Music That Inspires v.27

I mentioned before that I am a Phil Collins fan. As a child of the eighties, I grew up hearing his music. Granted, my perception of when his music came out is off because I was so young at the time. Songs that were older than others were “new” to me because I had never heard them before.

That happened when I heard Hello, I Must Be Going! for the first time. I heard it after I heard the songs from No Jacket Required, and assumed the songs were new. One of my uncles had the album on vinyl and cassette, so I got to listen to as much as I wanted. I loved the first three songs instantly. The same went for Phil’s version of You Can’t Hurry Love.

My favorite song was the first—I Don’t Care Anymore—for obvious reasons. No one ever seemed bothered by me singing the song, but I always felt like I would get in trouble because of its lyrics and what they clearly meant to me. So I avoided listening to the song that often, and ended up rarely listening to the album after a while.

I recently bought a new copy of the CD (mines was scratched up and did not rip properly to my PC), and have been listening to it regularly. Listed below are my favorite songs from the album.

Again, this one is for an obvious reason. It has a double meaning now given my occasional advocacy work and random interactions with feminists.

It took me a while to realize what the lyrics were about when I was a kid. When I did, I loved the irony. Here is an upbeat song about a man (Phil) calling out his former lover (Phil’s ex wife). He does that again on the song below.

Interesting note: if you listen to the bridge just before the chorus, it sounds very similar the rhythm of the verses from Stranger Like Me.

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