactics or misandry/misogyny. I sometimes even get emails from feminists AND mras, stating that they wished they could comment but they didn’t think they could word their point in such a way to adhere to my policy. Wtf? If you can only comment about a situation when using misandric/misogynistic language…you *really* need to reexamine what you stand for.

    As for the folks who were upset about your trigger warning, they probably commented without knowing what they were referring to…maybe they didn’t watch the video yet, and were just tired of the fact that so many people use trigger warnings when they aren’t necessary at all. I’ve noticed that TWs are becoming less to do with actual triggers (like the video here) and more to do with “warning” people when their viewpoint might be challenged or someone might disagree with what they say.

    Still sorry that happened, Eagle. People are just sucky sometimes.

  19. “Unfortunately, it happens more and more.”

    Which is why, even though the MRA side took me in, I’m beginning to distance myself from them nowadays.

    “As for the folks who were upset about your trigger warning, they probably commented without knowing what they were referring to…maybe they didn’t watch the video yet, and were just tired of the fact that so many people use trigger warnings when they aren’t necessary at all.”

    Even when I attempted to explain, I got down voted anyway.

    Oh well, I’m through pleasing these people. It’s a waste of time and mental endurance.

  20. VenerableB/Will brings up a double bind…

    there’s something similar going on with the “Nice Guy” dynamic as men are being punished for being “weak men.”

    He brings about the point that men can only express pain with humor–because, likely society doesn’t want to acknowledge male suffering, that would get to close to male disposability and then the whole house of cards falls down…

  21. oh, yeah, I have to ask, is this an actor???

    this still doesn’t reduce the point of the “double bind.” If so, excellent performance and art can paint us reality in a whole new light…

  22. He could be an actor who had gone through a similar experience in his life; a combination.

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