Comic books, sales, and rape

Invincible #110 features an uncommon scene in comics: the rape of the main male character. In the issue, Mark Grayson, Invincible, is attacked and raped by a female character. The scene is graphic. While nothing adult is shown, there is no question that the woman physically overpowers and forcibly rapes Invincible in order to get pregnant by him. When finished, she then retorts that Invincible should “Man up. It’ll probably take a few more times. I’ll see you soon.”

I do not read the comic, but I am familiar with the general plot of the story. My understanding is that the female character is part of the same alien, Kryptonian-like race as Grayson, which explains why she is able to physically overpower him. What makes the scene unique is that it does not shy away from showing a woman doing what people usually assume a man would do. The scene does not appear to be played for comedy.

It is unclear how people will react to this. I suspect that a number of fans will take is a Grayson wanting it deep down. Some may take it as a male role-reversal fantasy (this seems the more likely feminist take), while others may find it genuinely disturbing.

My opinion is that this an excellent job of reframing how people think of female-perpetrated rape. The scene is not pretty, funny, or tame. It is violent, visceral, and clearly rape. Any reaction people have to the scene will be a reflection of their own opinions, not those of the writer Robert Kirkman.

Granted, this could be a move by Kirkman to boost sales. It will certainly get people talking about the comic, and perhaps buying that issue. I hope this is not a sales ploy because sexual violence against men and boys is a serious issue. People do not talk about it enough and often do not treat it with the same care and concern they give to sexual violence against women and girls. Invincible #110 has the potential to spark a discussion that few, feminists in particular, want to have.

Let us see where this goes. Below are the pages featured on the Bleeding Cool article about the issue:


10 thoughts on “Comic books, sales, and rape

  1. Ugh, that is certainly…realistic. Far moreso than some fans will be comfortable with, definitely. I haven’t read Invincible since around issue #60 or so, but will see if we have this copy at my job. Knowing how Kirkman usually operates, I don’t believe we have to worry about it being done purely for sales. He’s a decent guy in addition to being a good writer…I think this was done to bring attention to female perpetuated rape, not to simply increase subscriptions. Hopefully it will get people talking about it in a respectful manner, maybe even help some men open up conversations about their abuse.

  2. There is no way that a man can get excited/sexually aroused by being physically attacked. The illustration above is complete bullshit at best and wishful thinking for feminists at worst. In real life, if a woman comes swingin’ at me, I will put that bitch down… and if said woman was remotely attractive, I would be more than tempted to violate her in more ways than one.

  3. “I hope this is not a sales ploy because sexual violence against men and boys is a serious issue.”

    Doesn’t really matter if it is a sales ploy, as long as the issue gets the serious treatment it deserves and so far it looks like it’s being properly handled.

  4. There is no way that a man can get excited/sexually aroused by being physically attacked.

    Yes, there is. The penis has no mind of its own, so it does not know the context of the sexual act. It simply responds to the stimulus. It does not matter whether the man or boys wants to get an erection or keep it. If his body finds that the act feels “good” he will get and keep the erection, regardless of whether he is being attacked.

    In real life, if a woman comes swingin’ at me, I will put that bitch down…

    Of course you would. However, that assumes that she could not overpower use or make up for her lack of strength with a weapon that could easily put you down.

    and if said woman was remotely attractive, I would be more than tempted to violate her in more ways than one.

    So you will rape an attractive woman if she tries to attack you, despite stating that you do not think women can rape men? I am not inclined to stop people from making asses of themselves, however, I should warn you that by posting here I have your IP address and I will forward it to the appropriate authorities if I think you pose a danger to anyone. Perhaps you would like to retract your statement.

  5. Actually the real-world rapes done by women on men are far more brutal and violent than it was shown in that comic book. That scene was actually a laughable male fantasy.

    Someone said that “the “penis has no mind of its own”. Let me give you a hint; even if your penis wasn’t erected, there are many painful ways to make it so. Don’t ask, you can google it by yourself, if you really are curious. But don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you.

    Also, according to the various reports I’ve read, and many discussions I had, very rarely a female rapist lets the guy penetrate her pussy. Most times, it’s female humiliating male and putting various objects into his anus.

    Remember – raped person, by definition, is NOT supposed to enjoy the sex. And women can be very creative about that.

  6. @George

    This is quite true, unfortunately. Everything you stated here is. From the research I’ve been doing on this as of late (people with more knowledge should correct me if I’m wrong), there seem to be 2 main types of female rapists.

    One is the type in the comic: those who want to have “sex” with their victim, either to achieve pregnancy or to demonstrate the rapists “sexuality”/”attractiveness”…an ego boost to the rapist along the lines of “I’m sexy, and can make your body respond because of this”.

    The second one is just as bad, perhaps worse. These women use all manner of sharp or blunt items to anally assault the man/boy, and probably have a sadistic streak to their personalities. They do this not for physical pleasure, but for power…the ability to hurt and humiliate someone who’s typically stronger. I recall a case where 2 feminists took turns anally raping a man they tied up, in a demented version of “payback” for women who had been raped by men. Nevermind that the man they raped wasn’t a sex criminal…they were drunk on power and a twisted ideology where all men are oppressors and potential rapists. Thankfully, both of them will be in prison for a very long time.

    Regardless of how a male is raped, I hope that society as a whole begins to take steps to ensure they have resources to aid them in becoming survivors.

  7. Or the fourth where their target is manipulated in to a position where they cannot reject her because of her threats of suicide or harm to others or accusations of rape against her target.

    Coercion can take many forms.

  8. @Greg Allan;
    James Landrith mentioned that his rapist went “don’t be forceful” when he tried to escape, implying she would accuse him. He was, at the time, a Marine who could kill her with his bare hands.

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