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Abuse victim rejects apology — A man kept in solitary confinement in a boy’s home run by the Salvation Army, where he was made to sleep where he defecated, has refused to accept an apology for the abuse he suffered. ‘If I see one of those uniforms come within a metre of me, you’d better be there … okay, just keep them away from me,’ the man said when asked if he would accept an apology from the Salvation Army for the abuse he suffered at the Riverview Training Farm in Queensland in 1971.

Cardinal George Pell tells Royal Commission he never told church lawyers to deny sex abuse of altar boy John Ellis — What is the difference between disputing and denying? Quite a lot, according to Cardinal George Pell today. He said that he had never told the church’s lawyers to deny that former altar boy John Ellis has been sexually abused by a priest when he sued the Sydney Archdiocese. He only accepted legal advice that they make Mr Elllis “prove” it.

Dublin priest gets 15 years for 34 years of child abuse in the UK — “Predatory” Francis Paul Cullen, 85, pleaded guilty to 21 charges of indecent assault and other sexual offences last month after being extradited to the UK last year following 22 years on the run in Tenerife. The offences were committed between 1957 and 1991 on children aged between six and 14. Today Cullen looked down in the dock at Derby Crown Court as sentence was passed.

End the embarrassment: More help for male victims demand domestic violence campaigners — With Greater Manchester Police reporting a chilling increase of more than 1,700 cases of domestic violence in the last year, MM looks at the often forgotten victims – men. Latest figures show that GMP dealt with an overwhelming 60,464 cases of domestic violence in the year from September 2012 to September 2013, an increase of 1,715 cases on the previous year. According to Women’s Aid, one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime, many of these on a number of occasions.

Ex-bureaucrat off to prison for sex abuse of boys — A former civil servant is headed to prison after admitting to a decades-old sex-abuse case that recently came to light. Melvin Schroeder pleaded guilty to repeatedly molesting two young boys between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s. The two victims, who were known to him, didn’t report the incidents until 2011. Schroeder served for years as the finance and administration manager for the RM of Hanover before retiring shortly before his arrest.

Ex-member of boys choir describes troubling behavior by director now accused of sexual abuse — Leonard French said he couldn’t keep driving when he got a phone call last week informing him that Bernard K. Schade had been charged in a 1996 rape of a boy and former member of the Singing Boys of Pennsylvania choir. Schade, the 74-year-old director and founder of the well-known singing group that toured internationally, was charged Wednesday with the rape of a boy who was 15 years old at the time.

It’s time to challenge the myth of the male victim — 2014 looks like being a good year for male victims. It’s not yet the end of March and already a million pounds of new funding has been found to help men who find themselves at the sharp end of intimate violence. First the Government announced £500,000 to help “break the silence” for male victims of rape, and now the Big Lottery Fund has more than doubled that with awards to several projects helping male victims of domestic violence north of the border, including the charity Abused Men in Scotland.

Men’s Issues Awareness event sparks controversy — Hundreds of students packed into Ellis Hall auditorium Thursday night to listen to and debate Janice Fiamengo’s controversial men’s issues talk. The talk, organized by the Men’s Issues Awareness Society (MIAS), has been a cause for outcry from some members of the Queen’s community. Last week, the group Opposition to the Misrepresentation of Men’s Issues and Feminism at Queen’s University attempted to have MIAS de-ratified as an AMS club.

Michigan must follow federal law on sexual abuse of ‘youthful offenders’ in prisons, attorneys say — The Michigan Department of Corrections is required to follow a federal law controlling how teenage prisoners can be held in adult prisons, lawyers from the U.S. Attorney General’s office said in a court case over how the state houses juvenile inmates. Federal attorneys filed a “statement of interest” in a lawsuit filed anonymously by a group of state inmates against Michigan’s prisons department over alleged sexual abuse that took place while the inmates were juveniles.

Tulsa Man Learns He Fathered Boy Reportedly Kept In Cage — A man learns his son is at the center of a shocking child abuse case. Kevin Nelson says he just learned a few days ago he is the biological father of the boy who the Department of Human Services say was being kept in a wire dog cage. He says he plans to fight for full custody of the 5 year old. Nelson says he dated Suzanne Satterfield several years ago, but when they broke up, he had no idea she was pregnant.

3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v224

  1. That is incredible, Tamen. I am surprised you got a response at all. I think you should share this information with as many people as possible. That may prompt the FBI to actually modify the definition to make a direct inclusion of envelopment as rape. Great work!

  2. Thanks,

    It’s on /r/MensRights, /r/FEMRADebates, my Twitter account, my blog and Feminist Critics. I’ve made comments on the blogs I frequent.

    I encourage anyone who has a network to share this,

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